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The reason I write is because I want to read a story written for myself. One day, I want to read one of my own stories and say to myself "That is the best story I have ever read."

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I'm really enjoying this story, I haven't read the prequel(s) but the post war setting you've made here is quality. I want to give particular praise to how well you integrated the exposition into the Autumn's narrative. I'm most definitely going to read the prequel(s)

Oh my gosh! I love it.

Btw, i'm sooooo jealous of Starlight in this scene.

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------ Review ------

Please keep in mind, I know I can be overly critical and negative at times. I can always find something to nitpick, even in the greatest works of literature ever written. Please don't take it personally!
-It's kind of nice that Autumn just goes right in and tells Sunburst, rather than making a whole thing about it like other stories might.
-Luna’s moon -- fanfic cliche.
-trotting through the night a few hours pass -- past? This sentence is a bit strange and confusing.
-his hooves grabbed the kirin’s mare, pulling it -- mane.
-Hoping that the owner was asleep. Autumn tucked herself underneath the -- should be a comma, not a full stop.
-“Then… why are you blushing.” -- needs a question mark.
-If the city is so empty, why doesn't she squat in one of the abandoned houses?
-I'm not sure you really understand what the word 'taint' means...
-Tells feelings instead of showing them sometimes.
-She can afford her own house by singing in a bar, but she can't afford her own house when working as a whore? That's odd ... I would have thought that whoring would be the more lucrative career...
-Groaning, his cock throbbed, -- this is the second story in this contest so far where someone's cock groans.
-Autumn let go of her kiss and bit Starlight’s left ear. Sunburst, pulling Starlight’s hair a bit, seized her left. -- this is pretty complicated and confusing. Are they both biting Glim Glam's left ear? Or is Sunburst biting Autumn's ear?
-Nice pacing, though the orgasms at the very end might be a tad rushed.
-Pretty good job of handling complex emotion, and actually does justice to the topics it deals with.

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Immersion: 94/100
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