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I write about the countless coital encounters between humanoid horsies, anthropomorphous equines and at least passably bipedal pony people... Also, I really fuckin like Equestria Girls my dudes.


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Good shipping, good sex. Wonderful!

Thank you, I really appreciate it.
If anything you liked really stood out to you I'd love to hear it.

Interesting. No explaination on why Twilight has a penis though. I know it can be assumed but still, I thought that would have come up. I also felt that Rarity may have been a little too pushy at times, it kind of felt like Twilight was just so overshelmed she just went along with it at times. Great story though, enjoying it thoroughly.

Hey, thanks for going into detail here
She was just born with a penis in this case
It's a running theme in a lot of my stories

And yes, Rarity was def being too pushy and forward
And Twi just went along with Rarity's mania
And this time, it happened to start something great

Really liked this! A simple, cosy setup, and then when we get to the err, climax, the sex is perfectly imperfect, just as we might expect with an inexperienced Twilight. Both mares felt properly in-character, too. Nice work!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it
And happy to hear what it is you liked about it
There's plenty more in store so stick around

Is it really necessary to link to both the cover art artist's homepage and the page the cover art is on in the synopsis?

You know, that's a fair point.
For some reason, I never thought about that shit

Not bad, not bad at all. I'm hoping next time Rarity gives Twi a footjob ^^

Are we getting another chapter or was this it because I wish to see how far this will go

Might not happen in this fic
But stick around, I do have lots of fun stuff in store

This was only the last chapter of Lipstick.
But sequels are on their way
I'll be releasing continuations to this story every Friday for at least through February I think
Keep up with my blog here for the updates

Wow, I can't help feeling Rarity was a bit of a selfish bitch in this one.

But Twi loves that bitch

Oh, the way they act toward one another will progress

So there will be more? I hope there's more.

Yes, there is plenty more, I have multiple sequels coming
I will be releasing continuations to this story every Friday for, like, a couple months or something
Keep up with my blog for the updates

Hell yeah this is the good shit.

A couple minor things like improper words. Shuttering instead of shuddering for example and a smriking instead of smirking. A few others sprinkled in but my memory is too shit.

Thanks, I'll make the corrections

And I'm glad to hear you really enjoyed it
I'd love to hear what you liked about it if anything stood out

Love the sensuality and Twilight's innocence in it. Naivety is a huge turn on for me.

I'm happy to hear that
I was hoping those aspects would come across well in the story
I really hope you continue to enjoy it as this story unfolds

*Slow impressed clap*

Okay. New favorite. This is good. Like...really fucking good!

Thanks, that means a lot
I'd love to hear what you enjoyed about it?
What made it stand out to you?

Rarity and her... seductive nature. The art of seduction and attraction without seeming to be slutty or desperate is very hard and you NAILED IT here.

Rarity was hot and elegant. And twilight was adorkable as always which is nice.

As someone who has been writing Rarity more lately this is nice to see! It's this kind of energy i wanna capture for Rarity myself. Also for Adagio cause I'm planning a fic between those two and it's hard to do right cause they are SO similar but Adagio seems more.... aggressive with her tactics and has more body to work with in my opinion

Overall it was just a really good story

You're saying all the right words to me

He gives credit where it's due sweetheart

Damn right i do Dagi!

I'm sorry, but "clitorus" took me out of it and had me cracking up :rainbowlaugh:
Still, great story

Thanks for pointing it out

An excellent job with Futa-Twi’s 1st time! Let’s see what Rarity has plan in ch. 2

I think it's safe to say, the lesson was a success

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