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Samneo: The Earth Pony - Samuel-Neocros

It was a regular day, until a stallion named Sam, mysteriously showed up. He has no memory of where he was from, not even knowing what a Cutie Mark is! Soon Sam must discover who he is, and defeat the coming darkness that threatens Ponyville...

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The Final Showdown? - Part 2

Previously on Samneo: The Earth Pony:

Sam was knocked out, and witnessed his friends get trapped in cocoons. Starlight rescued them, and reformed all the changelings. When they came back to greet Sam in the castle, they were both equally puzzled by Sam's tale. But that wasn't the only thing puzzling--The trio of baddies came back, Voss, Dark, and Slaughter. The three of them warn Twilight and everypony that Molgovon and Vorita were coming, and that they were going to awaken Sorsirina. The battle between Everypony and Molgovon was fierce, but it all ended with Samneo getting turned to stone!


”The Final Showdown? - Part 2”

Twilight Sparkle and her friends all stared at the statue that was Samneo. Rainbow Dash and Applejack’s mouths hung agape, Fluttershy was already starting to well up with sadness, and Twilight just stood there, as if she left her body entirely.

As everypony were distracted with Samneo’s frozen body, Molgovon had managed sneaked past them. Molgovon entered the castle, and quickly spotted Vorita, suspended from a web. He swore under his breath, before he closed his eyes. He begun to float up, and above the ground. As he hovered, he used his machete to cut Vorita’s binds. After he released her, she fell to the floor with a loud thud.

“Wake up! Vorita!” He floated down, and was quickly shaking her. “We need to complete the ritual!”

Vorita’s eyes fluttered, before she started to get up. Her groggy vision made it difficult for her to register anything. She was unsure what Molgovon was saying at first, but soon she came to. Vorita glanced at her brother.

“Oh..? Molgy...? W-wha... what happened?”

“No time! We need to awaken Sorsirina!” He pestered. Vorita remembered what her task was, and she swiftly got up. She bowed her head, and the two tried to exit through the front door. But they were stopped in their tracks.

“Okay, Now you’re gonna get it!” Voss snapped. Twilight and everypony, as well as the trio of Molgovon’s former employees, were blocking their escape.

“You’ll pay for what you did to Sam!” Rainbow hissed.

She was also giving Molgovon a death glare. Molgovon didn’t seem at all phased. He turned to Vorita, who nodded. Vorita then stepped in front of Molgovon, and lifted her skirt. The spiders had returned, but they were also accompanied with red, slimy snakes!



The area around the crashed ship was quiet, and full of crickets. It truly felt like Voss and the gang were the only ones there. But they weren’t the only ones to have explored this place.

Stepping through the bushes, a tall, glowing unicorn appeared. Her eyes were glowing like the moon, and there was visible scarring on her back, as if she had gotten into many battles. She trotted towards the abandoned craft, and begun investigating the interior.

There was nothing, nopony in sight within. She needed to find somepony to work on something for her, and Voss had missed the location. Though she didn’t know where the guy she needed, was, she still had to do something to a certain dragon-pony.

She kept searching, investigating every room and every tunnel to find him. However, during her search, she heard a loud clank to her right. She turned, and looked. The room was dark, with faint light coming from a nearby window. The window shined on the wall, and between her and the darkness. Within the darkness, two turquoise eyes were brightly staring at her. The unicorn wasn’t afraid, however, and instead, made her way towards it slowly.

“Don’t be afraid.” Her voice came out through telepathy. The creature stopped backing away, and just stared blankly at her. “Voss and his friends need you, to split Sam and Neo in two.”

The creature huffed, as if it wasn’t surprised by her words. It actually sounded disappointed, in some way. The unicorn lacked eyebrows--or at least--visible ones, so when she rose her left one, it appeared as though her eye got taller.

“Silver, why are you here? You are the key to making Neocros his own identity.”

“Hurg... I’ve been injured... when Molgovon and Vorita ambushed me. I knew they were scammers, since they never revealed their net-worth.” Silver made a gurgling sound at the beginning of the sentence. The unicorn blinked, twice. Soon, the unicorn trotted up to him slowly. Silver made no objection. The unicorn lit up her horn with magic, to reveal Silver. He was laying there, leg bandaged, and badly bruised. He had grey skin, with a grey tail that slowly transitioned to white at the tip. He also had feather-like spikes at the top of his head, that were tipped with black. Silver looked like he hadn’t showered in almost all year. The unicorn examined his body, with concern on her almost featureless face.

“Oh, Silver. What have they done to you?”

“So what? Nobody cares for me. Heck, I was the last person on the job listings for those guanonauts.” Silver replied, with no emotion in his voice. The unicorn shook her head slightly. “Saverna, don’t look at me like that, you know I’m right.”

“W-well, you must put yourself in some use. Molgovon and Vorita have frozen Samneo in stone, and the others are struggling to stop him. Please, just try to build something, to perhaps free Neocros from Sam’s body?”

“Since when did you start caring for me? I don’t deserve it.”

“Don’t let yourself down like this.” Saverna replied, with hidden annoyance. Admittedly, out of all the ones that came to Equestria, she had sympathy for Silver, in a strange way. She and Silver had some level of history together, but it was something that Silver didn’t want to discuss. Saverna sighed. “Sigh... Please don’t give up. The world needs scientists like you, or at least... the positive part of you.”

Silver glanced at the ground, thinking for a moment. He tapped his finger on the steel floor, wondering if he can shine in some way. But he couldn’t help but wonder; what does Saverna mean by... shine? It didn’t matter, he guessed that the world would probably fall out of alignment if he doesn’t do something. Silver shifted his gaze to Saverna, who, she proceeded to hold up his chin.

“Ugh... I guess, If I’m gonna rot, I might as well go out with style...” Silver muttered. Saverna smiled, and kissed his forehead. He rolled his eyes, feeling a little impatient. “Jeez, don’t ya think that kiss was a little excessive?”

Saverna chuckled.

“Well, apologies for such. Now, do you have the blue prints?” She asked, kindly. Silver slowly got up, he struggled slightly, which made Saverna instinctively hold him up with her magic. He was about to push her away, but his hand suddenly went right through her! Stunned, he stumbled, and fell. He groaned as his bandaged leg shifted, but he managed to hold himself up by clinging to the wall.

"What? Oh, I forgot, you're--”

Saverna interrupted him.

"Please, Don't mention it. You make me feel... upset, whenever you remind me..." Saverna's words came out in a mutter, near the end of that sentence. Silver sighed, realized that he had screwed up.

"Yeah, I shouldn't have said that. Apologize, I will. Now, I need to get to work--take me to the crafting room."

Voss, Dark, and Slaughter were pushed away, by the snakes and spiders. The others were also knocked back by Vorita's attack, and joined Voss and his team. The two groups face Molgovon and Vorita. Suddenly, Voss couldn't help but ask a small question.

"Hey, Molgovon. If you--" Suddenly, he stopped himself. Voss was going to ask why didn't he use his stone attack earlier? But Voss had foreseen what Molgovon could've done, which was attack with that same beam. "Actually, nevermind! We'll destroy you!"

Molgovon smirked.

"What were you going to ask? Voss? Ask me about what happened to a certain marefriend of yours?"

Voss felt a ting of mental pain, at who he was referring to.

"Guh... Alright, NOW YOU'RE GOING TOO FAR." Voss hissed, with silent anger, that surprised Dark and Slaughter. It even surprised Molgovon. Vorita couldn't help but think of what Voss was feeling, despite the fact that she had no idea what the two of them were talking about. It seems like Voss' relationship with Molgovon goes a lot deeper than what she was told.

Molgovon grabbed something behind his back, and held it up. It was a grey orb of some kind. Molgovon quickly threw it on the ground, causing a large puff of steam. Voss felt the instinct to shield his friends, in which, he did so. Dark noticed some movement to the right of his view, and when he looked, he saw Molgovon and Vorita running away behind them. Everypony saw them, and Voss shouted.

"GET EM'!" He waled, as everypony chased after their enemies. "Don't let them summon their master!"

Molgovon and Vorita were quick to run into an alleyway, and Vorita prepared some kind of spell. Her hands glowed with red magic, similar to what Dark's magic looked, before he reformed himself. The magic didn't look like true magic, it simply was imitating what Equestria had. If magic was the ecosystem of Equestria, than outsider's magic, is considered invasive in nature. Vorita's eyes glowed, and red smoke-like mist surrounded her and her brother, and soon they vanished, leaving nothing in their path of teleportation.

Voss and Rainbow swiftly turned the corner, but were too late, Molgovon and Vorita were gone. The alley looked as if nothing was there in the first place.

"What the...!? where they go!?" Rainbow protested. Voss blinked, but wasn't too surprised by this tactic.

"They'll be back." Voss growled. "... and they won't be alone."

As everypony investigated what the two had seen, Voss rubbed the back of his head.

"I think they've ran back to their base, but somehow I feel their aura here..."

Molgovon was placing small crystal rocks on the ground, along with candles. He made a giant circle with a smaller one in the middle. The rocks made the outer ring, while the candles made up the center ring. He then poured purple dust in the center of the candles. Molgovon smiled maniacally when the candles flickered on and off, before they died out. He then got out of the ring, and gave an overview of the display. He and Vorita had located the summoning right next to a local library.

"Is she here yet!?" Vorita asked. Molgovon turned to his sister.

"Be patient. She'll come once we plant the seeds in between the rings."

He proceeded to plant small bags, which were full of white liquid, into the ground. He didn’t pour the liquid in, he planted the entire bags into the holes in the dirt. He quickly got out of the way. The result was a third ring appearing in between the rocks and candles. It was purple, with hot pink lace patterns. Molgovon and Vorita grinned as a figure begun to materialize above the setup. The figure was skeletal, and had a reptilian-shaped head. It was pale in color, and a purple orb was inside it's chest. Then a purple shell began to crystallize around it's forearms. Then it's head and slender neck were encased in the purple armor.

“You have returned, Mistress.” Molgovon said, as he bowed. Sorsirina tilted her head down, to look at Molgovon. Sorsirina said nothing, as Molgovon and Vorita stared up at her. Everypony who was nearby, all took notice in the scene.

“Now then, Sorsirina! Enslave them all!!” Molgovon commanded, as he pointed at the crowd. Although Sorsirina’s head was covered, she was grinning underneath. She waved her hand over the crowd, and purple chains formed around them. Suddenly, the chains begun wrapping themselves around different civilians, binding their front hooves to their sides. Those who weren't chained, begun running for their lives. Molgovon chuckled, with his eyes briefly flashing red, before his eyes suddenly went black. When Vorita glanced over, she noticed his eyes become dark. Her reaction was a bit delayed.

"Woah, Molgy, you're eyes! They're--"

Molgovon turned to her. She couldn't even tell if he was looking at her, since his pupils were the same color as his optics.

"Remember sis? My eyes have always been this way."

"R-right but..." She paused. His eyes weren't always white with red pupils, for that his eyes were indeed pure black originally. But when they were travelling, for some reason Molgovon's eyes changed colors. Molgovon's eyes were once blank black eyes, like he was a shark. "Your eyes were like that, when Sam faced Sorsirina a year ago.. but I didn't expect you to get those eyes back!"

Molgovon just shrugged off her comments, and continued to blissfully watch Sorsirina float after the stragglers who escaped her.

~ ~ ~

Rainbow Dash stared at Samneo's statue, looking back at how he was. She didn't know he had a crush on her, he didn't even hint that he was in love with her. Admittedly, she would've pushed Sam's love away, kindly. But the fact that he saved her, and is now possibly gone, she found herself tearing up slightly at the thought.

"Sam..." She uttered under her breath, as she touched the top of his head. Twilight stepped up to Sam, and looked up at Rainbow Dash.

"I'm so sorry, Rainbow.. I didn't know either..." She said, as she turned and stared at Sam. Dark walked up, and kept his mouth shut slightly. Starlight trotted up to Samneo's frozen state, and pressed a hoof on his leg. She felt small tears in her eyes, wondering what could've happened to Sam. Yet also, she felt terrible for Rainbow Dash, and how she was feeling over Samneo.

"H-h.. honestly, I wish I..had treated him better." Dark said, which sounded like he was holding back. Slaughter crawled next to Dark, and patted the dude on the back. Dark turned his head, and squinted at his invisible friend. Slaughter lifted his hand, and bowed his head.

"Molgovon played us... and then he froze Sam. Everything happened so fast..." Voss muttered, feeling shameful in listening to that fool in the first place. Fluttershy and Rarity begun sniffling, as they joined Rainbow and Twilight in mourning Sam. Unfortunately, they couldn't mourn for long, for that trouble was not far behind.

Voss suddenly felt chills on his back, but they weren't hot, nor cold. These chills were something he knew all too well. He swiftly turned around, but was too late...

Sorsirina surprised Voss, by shooting a beam at him. He was flung back, and he hit the ground right next to Twilight. Rainbow Dash and everypony gasped, and jumped at Voss' grunt. Dark and Slaughter turned, and they, as well as their friends, were unable to react in time.

Sorsirina's energy chains wrapped, and entangled themselves around her prey. Rainbow Dash and everypony were taken off guard, and they struggled in their binds. Voss was able to escape, by turning into a shadow. However, his comrades were still trapped. Sorsirina noticed that Voss wasn't caught, and shot another beam, but Voss dodged it, and he moved from the scene. He was closer to the town, and looked at his friends. Voss realized that he alone would stand no chance at all three of the villains. He quickly swam away. Sorsirina giggled on the inside.

"The fool's running away? He really is a sad person." She thought to herself. Molgovon and Vorita were behind Sorsirina, when they saw that she had captured Rainbow and her friends. The two watch as Sorsirina lifted the nine of them up, and she watched them freak out at her.

"Ngh! Let go!" Rainbow commanded, disgruntled. Starlight was about to blast Sorsirina with a beam of magic, however, a violet ring wrapped around her horn. She gasped, as she continued to struggle. Rings had appeared over Twilight and Rarity's horns also, and they were equally in despair.

Molgovon begun floating, as if he was made of helium. He floated to Rainbow’s caged form. Rainbow looked, worriedly at him. She felt goosebumps as she noticed vary quickly his eye color change. He had probably the biggest, crap eating grins ever. Rainbow Dash glared, angrily at him. He shared at her, with his face changing to be angry as well, where he raised his blade, ready to strike. Rainbow closed her eyes, expecting the worst. But nothing came--suddenly, Molgovon felt a hand on his wrist, stopping his swing.

“Wait!” Vorita had stopped Molgovon’s actions. Molgovon snarled, and looked at her. Sorsirina growled within Molgovon's mind, through telepathy.

“What? Our plans would work if she’s gone!” He retorted at both of them. Despite the fact that Sorsirina was higher than him, she was surprised to see Molgovon's rather unhinged behavior. It's almost as if... he was...

She shook the thought away, not wanting to delve into it any deeper.

“No, we need spare her, so that Sorsirina can get her~!” Vorita replied.

"That's true." A new voice rung in their heads. Rainbow Dash looked around, the others did so as well.

"Huh? Am I hearing things?" Rainbow asked herself. Vorita looked up at Sorsirina, in which, Sorsirina was 'looking' down at her.

Molgovon groaned, as he turned to Rainbow. His look softened, and he reluctantly lowered his machete, and followed Vorita to the ground. Admittedly, Vorita didn't know that was what Sorsirina was already planning. She didn't know why she stopped Molgovon. For some reason, ever since that yellow pony interacted with her spiderlings, she found herself growing more and more reluctant over the entire plan. The more hesitant she became, the more she saw the cracks within her brother. Little did Vorita know, that Sorsirina was reading her like a book, but she paid no real attention.

Rainbow Dash felt as though her life flashed before her, and that she was inches away from feeling what could be the worst pain she'd ever feel. Thankfully, she was saved by Vorita.

"But why did she stop him?" She thought. Vorita was no different than Molgovon. Fluttershy, on the other hand, had a different thought.

"Did my stare... work?" She asked herself. "Thus, she stopped Molgovon... I think I need to convince her further!"

Sam walked through the void, trying to find a way out. He thought for a moment on where the exit could be, but he was left with almost no ideas.

But he had one thought... Neocros. He suddenly, had the motivation to try and find him, To see if his friend could help find a way out of this stony purgatory. He needed to save everypony, especially Rainbow Dash. With no protector, Vorita would surely swallow Rainbow! The thoughts alone made his heart race even quicker. Until he stops in his tracks. Sam spotted something wandering around up ahead. It appeared to be his dragon form, but was slightly different. He had a shorter tail, his dorsal fins were clear grey instead of solid green, and Neocros also had larger dorsal fins on top of his head.

“Neocros!!” Sam called out. Neocros turned around, and instantly bolted towards his Green counterpart. The lines in Neocros’ horns glowed bright azure, and his spines--although clear without Sam’s power--glowed white. The two collided into each other. This causes a massive explosion of energy.

Meanwhile, outside Samneo’s mind. The lines in his horns glowed Green and Blue magic. It was enough to...

Samneo had busted out of his stone prison, releasing a mighty war cry as he did so. Sam glanced all around him. He was still where he was before, however it was night, and the clouds slowly turned purple as he got closer to spotting Sorsirina.

The clouds that swirled around her, was the most purplest of them all. She was huge, almost triple the size of Samneo! Her facial features were obscured by a dark, purple, shell-like armor, that covered her entire top half. She had no legs, and her forearms weren’t connect to any solid flesh, with pink electricity connecting the arms to the body. Both for-arms were roughly the same size as her body, if not, shorter. They had three clawed fingers on each hand, and it looked as if she was wearing black arm gloves--that were cut off due to the electricity.

At the base of her chest plate, was gun-metal. The purple coloring on her neck armor got darker as it went up the neck, and it was almost black near the tip of the ‘snout’.

In contrast to the darker color; there were three lighter, purple spikes, sticking outward on both her left and right side of her neck. On top of her head, were two violet antlers. Similar to Voss, the antlers were pointed back, however they were less jagged, and more sleek.

Behind her back, were four floating spikes. They were about the size of her fingers, but they were smaller than her head. The purple orb that once was inside her chest, was now floating behind her, attached by electricity.

Samneo looked up to where Sorsirina was, and was breathless at the sight.

“Woah... she’s huge. A lot bigger than last time I met her...” Sam thought. Neo whispered to within Sam.

“We need to save our friends...” He said. Sam nodded, before he and Neo begin cooking up a plan...

Sorsirina was hovering above Ponyville. Though she had succeeded in enslaving some ponies, the rest of them ran into their houses. The six heroines of Ponyville remained in her grasp, but Dark and Slaughter escaped. Dark’s fiery magic broke her binds, and he ran. She tried to capture him again, but he used his magic to shield himself from her. He broke Slaughter out as well, and shielded him from her as well. She taken her captives to the center of town, where she’d savor them, before she’d bring them into her realm.

Twilight Sparkle, and everypony were suspended off the ground, entrapped in purple electricity. Their front legs pressed to their sides. Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Twilight had their wings folded in the binds. They all thrashed about, trying desperately to escape their captor.

They were kicking and scrabbling as Sorsirina observed them through her telepathic vision.

“You all look so unwilling...” She whispered. Due to her telepathy, all six of them could hear her. Her voice was like silk, with a hint of darkness behind it.

“Ngh..! Let us go! Stupid monster!” Rainbow Dash kicked, and tried to get at Sorsirina, but she wasn’t having Dash’s attitude. She brought Rainbow Dash up to her. Rainbow, admittedly, was kinda intimidated by the creature’s size. Rainbow was brought up to Sorsirina’s ‘face’, and immediately received a chilling message.

“I won’t destroy you, but if you continue to not behave, I’ll eat your soul, IN FRONT OF SAM.” Sorsirina sneered, as she pointed her head towards Rainbow. “IF, you follow my orders... your hearts will be spared... Sam will have no choice but to submit to me...”

”We won’t let you touch Sam!”

Sorsirina was silent for a moment, before she introduced herself.

“Heh heh... now then. Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Sorsirina. I’ve enslav--” She said, placing a hand on her chest. Before she could finish, however, she instantly felt something hit her left shoulder. It was slightly hot, and she felt it burn her. Sorsirina lowered Dash, as she released a blood-curdling screech. A piece of her armor became fragile as a result. She turned her body slightly, to ‘see’ where the pain came from.

Dark was on top of a nearby building, and ducked low behind an air duct to avoid Sorsirina’s ‘sight’. He shuttered, but couldn’t help but bit his lip. He actually thought he’d miss but, he managed to land a hit. But Dark couldn’t sit there for long, soon Molgovon would come after him, or investigate the area he was in, because Dark knew that the others saw his fire ball. He got up slowly, and quickly crawled into the air duct. Dark gasped, and begun grunting and groaning as he was tumbling down the vent, since he didn’t predict how far deep it was.

Voss was also nearby, trying to avoid Vorita. Vorita was walking through town, trying to find out who shot that ball of fire. He watched as Vorita kept looking around. Due to the how everypony thrashed around in their chains, it almost felt like something evil happened, which admittedly gave Voss a little bit of PTSD. He pulled his gaze away from their caged forms, and focused on trying to come up with a plan. Not that he didn’t have any plans, but he needed to come up with something that’ll effectively save everypony.

Sorsirina was having trouble trying to find who hit her. So she decided to return to Twilight and everypony. Although it wasn’t present on her face, but she was internally licking her lips, at the potential they had. She returned to them, and she ‘smirked’ at their faces.

“What do you plan to do with us?” Twilight asked, bluntly. Sorsirina simply lowered herself, to be at Twilight’s level. Twilight Sparkle found herself staring at her foe’s blank, soulless stare.

“The same thing I’ve done to the residents... enslaving them. While the six of you were mourning my little pumpkin Sam, I’ve put all the residents under enslavement, wrapped in chains... once I molt into my Second form, they were be nothing but an empty husk of who they were. But you and your friends will receive special service. The seven of you, will become my toys, to use against Sam. I’ll be your puppeteer, and he’ll fall right into my hands.” She explained, chillingly. “What I’ve also planned, is for Sam to become my prince. I am a Succubus, a vary special kind... and I’d like an Incubus to be superior over me... and who knows? Maybe he’ll make you all his slaves? You’ll never know, unless you try.”

She cued near the end of that sentence, sounding like she knew more than she was letting on. Twilight glared up at her.

“We won’t give in to your practices! If Sam can’t stop you, Voss and his friends will!” Twilight retorted, hopefully. Sorsirina giggled darkly.

“How dumb those words are... Voss has no power over me. I’m stronger than him, in all ways. Plus, I can easily make him bend his knee, over the loss of his girlfriend.” Sorsirina explained. “To add more to everything, I can use Slaughter’s frisky nature against him! As for Dark... well... uh... how do I get him again?”

Sorsirina had trailed off, and placed a finger on the tip of her face. She shook herself, and puts her arms behind her back.

“It doesn’t matter, he alone can’t stop me... Now then, time to feel me.” She said, with a seductive tone to her words. But before she could do anything, something hit the back of her arms. “What?”

Her arms were tied together! She pulled on her arms, which snapped the web clean apart.

Nearby, Slaughter was on top of another building, and he had shot a net of silk at Sorsirina’s arms, while they were behind her back. He was speechless when she broke the net, without almost little to no resistance. He quickly turned invisible, in order to not be spotted. Unfortunately he forgot that she had sonar vision, so when she turned around, she spotted him, even when he was invisible.

“I see you, my little centipede!” She charged up her power. There was a sphere of violet energy manifesting on her face, it appeared to be a plasma ball. She shot it at Slaughter, which made him swiftly jump off the building. However, Voss--who was near Slaughter’s location, he wasn’t having property damage. His antlers glowed, and he shot a beam of red energy at the ball. It caused the sphere to go flying towards Slaughter’s direction, but thankfully he already got out of the way, before it could cause any serious damage.

Sorsirina’s hands started to manifest plasma energy in their hands. She hissed within her armor, and the floating spikes glowed purple. She was ready to eliminate these intruders, despite the fact that it was her who’s intruding.

In the mist of the battle, Samneo had managed to stay hidden by Molgovon and Vorita. He entered the castle, to find it completely empty, and silent. He closed the doors behind him, quietly, so he won’t alarm the duo to his location. He turned, and looked around.

“Spike!? Spike, where are you!? I need you!” Samneo called, to hopefully get Spike and him to work out something. Although Spike was probably the least useful thing he knew of--no offense to Spike, but he found that maybe Spike could be in some use.

“Huh? Sam!? You’re alive!?” He said, surprised. Samneo nodded, as Spike approached him.

“Yes. Do you have anything that’ll harm the bad guys outside?” Sam asked. Spike rubbed the back of his neck.

“Uh.. no, not really.”

Samneo face palmed.

“Drat! W-well... I guess it can’t be helped, just try to stay hidden, and if not...” Samneo tried to think, before he followed up his words. “Could you perhaps find the others?”

Molgovon and Vorita were travelling across town, when they come to the castle. Molgovon stopped in his tracks, realizing the only thing that was missing.

“Uh, molgy, where’s Sam?” Vorita asked, confused.

“No... Impossible!!” Molgovon ran to where the Samneo statue was previously. He growled, realizing that Sam must’ve somehow broken his spell. “Oh, you’re REALLY gonna get it Samneo!!”

Suddenly, the castle doors flung open. Samneo ran out, and jumped towards the duo. Spike was also on Samneo’s back, with a custom made sling shot, made by Sam.

“CHARRRGGGE!!!!!” The two cried. Molgovon and Vorita were not expecting the two, as Sam shot his Aqua Breath at Molgovon. Molgovon fell back, and hit the ground. Sam glared. “That’s for turning me t’ stone!”

Vorita squealed in surprise. She backed away, and lifted her skirt, to try and unleash her critters--when she’s knocked on the back of her head by a familiar face. Samneo huffed, as Spike got off his back. The two looked, and noticed Vorita fell too.

Voss growled, as he then pounced onto her, pinning her down. She hissed as she squirmed, but Voss held her down with all his might. The two blinked.

“Well, we’ve ya been while I was gone?” Sam asked. Voss glanced, and smiled.

“You’re alive! I thought the chronicle was over!” Voss interrupted himself with a gasp. “Now, quick! Sorsirina’s holding Dash captive! Go save Rainbow Dash--!”

Samneo nodded, and ran towards Sorsirina’s location. Voss grunted, as he and Vorita struggled. Spike nervously checked Molgovon, finding him to have blacked out. Spike stepped away, and looked at Sam running.

“Hey! Wait up!” Spike called. However, he’s quickly stopped by Voss.

“Ey. You know Celestia right?” He asked. Spike nodded. Voss thought for a moment, before he ordered. “I need ya to send a help message to her, got it? Now go!”

“Okay!” Spike said, before he ran back into the castle.

Samneo ran towards the large female, with hot water bubbling in his mouth. His eyes filled to the brim with determination, and his heart was full of courage. Samneo hadn’t ran this fast since he saved Rainbow Dash. He was so hyped, he felt like he could end up in a hospital.

