• Published 14th Feb 2020
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A weapon in Equestria - Creative Paradox

Hello there so i guess you want me to tell you my story well it all started at a place called comic con i was dressed as my oc called Xeno-Blacklight-2039 basically a human that was experimented on and turned into a monster of war

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Canceled: sorry

Due to my hard drive and stuff going through a memory wipe I lost all of my progress on my stories that have been published. So I'm really sorry butt the story is canceled. :fluttercry: However if anyone wishes to continue the story with there own twist and ideas then go for it. And once again I'm really sorry for this but don't worry I have a good replacement story in progress and I hope you all will enjoy it.

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This is the fastest cansel of the story, that i have seen. And at 2.5k words... i feel like it's not so much due to wipe - author just give up on it

yeah but tell the truth I had 4-5 chapter on that drive that I was planning on posting. Then memory got wiped and so now you see my frustration and sadness at ending the story. But like I said if anyone wishes to continue the story the by all means go for it.

*sigh* when we want the machine to work when we need it, they just break down just to spite us, I guess you get to make a fresh start with some idea of the old story and use what works and whatnot.

I understand with the computer going "HA! SIKE YOU THOUGHT!" my PC went and died on me not even 2 weeks after building it, trying to fix it rn as well.
Ah well, guess I'll have to keep an eye on this and hope someone picks it up and continues it

hope you rewrite it was real good

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backups my guy
always have a spare backup usb drive just in case

Can I use your character in my story? Keeper of the keys

That, is WHY you save your stories progress, ON FIM FICTION AND in GOOGLE DOCS / One Drive ( Or Both ) and have a REGULAR BACKUP AND ONE OF A FLASH DRIVE! Seriously! I mean really! From now on: Keep 4-5 separate saves of your chapters. One in Fim Fiction, one in Google Docs / One Drive ( Possibly both ), Have a Regular Copy in Word, and have one on a Flash Drive. That way: Fim Fiction? Ain't gonna lose it. Google Docs? Ain't gonna lose it. One Drive? Ain't Gonna Lose it. Word Copy? Possibly lost. Flash Drive? More than likely lost unless kept track of. Keep this in mind from now on.

I usually have my Chapters / Stories back up in 3 separate ways as I can't afford a flash drive and I don't like One Drive. Don't use Word either but I have other programs for that.

This is a story that, while I would love to continue it, I just don't feel like I could. I'm not the original author and as such I don't know what they had planned. That makes me feel like writing this story anew myself would be disrespectful to the original author. They may have given permission, but I don't know what ideas they had in mind and I would never be able to write it like they could. Everyone has their own ways of coming up with ideas and writing them and mine are too different for me to write this. In the end I think a reboot made by the original author would be better.

Well that sucks.

Yeah but don't worry I'm working on a new story

Why not start from scratch where you left off? This is your chance to create something new.

I was actually enjoying this. And the plot in this is similar to generator rex, only with biological cause instead of tiny nanites. I NEED MORE!

You can use my OC if you want.

Don't worry once I finish the new story I posted i will probably make a Remastered version of this story...probably

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