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*Season 4*

There's no evil or falling outs in this

In this would-be Hour long special...Twilight and Co visit the Crystal Empire to help with Hearts and Hooves Day, and Twilight sees trouble in paradise when a well-renowned singer reveals he plans to leave the kingdom and give up his career. Naturally, she plans to sort him out.

Meanwhile, Rarity sets up an auction with herself as a Hearts and Hooves date, only things go a little awry due to her not thinking things through enough.

LESSON: Some people CAN get better from problems, but some people CAN'T.

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I liked it! :heart:
Bravo! Bravo!
*clapping for your.story!*

I seth Standmore have often been dondered about the if the singer's of song's were am as in love with the singer's song's ladies love the song's of the song's as the song's that the singer's song, you're story reflect's my interest's grately it was emotional moving and quiet facesitting

would you be interesting in writing a story where Spike and twilight Sparkle go to Nazi German and Hitler try's to befriend them but they realize that they should not be friends with Nazi's so they instead they shoot him in the kneecap's and it is called Friednship Is Failure: Die NaziS cum, I think that would be like what you would write it would be like this but instead of singing there is killing the Nazi's

anyway respond to me please I have a proportion for you sincerely Seth Standmore

Did you take a page from the Canadian show 6teen? The last few chapters in this story said as such, for the dialogue is similar to the lines the main cast of the 6teen show said in that Valentine's episode.


Yes... It was priceless to see that happen to Rarity. She WOULD try a stunt like that, and it would backfire

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