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I'm a Water Dragon, and my waifu is Rainbow Dash!


Two Years after the battle of Ponyville, life went back to business as usual. However, Neocros had managed to make a life of himself, with his friends. Recently Sam and Neocros haven’t been talking to each other much, which puts Neocros in to paranoia over whether or not he offended Sam or not. Sam’s birthday was a few months ago, but Neocros forgot to make him a party. Now he and Dash must make him a birthday party...

Set in Season 8. This is a new start to The Earth Pony. Hopefully this is better than that story.

UPDATE: Btw, I felt like the cover art was kinda plain, and wasn’t that appealing to look at. So for now, have a cute pic of Rainbow, until I can make a better cover. Plus, the art is from a vary great friend of mine, and she’s cool. She’s LiaAqila!

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At the beginning I was getting what is it called vibes? From cuddling is the best remedy. then I feel like it was it was a bit off a gap if it was me I would have written something that happened while there was sleeping. but that just me what do I know I never written a story and I’m probably never going to. I didn’t notice the gap you mentioned in your note so I let it slide. Anyway I think this start was ok. And can you help me remember your characters powers? I remember slaughter can make spider webs. Dark cold become a shadow or a gas. And silver was a scientist or a wizard. I can’t remember anyone else. Wasn’t there someone that had spiders as minions. And my friend told me to use more Garmer I think it was called. I think I did it really badly what do you think?

Admittedly, I had made the beginning a little while ago, while Samneo was still going. But by the time The Earth Pony was done, this beginning was already half way done, and so I just had to go with what I got. Also, as much as I like Cuddling is the Best Remedy, I wished I had done something more original.. but hopefully the next session will be a bit more original.

As for character powers. I believe Neocros(right now at least), has powers that are mostly water based. Dark actually DOESN’T become shadow, he uses Fire within his right hand, almost like a unicorn’s horn. Voss is the one who becomes a shadow. You got Slaughter right with being spider-like with his webs, but Silver is slightly off, in that, he’s a scientist, but not a wizard. To my knowledge, in this point in time, Silver doesn’t have any powers, Only his brains.

And my friend told me to use more Garmer I think it was called. I think I did it really badly what do you think?

You mean Grammar? Yeah, I wish I was better at that. Hopefully the next one won’t be as grammarly faulty. What do you mean by I did it really badly?

I think it’s ok if you use small bits. But if your hole story is copied is then I don’t think it’s ok. In your case I think it was totally fair. And what I meant by bad at grammar is that I just started 4 days ago. before that almost never use it and I have also realized in English you use a lot differently then in Swedish. And by friends I meant my hole clan

Well that was really delayed I just got an email that you commented on my comment 2 times

Interesting choice to color-code the dialogue. I've never seen that before, but it makes a good amount of sense.

I’ve haven’t seen that many stories that color code, so I thought I’d do so for this, and possibly future stories.

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