• Published 14th Feb 2020
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A weapon in Equestria - Creative Paradox

Hello there so i guess you want me to tell you my story well it all started at a place called comic con i was dressed as my oc called Xeno-Blacklight-2039 basically a human that was experimented on and turned into a monster of war

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Chapter 1: experimentation

Chapter 1: experimentation

Edited by: TheUltimateBrony-Class-S

First person POV

When I woke up, I saw a metal roof and a bright light. I tried to cover my eyes, but I couldn't, and my eyes widened as I slowly realized that I was strapped to a table. Then I saw the medical equipment, ‘A-am I in a hospital?' I thought, now calmed down, as I believed things to be okay now. But then I noticed all the injection needles surrounding my body, and, with my mind now racing, I began to try to get out.

Then a voice began to speak, as if over a radio or intercom. "Ah, it seems the subject is awake… now we can begin testing… commencing the genetic alteration procedure."

Then some mechanical arms grabbed my head, coming from the wall my head was almost up against, and held it still. Afterwards, two little mechanical arms came out and held my eyes wide open as two needles came into view. At this point, I began to panic, as all the needles began coming down towards my body and eyes.

I tried to thrash around to try and get free of my bonds but to no avail. Then, I felt the needles puncture my skin and the contents were injected into my arms, torso, legs, cheeks, head, and eyes. At that moment, all I knew was pain, I screamed. I don't know how long I screamed, but when I was about to pass out from the pain, a new syringe was injected into me. I was filled with adrenaline, keeping me from going into unconsciousness, and then a new wave of pain rushed through my body as my body felt like it was on fire. It felt like my blood was being incinerated, I began to cry from the pain, and fear. 'Why, why are they doing this to me? I never did anything,' I thought as my body was racked with agonizing pain. After several hours of this, my crying slowed down to quiet sobs of pain.

“Let me die... just let me die... please..." I whispered, not caring if they killed me anymore, I just wanted the pain to end.

But then something happened, I felt the needles get pulled out. Then the mechanical arms that were holding my head still and eyes open let go, and I was finally able to close my eyes. I could barely move or see, so I just decided to lay there until unconsciousness finally came over me.

Dr. Ginetic's POV, during experiment

"Subject appears to be in distress and agony due to DX-2038 coursing through his system,” I stated, looking impressed. “I'm honestly surprised he's still alive even if just barely.”

Then, I heard somepony call me over to the creature's belongings: a jacket, a shirt, a pair of pants, and some kind of journal. However, I could tell that it was no ordinary journal, since I, along with my fellow unicorn scientists, could sense that it was covered in void energy. Even stranger is that nopony could read it, and then there’s those who’ve tried, but they say that everytime somepony got close to reading it the words would just move around the pages.

I turned my attention to the scientist next to the creature's belongings "Ah, Doctor Bolt, any news on the subject’s journal?" I asked him.

“Well, no,” he stated, looking a bit downcast, before looking back to me, slowly gaining an excited expression, “but we have discovered that the subject’s journal is somehow connected to it, and, for whatever, reason every second something new appears in the journal, but we still can't read nor can we comprehend it, though, I do have a theory about it.” He then looked to the creature, “I believe that the journal is documenting everything about the subject."

"Documenting... what exactly Doctor?" I asked, gesturing for him to continue.

"I have reason to believe that it may be recording his life, starting from his first day and it will end on it's last,” Doctor Bolt answered, then quickly held up a hoof, “however, like I said, it's merely a theory, at least until we can find some way to read it."

"Hmm... very well,” I nodded, then asked, “how is the project for Operation Nightmare coming along?"

The scientist looked at me and said "It's coming along great actually, all we need is a flesh sample from our unique test subject."

I gave a slight hum, before nodding, "Very well, once the test subject gains it's regeneration ability, we will go and take a sample," I said.

Then the scientist handed me the newspaper and began talking about Sparkle Industries making history and saving lives with their medicine and prosthetics.

I scowled at the paper as I thought, 'That little goody-two-shoes of a princess only sees the good in everypony and is wasting resources trying to help those who don't need it. What everypony needs, to save us, are weapons and soldiers, nothing more, nothing less and I plan to do just that.' I turned my attention back to the monitor showing the test subject, my scowl having faded, 'You will be our greatest weapon, X-B-2039, and when you’re ready, you'll destroy that silly little dream of living in peace' I thought in glee and began to laugh.

*later ??? POV*

I just laid in place with my eyes closed. I was in so much pain and I was letting out small whimpers from before the pain suddenly intensified, which made my whimpers turn into small and quiet wails of pain. All I wanted then was for the pain to end, I wanted it so much. My hands felt like they were being broken, then put back together, along with my feet, and then I heard the sound of bones breaking, which confirmed my thoughts, which got me to think even through my haze of pain.

'I-if m-my body is ch-ch-changing like th-this then… then that m-means that th-they’re actually d-doing genetic e-experiments on m-me... o-oh god w-what are th-they doing to me... w-what am I g-going to t-turn into…?' I thought, frightened.

From the looks of it and my own knowledge from games and movies usually genetic experimentation only happens when the bad guy is trying to either make a living weapon or some kind of monster I was afraid afraid of what I would become but I couldn't think much of it as I felt myself succumb to the blackness of unconsciousness.

*to be continued*

Author's Note:

Chapter edited by TheUltimateBrony-Class-S

hope you all enjoy this chapter I hope to have the next one out sooner than this one. Hopefully I will have the next chapter finished by next week. Hope you all enjoy the story and have a good day.:twilightsmile: