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The only thing saving me from the horrible ideas my muse comes up with is that I'm too busy writing the last one.


A new student at the Orange Seeds Schoolhouse heralds a wave of change for the small town of Citrus Hills. But are the changes for good or ill? And how much is he even involved in? Lemon Drop's students will need the power of friendship more than they ever guessed.

Teen/Sex mostly for innuendo. No sex will be depicted in this story.
Dark because Citrus Hills is a lot less ideal of a place than Ponyville.

This story shares universe with Itinerant Kingdom, and begins with a retelling of chapters 1-6 from a different perspective. Reading that story should not be required to enjoy this one. But it will explain some of the mysteries that will not be revealed within this story and cast some things in a different light.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 2 )

How dark will this story be?

I'm honestly not sure. If you've read my other story, Itinerant Kingdom, then the dark aspects are pretty well spoiled but may hit harder here. This isn't going to be grimdark, everything sucks, crapsack world. But the foals are going to have to cope with some serious loss, along with what has come before in their lives. Citrus Hills has something of a rainbow shortage, by Equestrian standards, but it is still full of ponies.

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