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As an author and an artist I have found no greater joy than being able to share what I make with others. Good at many things, master of nothing!


Come along and join Tinker Sparx as she has an encounter that will change the course of her life forever. What does it take to be a true friend when all you have to offer is your failures? Maybe there’s more to friendship than what’s on the table. Come and join us on this flyby of a story that has twists and turns only the best in Equestria can follow! I dare you!!

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well, it seems like a good start to something. having that said, it's a bit too obvious, in my own opinion, what might happen next since the whole story description thing. if that's what you wanted, then alright, but i would try to make it a bit more subtle. eh, what do i know. any who, back to what i said before, it's a good start. some typos and grammatical errors here and there, but good start none the lease.

good start i'm enjoying reading this :twilightsmile:

Twilight Stalker is a go. :twilightsmile:

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