• Published 24th Aug 2019
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You Show Me Yours and I'll.... - Barley Citrus

After the events of Forgotten Friendship, Sunset notices Wallflower following her home. It's not what she thinks.

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This is such a fun coicidence. I've been thinking of writing a SunBlush romance/clop fic for a week now, and then suddenly one appears from nowhere. :twilightsmile:
I love the pair and...
the actual hay is wrong with you? A cucumber? :moustache:

Don't look at me
Sunset's the weirdo

(Yeah, I love this pair. I've been meaning to post this for a while now)

Ohmygod....ohmygod...oh my god. This is so.....hot and dirty and the same time it makes me blush inside a little without meaning to. Oof! Cool story, definitely quite a thriller

aw thanks for commenting
That's what I was aiming for so I'm glad that you enjoyed it

I want to see her eat that puss salad! :rainbowkiss:

Oh wow, that’s a little weird there. XD

That was really interesting but in a good way :) do girls really.. With.. You know..

SunFlower is my favorite thing ever, but I just couldn't get through this. It's like it was intentionally written to be posted on r/menwritingwomen.

Like, seriously. Schlicking? Schlicking?? I just... I don't even know what to say.

Sorry to hear that
What parts did you not like?
I'd appreciate the feedback

You're not the first to think schlicking is a weird choice of words though. It's in the same realm as fapping, so not super common offline . But I like mixing it up with terms

Personally I find the onomatopoeia of the sound it makes (schlick) preferable to the more dictionary correct version of jilling off. Which comes from the jack and jill story for some reason with jacking off and jilling off.

Jilling off isn't even dictionary, it's just another slang term that's not rly used anymore.
The dictionary term would be fingering herself.
But it's fun to use a bunch of different terms

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