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Fun, well written, and though some of the militarism could be better grounded in a real structure it's solid, small units usually have their own twist on protocol and fall back on the rigid structure when stuff's important or outside their usual wheelhouse. Keep it up~

Where'd you come up with the name Martingale?

Hey! So, the whole area is based off Louisiana. I'd been looking for a word that wasn't quite a pun like Neigh Orleans, roughly sounded the same (drop the T in Martingale like a southerner would, and it stands in nicely for Louisiana, in terms of syllables), and was at least horse themed. A martingale is a piece of horse tack that prevents a horse from raising their head to a certain level, like the willows and sycamores of a bayou might do.

Wait. What gender is autumn? The first 2 chapters give me the impression that they are a girl. But at the beginning of chapter 3 they refer to themselves as a colt.
So which one is it?

Wait, what time period does this take place in? Cause littlepip's story took place 200 years after the war, not 80.

Hey hey!

Autumn Breeze is most definitely a stallion. I know it was somewhat ambiguous, but if it wasn't clear then yeah, he's definitely a he. I think I mention it a few off times in the first few chapters.

As for the timing, yes, the OG fic by Kkat is definitely 200 years after the bombs, but this one has no real relation other than being in Kkat's universe - a sidefic, if you will. It's in a different time in a different place altogether from where Littlepip explores. After all, the Wasteland isn't a vacuum, and things occured in the background while she wasn't around.

Hope that clears it all up!

Awesome story so far! :pinkiehappy:

I'm looking forward to more. Xd

An exciting chapter! :pinkiehappy:

You're gonna love the next one when it's ready~

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Y'know, that's a good question. I never really thought of it.

In my head, Autumn sounds kinda soft-spoken, north-eastern American accent. He's from the expy of Chicago, after all. But as for a voice reference, I haven't got anything for him.

Peach Tea's a pure Southern gal, not unlike Applejack, but where AJ's accent is an American Ozark twang, Peach Tea's accent is firmly in the Delta region - Georgia in particular. Think Chloe Grace Moretz.

As for Ren, he's another one where I didn't have much in mind, but his voice would also be fairly soft, a bit of a lilt. Think East Coast Canadian, or the barest hint of Quebec, and that's about where I've got him in my mind.

For anypony that's from Neigh Orleans, well, of course they're gonna talk as you'd expect I guess :P Especially folks like Comet Spark and Red.

Hey y'all! With the release of chapter 15, I wanted to say a few words.

First off: thank you. I'm an anxious person, and I've been sitting on Martingale Fairytale, in some form or another, for several years now. It's posted now and the response I've gotten is far beyond what I ever expected, so thank you all for the kind comments, the thumbs up, the views.

I'm getting into a bit of a busy period at work, and I haven't had a chance to preload any of the next chapters. I've been writing this offline for a while now, and while I'm personally up far past this point, I like to keep a few chapters in reserve. I'm not looking to follow any set schedule beyond every 5-10 days, but that may slip as work gets up and going. But don't worry! There's more, trust me. Far more.

Just found this and devoured it all up in less then half a day! I honestly though it would take me longer and I'm super sad to see that I've hit the end for the moment. I can't wait to read more! I haven't enjoyed a Fallout Equestria story this much since the original Kkat. Except for maybe Pink Eyes, which is another favorite of mine. The only thing I'd like to ask if you could give maybe a bit of detail of what his Perks get? At least when he gains a new one explain the perk a little like the original Kkat did? Otherwise, this is a fantastic story. I look forward to seeing how Autumn does in the coming days!

I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! I know I'm a little slow on the updates, and it's actually because I'm catching up to my current chapter far faster than I expected. I slowed it down to about 7-10 days between posts just to give me time to catch up, lol. There's going to be far more where this comes from, don't you worry~

As for perks, I'll fully admit to sometimes forgetting about them, but in the future I'll definitely think to explain more about them. I often have to remind myself that I'd given Autumn a particular perk here and there because of how long I would take between sections. I think I had been writing them down in early chapters, then after a few months' hiatus I forgot to keep it up.


As someone of a military background, I have to say I can relate to Autumn pretty easily. Good stuff, I’m intrigued by what’s to come!

Very good stuff! I like the premise and where Autumn is heading! I aso like seeing the Enclave not as some evil mustache twirling villains, but rather a competent military. I hope Autumn is up to the task!

The final moments before step off, the beautiful moment above the clouds, the thrilling rush of the drop- great chapter!

I just binge watched most of this and I LOVE it!!!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::heart:

Oh what a FUN little cliffhanger! Lucky me I can read on! I liked the progression of the chapter, felt natural. That was also a very smooth way to introduce Autumn’s sexuality, well done.

