A New pyramid has been discovered! Daring Do and Rainbow Dash explore the maze-like ruins, but are separated upon taking a wrong turn. With Dash all alone, she soon realizes that not only is the pyramid built like this on purpose, but that something...or someone, is watching her.

You're probably wondering why it's E? And that is because I feel like I should, and it would provide a decent challenge. We've seen in kids media people getting wrapped in bandages, and still retain their rating, so this is meant to challenge myself. Plus this is to help cope with my depression, so hope you're okay with this. This fic is also my own take on another story made by someone I follow.
4/22/23: Now with a new cover done by the wonderful ZettaiDullahan!

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Noice story.

Also, agent Rainbow and Daring Do are compromised, send in the tomb raider!

Indiana Jones Theme Plays

ok well this was dark i feel like this is a story you tell your foals not to go in to ancient ruins and because you call him a jackal all i imagen him to be is an jackal from halo its warry good written though

Uh okay, sorry for upsetting you :fluttershysad:

I do question my psyche sometimes

This is a perspective that not many share. I personally loved the story, you should write more! :raritywink:

thank you. I actually had no plans on a sequel, until someone messaged me about it, as well as your comment. I can't promise that I'll make a sequel, but dammit I'm thinking about it.


I wander if Rainbow's friends will come looking for her.

I'm not sure if it's appropriate to ask, but just out of curiosity, what is it you liked about this story?

You just portrayed Rainbow really well, and described the bondage/wrapping in a great way~

Ah I see, thank you for the feedback!

I was worried Dashie would come off as out of character, but I'm glad I did it right. Not sure if I can promise more bondage stories due to my longfics, but perhaps I might someday make more.

Lovely short adventure.

Perhaps less exposition and more action would be more balanced, but I digress.

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