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well i have some reading to do

Wow! This is definitely an excuse for me to reread the chronicles. ♡ Might as well, I can’t get enough of this series.

Talk about a New year's gift. :yay:

It's in my "read it later" shelf, but I've already put a fave and a like on it because I freakin' LOVE this series. X3

The only thing I could think was, Oh no.

Oh no is right! Never tell Pinkie Pie about your crush!:rainbowlaugh:

So how does being pregnant explain Sunny’s illness and her magic flickering out in the previous chapters?

"Th-the girls... they won't in-invite me..." I sobbed. "They won't invite to... to an-any slum-slumber parties. *sniff* I-I never get asked to... to... Oh, Twilight, why do-do they hate me?"

What's funny is how pathetic " I don't get invited to sleepovers" sounds. What isn't is that every bad thing ends up stacking, with even the slightest upsetting act knocking the entire Depression Tower™ over, just for it crash into your sanity and mental health and sending it into the swirling vortex of despair, self-harm and potential suicide.

Sunset Shimmer should've said no.

I temember crying the first time i read this chapter, and it made me cry again reading this time. As someone who was bullied relentlessly through school, dealt with depression and attempted suicide, it just hits a little too close to home.

I been through depression myself but not thoughts of suicide. The thoughts never entered my mind even with how depressed I got. Wonder what that says about me that I never got those kind of thoughts even under depression.

I think it's because some women get ill while pregnant.

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