Woot woot the first combat scene! Look at that tail trick coming in to save the day! I liked it, it flowed nicely and really encapsulated how a soldier falls back on their training in moments like that. Then afterwards, when he had none to fall back to to cope with what he’d done. Well written! I also like this DJ! Honestly one thing I love about FOE fics is now there’s always a DJ, and Shorty sounds like fun!

Very well done! I liked the way you explained someone using SATS for the first time, and how Autumn and Comet took care of these slavers!

A nice transition and lore-filled chapter! Seatown seems intriguing, as do these different krewes.

What a neat little report.

I REALLY like the flash forward entrance, really got me excited for what comes! Poor Comet, but I’m sure Autumn can help him out. The Grand Equestrian Hotel really does sound like a slice of heaven, and goodness sure ain’t it? Save for the class divide and implied indentured servitude.

Ohhh a Zony! Don’t see too many of those! I gotta say I like Comet, I really hope things go well. The ambush was well written, and I like the natural way Comet and Autumn work together!

Absolutely fantastic! I’m curious who this Prince Whiskey was providing a mini gun for. Perhaps from the Queen Krewe? It would fit thematically at least. Them stallions are real lucky to still be alive!

Ah so this is how he gets that lovely armor I drew him in. I wonder what this Ghoul Fever might be. Also can I safely presume that was a Parks and Rec reference back at the spa?

Not a Parks 'n' Rec reference, at least in as much as I've never actually watched it! It was kind of an in-joke at my workplace when I had originally wrote the chapter, so I kinda worked it in!

Glad you're liking it so far. I'm sure some of this is gonna be answered later, like just who The Prince is~ And yeah, zonies are awesome, probably one of my favourite character races. They show up a lot here, so you'll see more :3

Interesting translation I did between delta and captured zebra. Xd

Speaking as a resident of the actual New Orleans area, I'm rather curious to see where you go with this. You got the sides of the river right, which is definitely more than most writers, so I'm pretty optimistic, although I am wondering what the Crescent Bay is supposed to be, unless it's Lake Ponchartrain. Either way, I'll be going through this since there aren't nearly enough Fallout stories set in my area- or a ponified version of it, anyway.

Neigh Orleans should be half an hour, den another twenty to Bakersmill, an' an hour t'Stalliondell. Sit back an' enjoy.”

I found this rather funny as a local. Because Satchmo airport is in the New Orleans suburb of Kenner about six miles west of New Orleans proper, so they must be flying very, very slow. xD

Of all the things I expected to see in a suburb, it wasn't a burlesque club.

Ohhhh you'd be very, very surprised. Fat City in the suburb of Metairie used to be the go-to haven of sleazy bars, strip clubs and questionable motels for New Orleans suburbanites in the 70s and 80s until it got upscaled. Some of the old haunts of the area still exists along the Mardi Gras parade route around Veterans and Severn.

“The Krewe of the Sea and Old Krewe have had disagreements on that in the past, so at the moment, we're keepin' clear.”

Heh, turning the Krewes into actual sort-of tribes makes sense- a number of them like Zulu originally started out as 'social aid and pleasure clubs' which basically existed primarily for the purpose of mutual aid and later sponsored Second Lines as well as their own Mardi Gras parades.

Out of curiosity, where is Seatown supposed to be, equivalent to the actual New Orleans? I know it's called 'Seatown' so presumably on the Gulf, but that's about 100 miles downriver, so I assume somewhere closer to the city itself like the Port of New Orleans along the river by the Irish Channel and Westwego.

Neigh Orleans General Hospital had seen much better days.

Sheesh, from the description sounds like this one might be based on Charity Hospital by Tulane. That place is a post-apocalyptic wreck already.

For anypony that's from Neigh Orleans, well, of course they're gonna talk as you'd expect I guess :P Especially folks like Comet Spark and Red.

Actuallyyyyyy a New Orleans accent is weirdly not Southern at all, it's more like old New York City by way of Savannah. Very northern, very nasal, with a hint of a drawl but it mostly sounds like a stereotypical New York City accent from the 30s, especially in St. Bernard Parish around Chalmette and Arabi.

