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This story is a sequel to The Equestria Diaries

I have memories that aren't my own, from a timeline where I was thrust into a deadly survival game with eleven other humans. In that time, many of us died, I began to succumb to my own dark side, and the artifacts we were given killed countless innocent ponies and tore up the world with reckless abuse of magic. But my former self was able to send Wind Chaser, a changeling who had sworn loyalty to me, back in time to avert disaster and get everyone home in one piece.

I stayed behind with Wind Chaser, bonded by our shared memories of the time that was undone, and the dangerous nanotechnology that we carry in our blood. Our life and death struggles have been wiped clean, leaving us to face.. life itself.

Story map:

This is a Sequel to The Equestria Diaries.
This is Parallel (alternate timeline) to Friends Like These
This is a Prequel to King and Kingpin and Scattered Seeds .

Chapters (26)
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Comments ( 95 )

I am enjoying the story. It's nice to see a slice of life / learning story where the protagonist isn't being waited on hoof and hoof by main characters.

5862028 Thanks!
If it helps, the inhabitants of Ponyville and Canterlot in particular are quite unlikely to show up in this particular story at all, as the protagonist is particularly keen on not having any interactions with them.

Ooooooo....interesting....it's rare that protagonists on this site use their changeling 'minion' in such a way...
shapeshifter....fucking perfect assassin, spy...and many more

5876256 That seems odd. This story is currently set pre Canterlot Wedding, meaning the changelings haven't been outted, and their existence is shrouded in myth and legend. Deception and impersonation is their way of life.

Daniel would not have ordered an effective murder at this point in the story, but he feels Wind Chaser's choice was justified under the circumstances. He would have preferred to keep it to information gathering

5877645 Just saying that not many authors write changeling in such a way...doing things in the shadow for out protagonist...

5877664 I get what you are saying, just curious as to why the phenomenon exists. I could see there being in story justification in some cases, though my biased assumption is a lot of cases are bad writing, overly focusing on the protagonist to the point of not allowing the supporting characters to be themselves.
Blind assumption, though, since I haven’t read the stories in question.

Oooh this could be good. +1 favorite!

Thanks! I hope you like it.

And here comet he finally of season 2. Still this story is pretty nice. Hope to see more. Here's a like!:moustache:

Yep. Not every episode will have an observable effect on IK, but some will.

We all know what is coming...Here's some music

What? No! I thought we left them behind in the other timeline?!

FMV version of Chronosphere is OP, please nerf!

5903891 <.< Ready the Chronosphere Nuclear missiles! You will not have anymore chance to mess with the time line!
"Warning! Nuclear missiles launched!"
"Warning! Oh fuck this, too many missiles to say it again and again!"
*And then everything went white and no more noise were heard during that time*

I like better the idea of Luna from prev timeline appears here.
what did you think the chrono trooper's gun does?
she and the existing Luna can take turns being Nightmare Moon.

Luna: "What? I'm not Nightmare Moon! See, there she is right there!"

5903955 :pinkiehappy:

I think those trooper either dematerialize or they remove someone from time....thus remove one from the universe...

Wonder if they're going to be ponies, or hybrids.

A good question. True parents are a human and a changeling, so pony seems right out. But wait! They were made in part by a ton of love from a unicorn and an alicorn (actually the love itself is almost all from the alicorn, the unicorn having just commented about being out of love/power). Also, they have nanospiders nets from conception!

So.. obviously, they will be shapeshifting brony alicorn Borg!

5914260 I don't know if you're serious or pulling my leg...Either way I can't wait to find out.

Some of each?
Everything but the last sentence is a statement of fact about their origin.

The last sentence uses a lot of words that have their own inherent biases in them, so it definitely includes a lot of implied untruth.

5914391 hmm, I see, and a question out of curiosity, will any more changelings join the horde, I mean kingdom!

a good question!
I won't rule it out, especially after the story catches up with the original stories of the Silververse, it may be possible.
Daniel and Wind Chaser are pretty thoroughly enemies of the hive now, and the one most likely to consider turning to reunite with Wind is dead.

Daniel tries to recruit those whose lives would clearly be improved by throwing away everything they've known, rather than those who will contribute the most to the kingdom.

That said the chapter I linked comes after comments about some of the changelings being dissatisfied with their queen and wanting to break free from Crysalis. So who's to say there won't be such a changeling in IK's path? Even before Silver led the exodus, there may have been a few defectors. ..

Actually, the IK has some followup in the next chapter or so regarding the other changelings, so there may be opportunity. I don't have a specific plan yet, so I will see what feels natural when they run into them. Changelings do slip into IK's lifestyle very easily.

And that is how babies are made, by large weaponized magical blasts!!!.

Only the best babies are made that way.

Pray that you will be careful outsider, for the kings wrath shall not be subtle...sorry just had to say it.

He's already injured. Do you think he can survive long enough against Wind Chaser for the king to arrive?

5918282 Probably not, but I feel he deserve a warning at least.

Fair. Quick, before I write the next chapter: what should this changeling do?!

5918495 Become confuse of her laying eggs and finding out how awesome her king is, then submit to the new king!

Wind Chaser: and have I mentioned our health benefits? They even include fertility treatments!

5918632 Changeling: Sign me up today and I'll tell the others!

I am thinking the next chapter should involve the words "changeling orgy" somehow.

Good. As you can see, the words were involved. :)

What could possibly go wrong? Tune in next chapter to see what goes wrong. :)

Seriously, WTF Wind Chaser?!?

Zombie Cyborg Changeling. Will they also recruit a Ninja Pirate who would remotely operate the Changeling for the full title?

I'm liking the direction this story is heading. Out of curiosity, is there a companion piece? It almost feels like there are events occurring in another story that complement this story. Besides canon MLP episodes that is.

Friends like these.. sort of. It's alt timeline, specifically picking up from where Wind Chaser left to go back in time.

Other than that, what other missing threads do you feel need attention?

we've already shown that two operators can share the same avatar at the same time. It can get confusing if they're trying to do things without coordinating, but the spiders can smooth out the bumps if they're trying to work together.

My point being that if they conscript a Pirate and a Ninja, they can both control null at once and make him a Ninja Pirate Zombie Cyborg Changeling. No need to find an elusive Ninja Pirate in the wild.

Actually.. hmm.
The next bit needs a bit of forethought and preplanning, and so there will be some delays in getting it out.
Now we wait. :(

Your new name is Gimpy Sexslave.

I don't know if I should laugh or facepalm at this.

After taking some time to think about this chapter, it felt... weird. Still can't decide how I feel about "Gimpy Sexslave".

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