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Rainbow Dash was flying one day, when she decided to rest on a small cloud. Her nap is interrupted when a new friend of hers calls out to her. Neocros and Rainbow have known each other for a few months now, and though he is a bit strange, he's rather nice once she got to know him.

The beginning of their relationship begins.

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This story is a sequel to Neocros: The Water Dragon

After the battle in Ponyville, life went back to business as usual. However, Neocros had managed to make a life of himself, with his friends. Recently Sam and Neocros haven’t been talking to each other much, which puts Neocros in to paranoia over whether or not he offended Sam or not. Sam’s birthday was a few months ago, but Neocros forgot to make him a party. Now he and Dash must make him a birthday party...

Set in Season 8. This is a new start to The Earth Pony. Hopefully this is better than that story.

Special thanks to ZettaiDullahan for editing this story!

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Winter is coming, and Neocros, publicly known as Samneo, is stuck inside his cabin with Rainbow Dash. The two spend the night inside the cabin, and Neocros expresses something that he's been working on for the past few months or so.

For CategoricalGrant's contest here

Honestly, this story feels like a Christmas Special, even though this story is not canon to The Water Dragon. This story is a stand alone fimfic.

These songs inspired the fic:
In the beginning of the chapter
Spanish Wolf [Spice and Wolf AMV]
when Samneo sings for the first time
Fire Emblem Fates - Lost in Thoughts All Alone [Full English Version]
I found some art that I know of! :yay:

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Starlight was wandering around, when a comet hit the ground nearby. She went to investigate, and found a stallion laying unconscious there. Starlight brought him inside Twilight’s Castle, and soon strange events begun to unfold...

Set during Season 6.

Note: The sex tag is only there because it's brought up in conversation.

Also to mention; there’s some hints of romance.

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