Comment posted by Brasta Septim deleted Jun 19th, 2020

Finallyyyyy you actually have a zebra speaking Louisiana Creole! :raritystarry:

Hey hey, thanks for the comments! I'll go through 'em all here ^^

So to preface the whole geography thing, I'm not from NOLA, I'm not even American lol, I'm a Canadian who's had the pleasure of visiting on just one short trip (three days in the city), so I don't know nearly as much as I'd like. Beyond that, like with most FOE stories, it's a lot of the city being inspired by the real one rather than a 1:1 recreation - that's something I'd only do for a city I'd lived in my whole life. In this case, I had been working on it as a "custom" map of Equestria, rather than one of America, and it was before I'd visited the city. I'd thought - and written the original plans to the city - that the city opened up onto the Gulf, and I was wrong! But if you can mentally imagine that east of Chalmette it opens up into a wide bay, that's what I basically had in mind for Crescent Bay. I know the geography doesn't match, but like I said, I'd started this whole affair long before I even visited - and a bit too late to redo the whole thing. So I kept it in as a kind of oddity, if that makes sense.

That goes for Satchmo Airport being where it is, too. In this case the airport is further north of the city, somewhere equivalent to the real-life Hammond, LA. And they are flying slowly, to boot, which kinda extends out the differences. A lot of the map takes some very Fallout-style liberties with geography and distance, lol. Additionally, pretty much every chapter up until about Chapter 27 was written while I worked in an area with limited internet access, so I had to go by feel and prior knowledge... which contributes to geographical weirdness. No map to compare it to, unfortunately! This also means things like the General Hospital and Cornucopia's Groceries are straight from the imagination. Charity Hospital wasn't ever on my mind but looking at it for the first time, it looks wonderfully post-apocalyptic, and absolutely would make a perfect model for it.

The Krewes were probably my longest standing idea for this story, pretty much from version 1 - and this story has taken some wild changes since that first draft. It's a great idea because the Krewes and Mardi Gras, while not being the only thing about the city, are probably some of the most visible elements of New Orleans. If nothing else, they had to get in there! They started out being a bit more detailed, and bit more openly in a civil war, but I like where they're at now. Enough questions to let people come to their own ideas~

Seatown and its location is another one of those geographical oddities from above. If we go off the idea that east of Chalmette is the sea (in this story), Seatown would be about where modern day Arabi is - if distances were super compacted anyway. If I could go back and remake the setting, I 100% would try to nail geography a little better. I did start to make some changes later on - there's still some weirdness, but some later scenes will have slightly more accurate geography to them, with at least one major scene using nearly their real life road names to place it. Unfortunately I'd gone a little too deep to remake it as an accurate depiction of New Orleans.

And lastly yeah! Creole. I'd been thinking on that one for a while because, as a white Canadian, it's a tough thing. Lean too hard on it, and it reads like a stereotype. Go too lightly, and it's missing completely. By the time Bezi shows up, I'd been binging the hell out of The Expanse, and after hearing so much of the Belter creole on the show I decided to give caution to the wind and try my hand at Creole. It's not 100% accurate, but I tried to get it close. My hesitation there comes from an early draft where Kaskazini was our main character, and I really dug deep into using creole and slang, but it just didn't feel authentic.

I'm glad that despite the weirdness it still gets a seal of approval from a local! I wanted to try my hardest to make a semi-realistic New Orleans that went beyond the "Voodoo Mardi Gras" stereotype that's always in the media, which is why several scenes take place outside the city, like at "Laura Plantation" (Whiskey Sour's plantation from Ch 10), or in some of the smaller villages along LA-18 (which are passed through several times).


Well, you were actually somewhat on the mark- there is actually an airport in Hammond because that's where I grew up, now it makes more sense for it to take that long to get there. It is about 45-55 minutes drive from there to the city itself, so I understand it taking so long flying now, especially since the area between Hammond and Kenner is basically just three-quarters of an hour of nothing but endless swamp.

Nice bit of tension here, braving the unknown and potentially deadly! Well written.

This was a good ending to a good story. Not every Fallout story has to be for the fate of the entire Wasteland. I know that sounds weird given that our heroes fought off an entire raider army, but this feels like a level of stakes we don't see often. A definite threat, but not to the entire world. Not everything has to be Littlepip saving the whole Wasteland.

I did appreciate the "where are they now". Gave closure to everyone, gave a good idea how things play out after the end of the story.
You did good on this.

Read it, liked it, hope for more from you!
You did a great job on this one, and I was very skeptical going in.

That was a great story! Especially like the local flavor of "New Orleans" added. I read a LOT of Fallout Equestria fiction, and this would be one of my top picks. I prefer long format. Thanks for writing it, and I hope to read more of your work.

Dropping in here quickly.

I'm enjoying the story so far, the military portions feel authentic enough that you really get the flavour of enclave life. Which, given the generally isolationist attitude must be even more 'hurry up and wait' than usual.

The airdrop was a really cool sequence and I appreciate the Killroy reference, very good.

Fun cliffhanger too, so will jump ahead to see how Autumn fares in this predicament.

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