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The only thing saving me from the horrible ideas my muse comes up with is that I'm too busy writing the last one.


This story is a sequel to Itinerant Kingdom

The Itinerant King has collected dozens of ponies and changelings to himself, bound them to himself and each other with the nanotechnology known as the 'kingsblood', and spread them about Equestria while focuses on more dangerous matters.

While the Itinerant Kingdom has something of a tendency to go looking for trouble, Equestria is a mostly peaceful place, and sometimes a scattered seed can just bask in the sun and grow into a beautiful flower. Sometimes.

This is a series of shorter stories following individuals within the Itinerant Kingdom as they go on with their new life, struggling to define their new society while hiding in plain sight within the old one.

Parallel story to King and Kingpin, but much less linear, and a lot less dark.

Story map:

It all starts with: The Equestria Diaries.
This is a Sequel to Itinerant Kingdom.
This is Parallel to King and Kingpin.
This is a Prequel to Kingdom in Shadows (at least one more story will come between)

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 16 )

Thanks! Anything in particular you liked?

Glad to hear it. Any particular threads from the previous story you would like to see get more attention?

6028915 to be honest, I haven't read it yet.

Indeed? I try to keep in mind the possibility of new readers jumping in on after a story-name break, though I expect this one will be very random without that background. :) Glad you are enjoying regardless.

6029923 The final chapter of Itinerant Kingdom, "Scattered Seeds" would be a good bit to read to have some idea where this is going or at least coming from. Essentially, it's a quick rundown of the different groups of members of the Itinerant Kingdom who have spread out from one another. All but the last are intended to be followed up by this story, while the last one is forked off into King and Kingpin (as it has a much more violent/adventure tone and I think benefits from not being randomized with all the more light-hearted slice of life mixed with romance and/or sex). At least it would give you some idea of who all these random characters being cycled in and out are. :P

[Yeah... about that...] Hunter began with embarrassment, before catching Mirror up on what he had missed.

Yes, what about that? :facehoof:

Perhaps Mirror can give him some good advice for getting back in Moonbeam's good graces? Though she already gave him the most important bit: 'Get over me!'

.......I have no idea what to say.

Well is your reaction inarticulately positive, or unspeakably disappointed?

7076622 Trying to class it is a futile endeavour.

Nahahahahahahaa....A way to make them more alert to the villian's plans...

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