Sorsirina had sensed her allies’ defeat, and turned herself to look. She saw Samneo running full speed at her, with his mouth having a cyan glow to it. Sorsirina felt chills within her, looking at how far he had come, from when he and her gotten to know eachother, to now. Sorsirina was too distracted by her own self reflection on him, that she hadn’t noticed Dark shoot a fire ball at her. Before she could even have time to shield herself, she was hit. She screeched as she felt further pain. This time, on her chest armor. Sorsirina shook herself off, and hissed at Dark. Dark was on top of the building where she had previously shot her plasma sphere.

“Alright, let’s go!” Dark taunted, as he jumped towards her, despite the fact that he was only a few structures away from her. Dark was falling to the streets below, and he grabbed the side of a house. He tried to use his claws to slow his fall.

As Sorsirina watched him, Samneo had gotten closer.

“Okay, come at me!!!” Samneo shouted, which made Sorsirina perk her head towards. He opened his mouth, and shot a pent up beam of water. It was boiling hot, which made the large sorceress unpleased when it hit her. The boiling water made her armor more brittle than before, and it made her angry. She wasn’t finished molting into her next form, and these little rats were already trying to make her fail. Samneo stopped himself, and was huffing. He didn’t realize how much that beam took out of him, resulting in him huffing and puffing.

“So... at last, we’ve reunited... my sweet knight.” She cued. Sam’s look got all scrunched up, with hate.

“How many times... do I need ya... to know? I’M FREAKING DONE WITH YOU, SORSIRINA!” Sam roared near the end. Sorsirina shuttered at the sound of him, and couldn’t help but feel excited inside. The thought of fighting him, even for one more time, was enough to fire her up. Then, two almond shaped eyes appeared on her dark purple shell. They were bright violet, had eyelash shapes at the corners of each eye, and were seemingly observant. Due to Sam’s roar, his friends took notice. Their view was slightly obscured by Sorsirina’s mass, in which she was in front of their view of Samneo.

“Do you realize how long I’ve been waiting for this? You’ve abandoned me, and were mean to me...” Her eyes changed shape, to appear more vulnerable. Sam wasn’t buying her words, and continued to glare.

“Been mean to you...?” He said, with an almost helpless chuckle. “You’ve hurt me way more than I ever did!”

Her eyes changed once more, to seem more offended.

“What do you mean? You were into me! I could sense it!” She kept on pushing. Sam was getting fet up with her, for all she had done. She almost destroyed his entire community over their feud, and she’s telling him that he’s the one at fault? He wasn’t having ANY of it.

“That’s it! I’m taking you down! Right here and Now!” He announced, with determination. Sorsirina felt angry as well, and she charged up a beam. The horns on the side of her neck lit up, and ray of electrical plasma shot out her featureless face. Samneo shot water like a fire hose, and it collided with her beam. The two held each other’s grounds--or in Sorsirina’s case, held her air, as the two were in a war of who’s beam was going to explode on who. Twilight Sparkle and everypony took notice in the fight, and recognized Samneo’s beam.

Meanwhile, in the crashed ship...

Silver had completed the separation gun, and Saverna had helped him along the way. They actually had already completed the gun, until Saverna told Silver that she had sensed Samneo breaking out, and thus the two had to rework retool the device slightly. The gun was going to have some parts in it, that would’ve broke down the stone, but now those parts were taken out. Saverna watched, as Silver sat in his chair, holding the device.

“How’re you feeling?” Saverna asked. Silver examined his legs, and smirked.

“Well, they’re fine, but It’s probably better that I stay off them for a little bit.” He stated. Silver then looked up at her. “Could I ride you too them?”

Saverna blushed slightly.

“Oh? I’ve never had anypony ride on top before. But I guess I have no choice. Hop on.” She said. Silver slowly, but surely, crawled onto her back. The two of them started walking towards the exit.

Voss still had Vorita pinned, as he stared at her. After a little while of trying, Vorita stopped, and relaxed. She turned her head, to look at Voss through the corner of her right eye. Voss panted, from how much effort he had to put into her, but nonetheless, he got her. Voss decided to take the time to ask her the question that was on his mind, ever since Fluttershy subdued Vorita in a way.

“I may ask, what do you think of the yellow one? Fluttershy, her name is.” Voss questioned. Vorita trailed off, and found herself feeling hopeless. It seemed like he was going to get answers one way or another.

“I-i uh... I don’t know...” Vorita stuttered. “I don’t know anymore... i-it’s just...”

Voss wasn’t satisfied with her answer, since he could connect the dots.

“You may say anything. If not, then admit it, you’re having second thoughts on yourself?” Voss guessed. Vorita closed her eyes, and sighed, knowing it can’t be helped. Vorita squirmed under him.

“I.. I guess... I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’ve grown reluctant. I don’t understand why I am starting to feel this way...” She confessed. Voss sighed through his nose.

“It’s alright. Fluttershy is helping you soften up, to where you’re better than ever before.” Voss replied. Vorita glared up at him.

“N-no! I don’t--...” She paused, and she thought about it. “Perhaps... you mean submissive?”

Voss grew silent, and was noticeably surprised at her response. He decided to play along, and he nodded.

“Yes... in your words.” He begun loosening up on her slightly, but he was still prepared for anything. Vorita smiled.

“Maybe Sam could just agree to have one last party... with us?” She proposed. Voss rubbed the back of his neck, and thought of it. Although he and Sam knew of each other, he never really paid close attention to Sam and Vorita’s relationship. For the longest time he always had a one-dimensional view on her, seeing her as only being Molgovon’s minion. Yet at the same time, he did remember once that after Sam nervously went along with Sorsirina’s crush, she introduced him to her siblings. But that was as far as he remembered. “... oh! Also, why not have Sorsirina turn Sam into a dragon and eat me?”

Now Voss was thrown through a loop. Just what in the holy mother of Celestia and Luna were they doing during those times!? He shook the thought away, and decided to just agree with her words. Vorita turned her gaze to the breath battle between Samneo and her big sister.

“Just maybe... I could also... maybe get to know this... what’shername again?” Vorita asked. Voss told her all about Fluttershy, as well as all of his friends. Vorita’s interest was peaked. “Oh? May I get to know her? Rainbow Dash, I mean?”

Voss nodded, and Vorita smiled.

“I guess. Although I’m a little sad that.. Sam was lying about his feelings to big sis... I can forgive him, a little...” Vorita stiffled. “Molgovon was not always like this... He would’ve held himself... but he tried to.. harm Rainbow, which made Samneo jump in the line... and even after, Molgovon still tried to harm Dash. I’ve always was told that Rainbow was a demon, but... from what you say, she sounds like a good pony, and Fluttershy, as well! Although... I would like to know them first, and if I grow to like them, then I’ll be a little more accepting to Sam’s choice...” She explained. Voss was suddenly reminded, and he looked to where Molgovon was. But when he looked, his heart stopped.

Molgovon was missing!

He was no longer unconscious on the ground. You would think Voss would’ve been able to sense him, much like how he was able to sense Sorsirina. But somehow Molgovon went under his radar. Now Voss was scared, and he, in a panic, scanned all around the area, but found no trace of his foe. Celestia only knew where he was now.

Speaking of which. Spike ran out, and met the two. Spike instantly noticed that Molgovon was missing.

“W-where’s the guy?” He asked, nervously. Voss was unnerved by this, but he tried his best to keep his composure.

“Did you call Celestia?”

“Yes, and she’s on her way.”

Samneo kept trying, feeling tears down his eyes as he held his breath--literally. Sorsirina and Samneo were still locked in their beam attacks, and which, Slaughter and Dark proceed to get close. But as they did so, an all too familiar entity was stalking up slowly. The figure lifted his red machete, and was about to strike.

Suddenly, Samneo’s left eye flashed blue, and his tail wrapped around Molgovon. Samneo’s right eye briefly flashed green, before he quickly stopped his breath, and ducked. Sorsirina’s plasma beam went over Sam’s head, and hit Molgovon in the face! The force of her attack was so immense, that Molgovon was not only flung back, but also he slipped out of Neo’s grip. Samneo swiftly ran, and he did a roll behind a nearby table.

Molgovon landed on his back, knocking the air out of him. He took a moment, before he roared in frustration. He was starting to hate being tossed around like a ragdoll in an explosion.

Samneo stood up, and balled his hands into fists. If he needed to take down both him and Sorsirina, than he and Neo were more than ready to take them all on. Sorsirina and Molgovon turned to him, and Molgovon glared. Samneo snarled like the threatened dragon he was, and his dorsal spines begun glowing. He then walked up to Molgovon, almost casually. Molgovon swung his sword, and Samneo dodged it, moving to the right. While he was walking and dodging Molgovon’s attack, Sam’s arm was starting to glow green. When Molgovon had missed, Sam’s eyes flashed, and he delivered a immense sucker punch to Molgovon’s gut. The foe’s eyes widened, as he backed away.

Samneo was about to face Molgovon, when Dark arrived behind his foe. Molgovon lifted his machete, when Sam started pointing behind him. Molgovon turned, and saw Dark pulling out his sword.

“You go after Sorsirina, I’ll take care of Molgovon!” Dark shouted. Samneo nodded, and ran towards Sorsirina. Dark eyed Molgovon, before the two came at each other.

Samneo stepped to the side, as Sorsirina’s beam hit the ground next to him. She kept missing him, until he jumped. Samneo’s left eye flashed again, and this time, Neo took the wheel of Samneo’s body. Neo ducked his head down, and shot water. Water begun propelling him off the ground, as if he was wearing a jet pack. Neo managed to get some good air, before he stopped. When he stopped, however, he was face to face with Sorsirina. Sorsirina grabbed onto Samneo, holding his sides, as Samneo landed some punches on her neck. She groaned, and she released his right side. As they battled, Sorsirina was turning her body, which conveniently gave her captives a view at what was going on. She tried to pull him away, but he used his tail to wrap around her lower half, which was cone shaped. Sorsirina, with the hand that released him, she used it to punch him in the side. He gasped, feeling the pain.

At this point, everypony were able to see them battle. Rainbow called out to Sam.

“Sam!? You’re alive!!” She gasped, in complete shock. Everypony else begun cheering on Samneo, which agitated Sorsirina, enough to make her hiss in rage. Sorsirina grabbed onto him with both hands, and lifted him up, before slamming him down. Sam hit the ground below, flat on his back.

Silver and Saverna were nearly there, almost through the woods. When she and him came to a clearing, she saw Sorsirina in the sky, looking down at something. There were seven ponies trapped in bright purple bondage, which were next to Sorsirina. Suddenly, a water beam hit her, and she screeched at whoever was down below. She flew down, and grabbed something. Once Sorsirina came at a height that Saverna could see, she saw that the sorceress was holding Samneo!

“Gasp! We need to hurry!” Saverna gasped, before she galloped towards Ponyville, with a speed that even surprised Silver. As they got closer, Silver held onto the device in hand. He watched the battle rage on, and he couldn’t help but think of how there was almost no strategy to this fight.

Sorsirina was above Samneo, and tried to squash Sam with her beams. Seeing how her beams weren’t working, she decided to create multiple plasma spheres, and pummel him with them. She charged up some orbs in her hands, as well as one on her face, and was almost ready to rain everything down. But then out of the blue...

Multiple, thick, strings of web, hit her left arm. As soon as she shifted her view, she was hit with more. The webs wrapped around her arms, and her neck. She was surprised at how strong they were, and that she was struggling. Because of this, she lost the focus on her plasma spheres, and thus they dissipated. Slaughter had come to Samneo’s rescue!

Everypony, as well as Samneo, followed the webs, and saw Slaughter in between two buildings. He had covered himself in multiple blankets, and stitched them up with web, which made him look like a snake-like scarecrow. Samneo gave him a thumbs up, and focused back on Sorsirina. Slaughter had then shot more webs, connecting the ones holding Sorsirina to the ground. Sorsirina pulled back at the webs, and she found it to be vary annoying.

Suddenly, Voss appeared behind Samneo, and grabbed him.

“What the--!?” Was all Samneo said, before Voss used his magic to send Samneo flying towards Sorsirina. Voss had misfired, slightly, in that Samneo was heading past Sorsirina’s neck. But Samneo was able to save himself by wrapping his tail around her, as well as his hand catching her throat. Samneo swerved around, and was now on Sorsirina’s back! “Alright, it’s spa time!”

Slaughter couldn’t help but crack up at that comment.

“What kind a taunt is dat!? Where did ya get that from? Your dad!?” He laughed. Samneo didn’t really care, and he was striking Sorsi’s back, with chopping motions. He varied his attacks more, by biting, scratching, and punching. Sorsirina was nothing but a noise machine as he did so. Then Samneo bit into her armor, which caused light to blind him. Sorsirina threw her head back, causing Sam to suddenly loose balance. He tried to catch himself with his tail, but he was slipping fast!

From his friends’ view, light was coming from the the area above Sorsirina’s shoulders. Then Sorsirina turned into blinding light. They closed their eyes, and turned their faces away. Samneo, Slaughter, and Voss covered, and closed, their eyes.

Dark was about to land the final strike on Molgovon, when the light happened. He covered his face, and so did Molgovon.

When the light dimmed, and became more tolerable, everypony slowly opened their eyes, and looked on with wonder...

Sorsirina was now different. Her armor came off, like the exo-skeleton of a cicada. She begun to float higher, and her new form was revealed to all.

Gone was the neck brace that prevented her from turning her head all the way, and was shown a neck with dorsal spines down her back. Her shoulders were now more obvious, and her arms were slimmer than before. Sorsirina’s body became slightly more curvy, and slim. She now had distinct hips, and had legs! Though her feet were just cone shaped points, they also appeared to have black stockings, which contrasted slightly to her milky, grayish white skin. Her dark purple armor started to squish, and reform itself into a skirt around her hips. She also started to form a corset around her abdomen, which started to form a breast piece on her chest. It was also made using her armor. Her arms were sleeker than before, and now formed white arm gloves, which ended with glittery silver rings on each glove.

The floating spikes she had before, had transformed completely. They now became large, almost angelic wings. Her antlers had split in the middle, and they each became something different. The front row curled, and became goat horns, while the other halves transformed into frills, that were slicked back, and feathered. Her face was now dragon-shaped, with her seemingly having no mouth! Though she did, the way it appeared seamless, it certainly made her appear kinda attractive to the employed squad, that which being Voss, Slaughter, and Dark.

The purple orb that was behind her, had sunk into her back, being a couple centimeters deep. Her wings were attached to nothing, but they looked as though they were connected to her back crystal through some invisible force.

In the center of her head, was a center horn, much like Samneo’s, except it was almost a pearl color, with a sparkly silver ring around it. Then ultimately, she opened her eyes. Her eyes were purple optics, violet irises, and bright pink pupils. She scanned her eyes across everypony around her.

Everypony, including some background ponies, stared in awe at her beauty. Though it seemed like she had no visible mouth, but they’ve had yet to see it. Sorsirina floated down, and her feet touch the ground. She looked around her, and then she examined herself. She grinned inside, as she saw how beautiful she looked. Samneo couldn’t help but admit how he liked her appearance, but then he realized something. She purposely took this form, knowing that he would fall for her like that. He couldn’t give this succubus the thought of him being vulnerable.

Unfortunately, she sensed it in Sam’s aura. Sorsirina smiled inside, feeling prideful of her new form. Samneo tilted his head down, and thought for a moment.

“Alright... Neocros. This might be our last fight.” He said thought. Neocros replied with a reassuring yes. Sam nodded to himself. “Okay, let’s do it!”

Samneo turned his head, and called for his partners.

“Okay boys, prepare for battle!” He waled. Voss nodded, and his antlers glowed. Dark’s arm became fiery, with a determined flame. Slaughter could feel his venom and web building in his mouth. The four of them were now prepared for the final showdown.

Samneo begun sprinting towards Sorsirina. Sorsirina then opened her mouth, which had stretchy, goopy flesh attaching to both jaws, almost like melted cheese on pizza. Samneo’s dorsal fins started to light up, and his mouth bubbled with water. Sorsirina started to hover with her wings, before she begun taking off upwards into the sky. Samneo was quick to jump, and grapple onto her. The two of them quickly started their fight, almost immaturely. Samneo locked onto her waist with his legs, and his tail wrapped around her legs. He tried to land a few punches, but Sorsirina dodged each one, that were aimed to her head. She was also simultaneously scratching him on different parts of his body, his back, thighs, shoulders, and the sides of his body. He gritted his teeth as he kept trying.

Dark watched as the two went higher into the sky, as he was almost drooling over the fight. He felt a certain presence though, which made him instinctively tilt his head to his right, in one fast motion. He turned his body, and grabbed Molgovon’s right arm, and swung the bad guy away from him, in one swift movement. Molgovon fell to the ground nearby, and he quickly picked himself up. Dark’s sword was aimed at Molgovon, and the foe blocked it with his machete. The two proceeded with another duel, as Dark’s allies deal with other things.

Voss was looking up at Samneo and Sorsirina, and he placed his hand on the side of his head. He placed his finger on where his ear would’ve been. He then spoke to Sam.

While Samneo and Sorsirina were still cat fighting, Samneo heard a voice in his mind.

“Hey, Sam? It’s me, Voss.”

Sam blinked.

“Woah, How’re you doing that!?”

“I’m using telepathy. Do you need help?”

“No, release my friends, and release everypony in town!” Samneo said out loud, as he growled at his ex taking hold of his neck.

Down below, Voss took Sam’s words, and he turned to his web shooting friend. Slaughter tilted his head, wondering why Voss wasn’t up there helping Sam.

“Hey Slaughter, help me free these ponies!” He commanded. Slaughter nodded, and proceeded to follow Voss to everypony who were suspended off the ground. Rainbow Dash watched as Voss floated up to her. He tilted his gaze down, and examined the chains around her. He grabbed the top half of them, and tried using his strength to break them. Unfortunately, it looked like the chains weren’t going to break that easily. Voss cursed to himself, as backed away. “Ugh. Those chains ain’t breakin’... perhaps...”

Voss looked over, and he scanned the perimeter of town. His eyes took notice of Vorita. Vorita was coming close to the scene, looking rather unsure of herself. Voss had to admit, he completely forgot about that girl. He decided to consult her for help.

“Vorita!” He called. Vorita instantly took notice, and she begun running over to where he and everypony were. As she went to Voss, she passed by Dark and Molgovon still battling. Molgovon saw Vorita run past Dark, and towards the others. Dark followed Molgovon’s gaze, and saw Vorita running. Dark was confused on what she was doing, but he couldn’t focus on that at the moment. He still had to take Molgovon down, and it feels like it’s going on for an eternity.

Voss and Vorita finally meet. Everypony are in complete shock.

“Voss! What’re you doing!?” Twilight protested.

“Relax, everypony! Fluttershy! Your stare worked!” Voss clarified. Fluttershy’s eyes widened. Vorita saw Fluttershy, and smiled.

“So you were the one? How?”

“O-oh, uhm... I stared at one of your spiderlings.. and I was afraid of how vicious they were...” Fluttershy explained. Vorita smiled, though she already knew it all. Voss looked at her, and pointed towards everypony’s chains.

“Can you break these binds?” Voss asked.

Sorsirina had managed to take Samneo to a great amount of height. Samneo hadn’t even noticed how high they were going, until they were above the clouds. Samneo hadn’t looked down, until he was forced to. When he looked down, he felt extreme anxiety hit him, as he then starts to grapple onto Sorsirina more, while also landing some punches. Sorsirina then managed to grab onto him, locking his arms to his sides. He grunted, as he tried to escape. But knowing how dire the situation was, he stopped.

“So... we’ve come to this.” Sorsirina begun her monologue. Samneo glared, and gritted his teeth.

“I suppose you’re doing well?” He asked, sarcastically. Sorsirina chuckled.

“Your sarcasm hasn’t diminished, has it not?” Sorsirina replied. Her wings flapped as the two remain above the stormy clouds. “Now then, pumpkin, time to eat your soul.”

She opened her mouth, but was unable to do anything, for that an oncoming attack came. Voss’ red beam hit her leg, which caused her to scream, and release Samneo from her grasp. He begun screaming as he was falling back first. Voss was not far below him, and was flying like a ghost.

“Sam! Bro, take my hand!” He said. Samneo turned his head, and shifted his body to where now he was skydiving. Voss flew up, and then followed him down. Voss grabbed on, and tried to help slow his fall. However, as thunder boomed, Sorsirina was not far above them. She was like an owl, stalking, and waiting to pounce onto her prey. Samneo turned up and looked above Voss with his left eye. Sorsirina was literally twenty meters above them, and was drawing closer.

“Uh... you might wanna start sky diving with me...”


“Behind you!” Samneo warned. Voss turned and looked, just in time to see Sorsirina coming towards them like a fighter jet. Voss gasped, and he had to throw Samneo down to the ground, and fly up to avoid Sorsirina’s swoop.

Vorita was able to bypass Sorsirina’s spell, with her own black magic. She broke the chains of Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and everypony. They also were in the process of freeing the residents. With most of the residents freed, Twilight told them to get to shelter, and they did so indeed.

As they were roughly a few people in, they hadn’t noticed Samneo falling from the sky. Samneo shouted to Rainbow. ‘

“RAAAINBOOOW!!! I’m fallin’!!” He waled. Rainbow Dash turned, and spotted him falling.

“Hang on Sam!” She began flying towards him, with speed that even surprised Sam. Samneo found himself uncertain if Rainbow was going to make it. However, his worries were washed when she wrapped her hooves around his shoulders. “Ngh! Man you need to lose some weight!”

“Yeah, I should...” He replied. She managed to slow his fall, and she lowered him to the ground. Rainbow released him from her hold, and the two of them looked at each other. Sam looked embarrassed, with him not having eye contact with his crush. “Uhm... I’m sorry, for this... I really didn’t want to say it now, but Molgovon just had to say it... I know you wouldn’t really be fund of it... and...”

“Sam.. you don’t have to apologize. Though yes, I’m not really into the whole lovey dovy thing.. I really think you’re generally a decent guy. And to me, you’ve proven your worth over the year so far.”

Before she could say more, they heard conflict above them. The sounds of beams and punches were heard in the clouds. The two looked up, and spotted Voss and Sorsirina. Sorsirina grabbed Voss, and begun flying towards the ground, with him underneath her. She was going to smash him back first into the ground!

As the two were looking up at the battling pair, everypony and Vorita was witnessing it as well. Vorita felt concerned for Sorsirina, but also unease. How was she going to react when she finds out that she was betrayed by Vorita? She didn’t know, but she couldn’t focus on it at the moment. As everypony watched on in horror, two figures came to the scene. They saw the two stop in their tracks. There was a lizard-like creature, riding on top of a tall unicorn. Twilight almost thought it was Celestia, until she saw that the unicorn had no wings, and her mane was different slightly, but was still swaying like Celestia’s. The lizard figure pulled out a large object out. He pointed it at Samneo, and then a green and blue orb came flying out of it. The unicorn’s horn lit up, and the orb then had a white, magical outline on it.

“Voss! Hold on!” Samneo was about to shoot water, when out of the blue, he and Dash heard a loud noise. It sounded like a small explosion, with a buzzing sound, and to add to the things it sounded like, it sounded like there was fire crackers in it. Samneo had no time to react, for that he was hit by a green and blue orb. He fell back, and released a loud. “OHF!”

Rainbow gasped, and quickly tried to stop Sam’s fall. However, she was unable to hold him up, thus he fell. As she held him, Sorsirina had came down, and smashed Voss into the ground next to her and Sam...


The sound of something breaking, was heard in Voss’ back. He couldn’t scream, as he felt something break inside. Sorsirina’s wings spread out, and begun flapping. She cleared the dirt that was kicked up into the air, as she tried to get a better look at Voss. When the dirt cleared, she saw Voss. He was unconscious, with him groaning.

“Uuuuugh... c’mon... buck...” Voss mumbled.

Rainbow Dash shook herself, after being hit with dirt. She opened her eyes, only to see Sam glowing. She witnessed Sam suddenly changing, as a glob begun to form on top of him. The glob moved away from the two, as Sam changed form. He shrunk, and shape shifted back into an Earth Pony. Rainbow Dash followed the glob, and saw it shape shift too. She watched it turn into a dragon. It looked almost the same as Samneo’s dragon form, except with a few differences. It had larger dorsal fins on top of his head, and a slightly shorter tail. The hair on the tip of the tail was bigger, and looked almost leaf-like, and the dorsal fins on his back grew smaller, to be almost half the size of the ones on his head. The most notable difference of all though, was the colors. He had slightly brighter hair, being only a few shades lighter than his predecessor, and his dorsal fins were now a trans grey color! Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened, as she was witnessing the reawakening of this dragon!

The dragon glowed a beautiful azure color. He opened his eyes, revealing his eyes to be a nice, bright, sapphire color. His tail wagged slowly, before he turned, and saw Rainbow Dash. Rainbow was paralyzed as she saw him. Dash remembered having a dream once, and that she remembered once seeing something like this form. She was doing her usual routine in her dream, when she came across Samneo, and wanted to have him help out with her battle against changelings. Sam had agreed, but his body suddenly changed, and a chunk of him was removed! Only for that chunk to reveal itself as the dragon, while Sam reverted back into an earth pony. The dream was before she was captured by the Actual changelings, so in a way, she felt as though the dream was showing her the future.

As she stared at the dragon, the dragon appeared almost curious of her presence. His ears flopped up and down, and his nostris moved slightly. Sorsirina turned her head, and saw the glowing creature before Rainbow Dash’s eyes. Sorsirina’s eyes widened. She was too late, Neocros was reawakened!

The dragon noticed something behind Rainbow, and she followed his sight. Sorsirina’s look of surprise shifted into one of anger. The sorceress’ mouth was now glowing with purple energy, ready to hit the dragon. But her action was interrupted by a blast to her face. The blast almost looked like a snow ball, but was brightly lit. Rainbow only saw it for a second, as the orb exploded on Sorsirina’s face. Sorsirina reeled back in pain, as she screeched at her sudden agony. Rainbow Dash then heard a voice.

“Hold it right there! Sorceress!” The voice sounded a bit like Dark’s, but was lighter in frequency.

She turned and looked, and saw the grey, lizard like creature approach Sorsirina. There was also the tall, glowing white unicorn next to the lizard. Her horn appeared to be lit with white magic. Voss couldn’t lift himself up, but recognized the voice. Voss shifted his head slightly up, and tried to look at the familiar figure.

“About freaking time! Ya lazy bass!” Voss insulted. “How in the hey did you get here, Silver!?”

Silver was holding a silver object in his right hand, while his left hand held a larger one, with similar shape. The glowing unicorn had enchanted Silver’s bullet with her magic, and was able to give him the proper boost against Sorsirina. Silver had managed to be healed enough to keep himself up. Sorsirina hissed, as she looked at the two, only to receive another blast at Silver’s weapon. Sorsirina was flung back this time, knocking her off Voss, and allowing him to roll away for a few seconds. Silver and the unicorn came up to Voss.

“Well, I was side tracked.” Silver said, with a matter-of-fact expression on his face. “I also had to work on this device here.”

“Woah, what kinda gun is that!?”

“Me and my friend here, used it to separate Sam and Neo. I hope you like it.” Silver replied. Silver outstretched a hand, for Voss to grab. Voss tried to grab his hand, only to wince at the pain he felt in his back.

“Bro.. my back might be broken! You gonna have t’ fight without me!”

