• Published 14th Feb 2020
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A weapon in Equestria - Creative Paradox

Hello there so i guess you want me to tell you my story well it all started at a place called comic con i was dressed as my oc called Xeno-Blacklight-2039 basically a human that was experimented on and turned into a monster of war

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3rd person POV

*"Sargent are you in position?"* the commander said over the radio.

Sargent gave an immediate response. "In position now commander, I have eyes on the target awaiting further orders, over and out," Sargent said, then began waiting

Then, Sargent noticed something, the target was sniffing, almost as if…

Just as the sargent realized what the target was doing, it looked in his direction before bolting away from him

"Shit!" the sargent cursed, then he yelled into his radio, "this is Sargent Arrowhead, I've been spotted, weapon X-B-2039 is making a run for it, I repeat weapon X-B-2039 is making a run for it!"

Sargent readied his rifle then his commander spoke over the radio "All units, move in, do not let weapon X-B-2039 escape."

Meanwhile, Xeno was running, trying to stay away from the soldiers as he didn't want to be experimented on anymore and he definitely didn't want to be used as an instrument of war.

But, in order to understand why he's here and why he's doing this, we would have to go back, back to where it all started... back when he was still human...

(Begin intro music)

*5 years ago, earth apartment building room 200, ??? POV*

"And...there.” I stated happily, having finished my costume, before laughing a bit in victory, “Haha! I finally finished it, now I just need to put it on and head to the Comic-con" I said, but then I remembered something that dropped my mood instantly. "Oh man I forgot to make my OC's personal journal..."

I mean I know it's not really important to the costume itself, but it's important for me, because my OC uses the journal for recording his thoughts, ideas, sketch drawings, etc. Basically it's my OC's autobiography and it's important for character development so needless to say that I was disappointed and I wouldn't have time to make one so I put my costume on and left for Comic-con.

*Comic-con, ??? POV*

I had made it to Comic-con and all I've been doing for the past hour was look around to see if any of the vendors had the type of journal I need. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful, but I didn't give up. I continued to look around, and while I was doing that I noticed a girl dressed as Amy Rose and a guy dressed as what I think was a Spiderman OC but without a mask over at a booth. Then, just as I turned around to look at the booth behind me, I heard someone let out a short scream and there was a flash of light. I quickly turned around and...nothing… the two people I saw earlier were gone. Unfortunately, I didn't think too much about those two, because I thought that they must have walked off. Oh, how I wish I was right and how I wish I'd followed my instincts, so I could have avoided what was about to happen once I got closer to the booth. I saw a guy dressed as the Resident Evil 4 Merchant inside, seeming to be distracted by something in his wares.

"Hello there," I said, and when he looked at me, he jumped back in surprise, "woah, are you okay? I didn't mean to frighten you mister," I apologized as I went and helped him back up.

"Oh, it's quite alright, I just wasn't expecting.. .I'm sorry, but what are you supposed to be? I recognize certain things about what your dressed as, but I don't want to assume," he said.

I paused, because he actually sounded like the resident evil merchant and, after a few seconds, I answered his question, "Oh, I'm actually dressed as my OC, called Xeno-Blacklight-2039, but everyone who is not with the company that created him just call him Xeno,” I explained. “He was basically a human who nearly died and was taken to Rebirth Industries and he was experimented on with both the Blacklight Virus and the Xenomorph Queen’s ‘royal jelly’ for 2 years and he was transformed into what my costume looks like now. During his time there, and after he escaped, he had a journal that he used as his own personal autobiography and sketchbook, and while he escaped, he killed a good majority of the people in the facility he escaped from."

When I finish explaining, he gives me a look over, then stated, "Well you mentioned that he had a journal that was important to him, but I don't seem to see you with one at all."

"Yeah, by the time I finished my costume, I didn't have any time left to create Xeno's journal.” I then sigh before continuing, “I've been looking all over Comic-con for a journal that would at least have a resemblance to it, but I haven't had much luck."

I looked down, sad that not one person here had the type of journal I was looking for.

That’s when the merchant spoke up, shrugging a bit, "Well, I'm not sure if I have the type of journal you’re looking for but... who knows you might get lucky with me."

I looked at him for a moment, humming in thought before nodding, "Hmm maybe...okay, let's see what you have."

We walked into his booth and I was amazed at what I saw. He had seemingly everything from different genres like Spiderman, Deadpool, FNaF, Pokemon, etc. While I was looking at all the amazing things he had, the merchant grabbed something from underneath the booth. When I looked towards him, I saw what he now had in his hands, and I was once again shocked at what he was holding.

(The one with the omega symbol.)

"Is this the journal you've been looking for?" The merchant asked.

I just stood there, shocked, I had been looking everywhere in the area for this exact type of journal. Neither words, nor gestures could express how happy I was.

After staring at the journal for a few more seconds, I said, "Yes that's it." I was so happy I didn't notice the ominous smile on his face. "How much?" I asked.

"For you, I'd say... about sixty dollars and, before you ask why it's higher than a regular journal, it's because it was completely custom made," he stated.

I pulled out my wallet and handed him the money.

As I started walking away, he said, "Enjoy your trip."

I was about to ask him what he meant by that, but before I could, I felt light headed and everything went black.

Equestria, year 3599, place unknown testing facility, 3rd person POV

Commander Calbloron was having a good night, he and his enforcers captured over 27 new test subjects for the company’s experiments. The only thing that bothered him was one of the subjects they captured... wasn't a pony at all. The creature itself was bipedal, had a flat face, it's nose wasn't connected to it's mouth likea regular pony’s, it didn't have hooves or a tail, it's eyes were extremely small, and it's mane was extremely short. The strangest thing is that after we questioned the other "test subjects", they just kept saying that it just appeared out of nowhere. He was pulled out of his thoughts when the transport stopped, and we led the subjects off of the transport, except for the creature, since it was still unconscious, so Calbloron had his Sargent carry the creature into the facility. Needless to say, the scientists were ecstatic to do tests on the mysterious bipedal creature. We continued walking the subjects through the research facility until we got to their cells which nullifies all powers and magic, preventing an easy escape. The bipedal creature, however, was sent to a lone room for its cell, since the scientist have something “special” planned for it.

A few hours later 3rd person POV

After a few hours, the bipedal creature began to stir. Once it noticed that it was strapped to the medal table, it's eyes widened In shock after having a little freakout. The creature calmed down somewhat, but then it took note of its surroundings and, for some reason, it recognized certain things in the room. Then, it noticed the syringes and promptly began freaking out. Suddenly the intercom came on.

"Ah, it seems the subject is awake… now we can begin testing… commencing the genetic alteration procedure," said the scientist over the intercom.

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hello everyone sorry I've been gone so long I was having writers block for the other 2 stories and I still do so in the meantime I decided to make a story based on my main oc which ironically is what I named my profile after, and please before you judge the story please wait till the other chapters are out because it's not fair to just judge the story based on the first chapter alone anyways I'm back and have a story for you all until I eather get more writers block or finally continue the other stories. Hope you all enjoy the story and have a good day:twilightsmile: