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The only thing saving me from the horrible ideas my muse comes up with is that I'm too busy writing the last one.


This story is a sequel to Itinerant Kingdom

Time-skipped continuation of Itinerant Kingdom, picking up in MLP Season 5 / The Silver Stars chapter 64.

The fate of Equestria is held in the hooves of five terrifying beasts: creatures with magical horns, powerful wings, and in one cases a pair of deadly fangs. Princesses. Now Daniel Holden, the Itinerant King, will face these dangerous beings, not in the relative safety of mortal combat, but in the most dangerous of contests imaginable: diplomacy!

If everything goes well, his subjects will be able to emerge from the shadows, wear their allegiance openly, trade for rare and restricted materials to enable their more experimental industries, and have an impact on the world beyond the personal. They will also have the freedom to bring their combat potential to bear to protect ponies and others from threats they dare not engage before, for simple fear of being discovered.

And if all goes poorly? If they thought hiding in the shadows was hard, just wait until the Sun itself is their enemy.

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 32 )

Research on them was forbidden in every nation,

Great way to keep everyone stupid, ignorant and in danger from the damn things....

Fair, though many nations would have specific, trusted researchers with personal exemptions. Equestria in particular might not, only because we know from MLP canon that Celestia herself is well versed in them. In season 3, ep 1 she actively creates them as a demonstration for Twilight.

On Earth, research on certain very dangerous materials is heavily controlled as well, such as deadly viruses and fissible materials. This would be in that vein. Only worse, as they have mind altering effects that can make those who work with them more evil. so.. yeah.

Up to the start of KiS, the IK has the problem of no official recognition and generally trying to avoid being known to exist as a group. So getting into a position to be able to access them legally would be pretty difficult. The OLD Crystal Empire wouldn't have outlawed them, as Sombra used them heavily, and I take Cadance to be relatively ignorant about them. But if she and/or Shining Armor knew that IK was looking into them, they would have unfavorable reactions.

I like it ^^

:yay:Because I got to read another chapter of awesomeness and :fluttercry: because I already finished it to leave this message.

Aww, that's sweet. Glad you're enjoying the story. Wish I could write it even faster. :)
I have the same problem with most of the other stories I follow. Except Bad Mondays, because 10k chapters aren't that trivial to read through!

Short and left me rather curious. Darn stories leaving me ever wanting more. Why so good?

I try to make it as good as possible. Almost forgot to write this chapter and skipped to the next. :twilightsheepish:
What has you curious in particular? Just the rubber ball? Or other things as well?

This entire story is a gigantic FFIX reference now. Neat.

I would appreciate an update. I quite enjoy the EQD and IK series.

Yay, someone caught where the title chapters were coming from?
Though not 100% FF9 exclusively, it had most of the best song titles.

Thanks! As a reward for your comment, KoS gets my next update (not counting my collabs).


More than the chapter titles, I've noticed a bunch of stuff in the text, like Garnet. Is she going to call herself Dagger when she joins the IK?

If and when she joins, Dagger is a pretty likely subnet name, as the Itinerant King often assigns those as references. His subjects tend to have mixed feelings on it when they find out what those references refer to. :)

I just don't know what to say other than :yay: new chapter.

I hope it was good. I'm so out of habit for writing this stuff right now. I worry I'm spelling things out too much that should just be existing knowledge, but then some of it's pulled out of the other stories and probably wasn't previously referenced in this one... bleh.

Anyways. New chapter!

Nice to see a new chapter.

Life keeping ya busy or weighed down too much, perhaps? Or just that other story?

Life, but it's looking up. The three main reasons holding me back are becoming less of an issue, and my new diet has me full of energy and clear of mind all day. So I anticipate picking up my pace on writing once again.

Still waiting for your army of followers to show up and start giving all those awesome comments. Until then...

Don't be disappointed by the lack of comments, we love this story!

Hearing it certainly helps encourage me to write more. That isn't always enough to beat my other priorities, but it especially helps compared to my other writing.

:yay: Core version of best Princess of the Night(May she fill all our dreams with pony related fun and keep our nightmares on the run)


Your comment made me go back and realize Scattered Seeds was missing a chapter on Nightmare Core. Written! And tied in with Friends Like These.

oh how i hope she learns they learned to use love as a weapon from her and shining.
Also im a bit surprised there wasn't a greater reaction from shining to that little revelation.

Shining didn't know what to say in response. Especially since he's kind of caught between Daniel and his wife there. (Even with her not being present at that moment.)

Oh, Cadence you also used love as a weapon. Why are you being a bitch?

Love isn't all shunshine and rainbow. Love can also be very wrathful.
Hope someone tell her this.

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