“No.” The unicorn said. “Let me heal that back of yours.”

She pressed her hoof on Voss’ shoulder, and a white aura surrounded him. Suddenly, Voss’ back didn’t feel any pain at all. He couldn’t help but crack a smile at the unicorn.

“Thanks...” He thanked, as he rolled, and stood up. He wobbled slightly, which made Silver grab onto him. Voss was held up by his ally, and he gave Silver a thumbs up.

Rainbow Dash watched as the three appeared to greet each other.

“Uhm... what are you?” Rainbow asked. The three turned, and saw Rainbow. As they did so, everypony approached them. Slaughter and Dark also came up to them. They were all wondering what these new comers were.

“Who’re you guys?” Twilight questioned. The unicorn glanced to Twilight, and smiled, warmly.

“I am Saverna. This is my assistant, Silver.” Saverna explained. As she did so, she noticed something going on behind Rainbow Dash. The dragon was looking at Molgovon, who had sneaked up on the group. Saverna panicked. “GASP! Watch out son!”

She shot a beam of magic at Molgovon, causing him to fly back. The magic was pure light, which burned Molgovon, as well as his cloak. The dragon looked, and turned to Saverna.

“Oh.. sorry for that outburst. I must introduce you, to the new comer of this world!” Saverna then outstretched her hoof, and was about to give a speech, when Silver lowered her hoof.

“Samneo?” Twilight rose an eyebrow, as the newly formed dragon. He tilted his head, blinked. Rainbow Dash felt something shift in her arms, making her look down. She saw Sam coming to, and waking up.

“Woah, Sam! You’re awake!” Rainbow Dash lifted him up a bit.

“Oh... wha...? What happened...? Why am I... turned back to a pony...?” He asked. He sat up, and rubbed his forehead. The dragon walked up to him, and tilted down to inspect him. Sam felt eyes on him, and looked up at the dragon. He gasped, and squirmed. “Neocros!?”

Neocros tilted his head, and blinked.

Saverna tapped Silver’s shoulder, and gestured him to go. Silver nodded, and walked over next to Neocros.

“Rejoice! The reawakened Neocros rises again! Bio specs include; enhanced sight, customizable interface, and adaptable dorsal fins. Neocros The Water Dragon also is equip to face dangers ahead, with the Phase System! But you’ll have to grow with him in order to find out how that works. Anyways, Neocros’ origins are unknown, but can feel things they have seen before, and remember them. Neocros is also capable of doing great things--if you give him a chance--of course!” Silver explained. Although it wasn’t the best he could give, he felt as though he did something that was passable. Everypony were whispering to themselves, as Neocros stood there, slowly waving his hand.

“Uk...” Neocros uttered nervously.

“Uh... Sam? Did you know about Neocros?” Rainbow asked. Sam and Neocros glanced at her, in which, Sam nervously rubbed his left leg.

“Oh.. well...”

“Yesh.. he did.” Neocros attempted to speak, but for some reason his words were somewhat hindered by the fact that he hadn’t spoken physically at all for the past year. Rainbow Dash rose her eyebrow, at how bizarre Neocros sounded. He sounded like he was speaking gibberish, but somehow is able to say stuff that she understood. “... anck I...”

He was unsure what to do, and he felt like he might be alienating her. Rainbow Dash blinked, which made him concerned even more. It seemed like Neocros was able to tell she was not feeling so great, which resulted in his look to go down. He leaned his head down, and he seemed saddened by her nature.

“I bet you two will grow.” Saverna said.

“Uh... I’m a little confused, could you maybe explain a bit?”

“Neocros has been inside Sam this whole time, and without him, Sam wouldn’t have survived Dark and Slaughter’s lashing.” Saverna replied. Sam immediately jumped out of Rainbow’s hooves, and faced Saverna.

“Y-you knew about that!?” He protested. “How!?”

Saverna smiled slightly.

“I know everything about you, and it was me who told you to go to the spacecraft, which belonged to Silver.” Saverna said.

“Oh, no wonder your voice is so familiar.”

“However, since I foresaw Chrysalis’ arrival, I have to knock you out--but don’t panic. You were protected by my power, so Queen Chrysalis couldn’t kidnap you as well. You see, she was interested in your ability to use Neocros, so she wanted you to be captured along with the others. But since you were under my power, she couldn’t take you with the others. I also placed a curse on her, and her warriors, to where she couldn’t mention your name--for that if she did, she’d be rained with misfortune. She mentioned you when she was in the process of cocooning your friends, remember?”

Sam nodded.

“Because of that, she was hit with the misfortune of losing her entire hive.”

“Ooh, I see.” Starlight chimed in. “So that’s why Queen Chrysalis didn’t mention Sam during my adventure.”

“Correct. Although Sam and Rainbow have formed a connection, Neocros was the one who gave Sam the emotions to love Rainbow in the first place.”

“Heh, there’ll be time for that. Right now, we gotta finish this battle.” Silver pointed out, as he was pointing at the now waking Sorsirina. Sorsirina then lifted herself up, and hissed at the group. The group turned around, and faced Sorsirina.

“UGH! I’ve had it with you two!!” Sorsirina said, with disgust. Neocros and Rainbow turned to her. Neocros looked at Rainbow, and then at Sorsirina. Neocros’ sadness changed to that of defense.

“Noh. we’ve had itt whith you!” He said, with glowing blue fire in his eyes. “and righft now I can SPEAK NOW!”

Neocros’ voice was now more easy to sound. Sorsirina stood up to her full height, as she tried to tower over Neocros. Sorsirina gestured Neocros to come closer.

“Come here boy.” She said. Neocros stepped up to her, with Saverna warning him. Sorsirina was hiding something though, behind her back, the orb that fused into her body, created a small dagger in her left hand. Sorsirina smiled. “There we are. I’d just say right now, you weren’t suppose to wake up. Otherwise, Armageddon would come... Destruction will rain from the skies, and nothing uncleanness will be the norm...”

“You’re lying.” Saverna snapped.

Sorsirina hissed for possibly the eight-hundredth time, before she pulled out her dagger, and attempted to stab Neocros. Due to not having the baggage of his former partner, Neocros was able to swiftly step to the left, avoiding her blade. He turned, and pushed her, causing her to stumble away. Sorsirina growled, as her dagger suddenly extruded, and transformed into a staff. The staff had the dagger on the top of the pole, while there was a small cube at the end of the other end. The cube was intended to be as blunt as possible.

Neocros’ tail swished back and fourth, like a snake. His nostrils blew out steam, as his back dorsal spines were now glowing grey.

Molgovon walked up next to Sorsirina, and smirked. Vorita wasn’t far behind, but she stopped in her tracks. Sorsirina noticed, and turned to face her. Vorita was standing a few feet away from her right, and was seemingly stepping closer to the middle.

“Vorita? What’re you doing?” She asked. “Don’t tell me your..”

“Uhm... why can’t we stop fighting?” Vorita asked. Sorsirina rose an eyebrow, and Molgovon’s face instantly grew agitated.

“What do you mean? THEY’RE YOUR ENEMIES!” Molgovon yelled. Vorita shuttered, as she felt that. “You need to play your role, in eating the six ponies behind you!”

Vorita turned around, and faced everypony, before she faced her siblings. Molgovon lifted his arm, with his hand balled into a fist. Sorsirina was looking at him at the corner of her eye.

“Vorita. You’re not plotting to join them, are you!?” Molgovon protested. Sorsirina laid her hand on Molgovon’s arm.

“Lower your voice, Molgovon.” She sneered. Sorsirina glanced at Vorita. “What do you plot to do to them?”

“U-uh... uhm...” Vorita wasn’t sure how to say it, without sounding like weak. Neocros stepped up next to her.

“She wants you to not continue this feud any longer.” Neocros said. Everypony was silent, and Vorita was scared. “Don’t be scared, Vorita.”

He said, resting his hand on her shoulder. He glanced at the duo in front of them.

“She just wants you to move on, or at the least--be more open to peace.”

“Ngh.. I’d accept peace, IF Sam would come back to me!” Sorsirina snarled. Neocros turned his gaze to the ground, in thought.

“I see. You’re still bitter about Sam, and I see that. But you also need to realize, that he isn’t going to change his mind. You could be a thousand feet tall, hypnotize, and enslave, and Sam will still say no. For that he resists, because he wishes to move on.” Neocros explained. Sam was starting to approach the four of them. He looked fascinated at Neocros’ words, and how he felt like Neocros must be more than meets the eye. Then he shifted his gaze to Sorsirina. Her face started to soften slightly. “If you can’t move on from Sam... then perhaps, you two should apologize to each other. I wish for the two of you to be able to heal from this. Unfortunately, I don’t think you will... but I believe you’re capable of more than what you present to all.”

As Neocros spoke, Vorita felt almost safe in Neo’s aura.

“Because of the toxicity of the two of you, it’s starting to take a toll on Vorita. Not only that, but Sorsirina... you’ve embarrassed yourself to everypony here. They don’t see any light in you, because of your anger, and your lust to make Sam into your king.” Neocros lowered his hand off Vorita, and begun to walk slowly towards Sorsirina. “But I think that there’s light, at the end of the tunnel. You deserve more than this, and personally... I believe that it’ll be better, and wiser, to consider how Vorita feels about this.”

