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The only thing saving me from the horrible ideas my muse comes up with is that I'm too busy writing the last one.


Official Hiatus · 9:45pm Sep 25th, 2017

I've been having a bit of writer's block on Friendship Materia, and otherwise tied up in other things for a good while now, but I am now -officially- on Hiatus until approximately November. If I can get the juices flowing on this stuff again, I'll start up a backlog so I can post regularly when I get back to it. But with my rising responsibilities in real life, I can't promise much right now.

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Vacation Accomplished · 7:09pm Jun 5th, 2017

Have an update.

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On Vacation · 4:56pm May 16th, 2017

I'm sorry I've been failing at updating for a bit now. But, I'm going on vacation for a few weeks, so my next few missed updates are excused. Expect the next update in June. If I manage to get some writing done in the meantime I'll just restock my backlog so I can avoid future unexpected delays. Have a great May.

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Out sick - No Friendship Materia this week · 1:39am Apr 18th, 2017

Should be a regular update next monday. Sorry for the delays. Be well.

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Friendship Materia update skipped this week. · 9:38pm Mar 20th, 2017

Too much else on my plate. When I finish the chapter, I'll hold it for Monday and try to get back on track from there. Sorry.

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Apologies for late publication · 10:28pm Feb 10th, 2017

You may have noticed there was no Friendship Materia this past Monday.

I apologize, that was strictly an oversight on my part. I forgot to push "Publish", despite my alarm reminding me to do so. Life gets hectic sometimes.

The story is not behind on writing: Monday's chapter is uploaded and similarly merely awaiting the one button click to release to you, and the next chapter is being written. Again, I apologize for the delay.

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Anyone interested in pre-reading Friendship Materia? · 7:45pm Dec 21st, 2016

My previous pre-reader has dropped out of contact, so I could use another one (or more than one). Ideally, such a person should:
Read the chapter before it goes live.
Point out typos of course.
Suggest improvements that are not technically typos.
Discuss Terrible Ideas(TM) to keep the trainwreck going.

If you are interested, PM and/or reply to this blog. I shall require identifying information to reach you by email (for sharing gdocs) and Skype.

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Haitus season · 10:25pm Jul 22nd, 2016

So, I've decided to make it official: my writing other than Friendship Materia is on haitus. I should have said so sooner. Ironically, I am making it official just as I finish reading Worm, an incredibly long (about 1.7 mil words) superheroes story that's eaten a huge chunk of my time lately. Damn addictive personality...

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New update schedule for Friendship Materia · 4:12pm May 19th, 2016

You may have noticed by now that Friendship Materia has stopped updating daily. I'm still writing daily at the moment, but I have decided to go with a 1/week update schedule. I have a new prereader, Queuefka Palazzo, who is taking the time to help me improve the quality of the story before it reaches your eyes, and I would also like to develop a backlog so that updates will be less random and unpredictable when life is. As long as I am

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New story: Citrus Saplings · 11:21pm May 6th, 2016

I'm starting up a new side-story set in Citrus Hills, the little town featured in the early chapters of Itinerant Kingdom. The story will follow Midnight Oil's classmates as they deal with the sudden changes in their town and their lives.

I hope you all enjoy. It's a very different style of story from what I'm used to, so hopefully I learn and grow from it. Please leave plenty of comments.

Link here: Citrus Saplings

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