Now Sorsirina felt like something was starting to click. Although she doesn’t one-hundred percent trusted Neocros, but as she considers his words, the more she finds cracks in her world view. Because of her now expanding thoughts, the more she felt like she had her tail between her legs. Sorsirina chewed on Neocros’ thoughts more and more, and she couldn’t help but think that her plans sound... almost silly in a way. She thought that making Sam change his mind felt childish, and that she... wait.

She found herself conflicted, as her own feelings were fighting the thoughts. Neocros and Vorita looked at each other, before he looked at Molgovon. Molgovon was silent, and his head was facing the ground, hiding his face. He turned to Sorsirina.

“Are we going to destroy Neocros, or what?” He asked, with a vary stern tune. Sorsirina felt almost paralyzed about the thought of changing Sam’s mind. However, she started to focus on her other plan, which failed. The plan of keeping Neocros asleep. She started to find commend ground with her thoughts and feelings, and she turned her gaze towards Neocros.

“I must object on this. Sorsirina, I’ve seen you being told that Neocros was going to cause arbageddon. He will not, and you’ve been lied to.” Saverna said. She came up next to Vorita.

“What!? No! You don’t know anything! All you know is them!”

“Is that so? How would I know that Vorita secretly wanted to eat you.” Saverna retorted. Vorita gasped, and looked up at the unicorn with annoyance.


Sorsirina felt like she couldn’t win this, yet at the same time, she felt like she was in the right. With the exception of Sam and her desire to make him an incubus, she felt like she knew that Neocros was a bad omen, however, considering what Saverna just demonstrated... She knew her world view was crumbling down, and so she thought...

If all else fails, run, and she did. Sorsirina quickly floated into the sky, with her wings flapping. She sped off, and away from Ponyville, mentally sobbing inside, unsure how to think. Everypony watched her fly away. Suddenly, the chains that bound the remaining captured ponies, suddenly their chains dissipated. Everypony begun standing up, and they came to Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and everypony involved in the fight. The stormy clouds lifted, and the moon shined down.

“Hey! You--” Sam was about to gallop after her, when he’s stopped by Neocros.

“Let her go, she’ll change. She just needs some time alone.” He said. Vorita nodded.

“Yes. I’ll go, and I’ll try and help her understand.” Vorita announced. Saverna walked over to her, and nodded.

“Then I will follow with you.” Saverna said. “Though I can be a bit slow, so I’ll catch up.”

With that, Vorita ran off, to follow Sorsirina. As they watched Vorita run off, Rainbow Dash saw Molgovon at the corner of her eye, sneaking away vary quietly.

“Hey!” Rainbow called out. “Molgovon!”

Molgovon turned, before he bolted. He ran towards some nearby buildings, in hopes of escaping the scene. He didn’t want to fail at his own plans, and seeing that Sorsirina is gone, he’s out of options. Suddenly, just before he could go in between to buildings, Voss appeared within the shadows of both buildings. His red eyes glaring at Molgovon. Molgovon turned, and tried to run, only to find he was surrounded by Everypony. He cursed to himself.

“No... You’ll both feel pain, when I escape!” Molgovon’s machete glowed, and his eyes began glowing red again, after being pitch black for a while. Sam and Neocros walked up to him.

“That so? Well, I got news for ya, we’re about to make you cry while you run.” Sam smirked. Neocros crossed his arms.

“You will also be ridiculed by everypony here, and beyond!”

Molgovon growled, as he clutched his machete. He was so focused on the duo in front of him, he hadn’t noticed Silver sneaking up behind him. Silver had a pair of hand cuffs in his hands, and he was not afraid to use them. Silver grabbed Molgovon’s wrist, and tried to cuff him. Molgovon was taken by surprise, but he wasted no time in resisting. Molgovon grabbed Silver, and threw him at the duo.

Sam and Neocros caught Silver, and the two faced him.

“Alright, let’s get em’!” Sam called. With that, everypony tried to get a chance to teach Molgovon who’s boss. Voss quickly shot Molgovon’s back with a red beam, provoking him to turn around. Silver managed to sneak in a shot on Molgovon’s back. He roared as Silver’s gun fired at his back. Sam charged at Molgovon, like a battering ram. Molgovon was hit by Sam, causing him to stumble a bit. Molgovon wasn’t going to get thrown off so easily, so he held Sam’s back with on hand, while preparing to strike with his blade.

Suddenly, web struck his machete-wielding hand, and his hand was being dragged by Slaughter. Molgovon growled, as he was being tag teamed. Molgovon began receiving more of Voss’ beam.

Rainbow Dash swooped in, and kicked his back, resulting him to fall face first into the ground. Twilight Sparkle took this chance to shoot a ray of magic at Molgovon, trying to add more damage to Molgovon’s health bar in a way. She then grabbed him with her magic, and lifting him off the cold earth.

“Applejack! Quick!” She called. Applejack tipped her stetson, and galloped towards her target.

“You said it.” Applejack then swiftly turned around. She leaned towards her front half, and she kicked Molgovon square in the face! The timing was perfect, in that, as Molgovon was held by Twilight, Dark came rushing in, and he punched Molgovon’s back, with his fiery arm. Slaughter then proceeded to gesture his hands to Twilight, signalling her to throw Molgovon at him.

“Twi! Twi! Hit me! Hit me!” Slaughter said. “Throw him t’ me! Throw em’ t’ me!”

Twilight noticed Slaughter, and nodded. She then threw Molgovon towards Slaughter, to which, Slaughter shot him with web. Slaughter stepped aside, and allowed his web to tug at Molgovon’s flying body. Slaughter started to spin himself around and around. As he did so, Molgovon’s body, who was attached to the web, was spinning around and around with him. Slaughter then released Molgovon, making him go flying towards the ground next to the group.

Molgovon was knocked unconscious by Applejack’s kick, so when he woke up, he was only awake for a few seconds, before he slammed onto the floor. He felt the air knocked out of him. Now he was angry.

Sam and Neocros ran up, and the two did a double slam on Molgovon. Sam had his hoof, and Neocros’ fist together, and they slammed the two into Molgovon. Molgovon rolled across the ground, and coughed. Neocros immediately stopped Sam in his tracks. Sam was going to go for more, when Neocros stopped him.

While that went on, Voss looked at Applejack.

“Hey, girl, that kick you did earlier seemed to do well. Do ya think you could do it again?” Voss asked. But then Silver walked up to Sam and Neocros, which made Voss sigh. “Well there goes that plan.”

“What was the plan?”

“That maybe I could throw you towards the guy, and you deliver a rather nasty kick to him IN MIDAIR.” He replied.

Silver walked up to Molgovon, and rolled him onto his belly. He placed his hand cuffs on Molgovon’s wrists, connecting his wrists together. Molgovon was still semi-unconscious, due to multiple things, so he didn’t pay too much mind to the cuffs. Silver then pulled out something from his waist belt, and stuck it into the back of Molgovon’s neck. Molgovon felt the pain, and he winced. Silver had taken out a syringe, and was now sucking some of Molgovon’s powers out. Silver kept going, until the syringe was full. Molgovon was now completely powerless.

Silver grabbed the mad man’s arms, and pulled him up. Silver turned to everypony.

“Justice is served.” He said. Everypony cheered, and were applauding at Molgovon’s defeat. Molgovon fully came to, and growled.

“I’ll come back!” Molgovon protested. “And Neocros will be destroyed!”

“Yeah yeah, tell it to the judge.” Silver said, and he begun pulling Molgovon away. Twilight came up to Saverna, and asked her a question.

“Where’s he taking him?”

“Don’t worry, Molgovon will be put on Silver’s spaceship, and he’ll fly away with the prisoner. That way, we won’t have to worry about that guy ever again.” Saverna replied. Sam and Neocros looked at each other, seeing that they have won. Rainbow Dash proceeded to fly over to them, and they look up at her.

“So.. uh... I thought I’d answer some questions...”

“You have a crush on me?” Rainbow questioned. Sam rubbed the back of his neck.

“W-well... yes and no... well yes, I did start to form feelings for you... but it started from Neocros... Neocros was the one who told me to be drawn to you...” He explained. Neocros and Rainbow Dash look at each other.

“So... you had feelings for me?” Rainbow asked. Neocros looked towards the ground, feeling anxious.

“U-uhm... y.... ye....”

Sam decided to interrupt.

“How about we deal about this later? We have to clean up, don’t we?” Sam said. Rainbow and Neocros look at eachother for one more time, before they both nod their heads. It seemed like they won... for now.

Author's Note:

Finally finished this son of a bitch. I’m sorry it took a little bit, but it’s finally done. I did it, I finally got this story done!!

Tbh, if you ask me, this finale was pretty flawed, in that I felt like the only payoff was seeing Sorsirina get schooled by Neocros, and everypony defeating Molgovon, pretty much beating the shit out of him.

Another small flaw I’ve noticed with this entire finale, and that Starlight barely had a role in the first part, yet she plays is mentioned in part 2. Honestly, this was a mistake I made while making part 1, in that I was so busy rushing through the battle at the end of that part, I completely forgot Starlight Glimmer.

Honestly, I felt like this entire ending was both underwhelming, and pretty saddening. But I finally finished it...