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Starlight was wandering around, when a comet hit the ground nearby. She went to investigate, and found a stallion laying unconscious there. Starlight brought him inside Twilight’s Castle, and soon strange events begun to unfold...

Set during Season 6.

Note: The sex tag is only there because it's brought up in conversation.

Also to mention; there’s some hints of romance.

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Looking very good so far!

So Samneo has a dark persona within his psyche?

yeah... it’s complicated...

Welp, came back from a discord server, now I have to re-think some stuff here... sorry.

UPDATE: Well, there won’t be a whole lot of re-writes, but It’ll certainly be a little different than the originals.

Wow I didn’t expect to read the whole story in 1 section so far I think slaughters web is the best chapter i loved it I can’t wait for the next chapter

Hey, thanks for commenting! I appreciate the feedback, and I also appreciate you faving this story!

As for next one, you should expect the next one in a few more days, possibly next weekend(If I slack off by accident). But I believe I can get it done by December twinty-third :twilightsmile:

I once again thank you for giving me some much needed feedback! I apologize if the response was longer than u thought

What a great Christmas present I loved it great work

Thank you!! Merry Christmas!

I fel like this one was a bit rushed like it ist complete yet I guess I call it a bonus or sub chapter to at a corner any way I still liked it keep up the good work

Yeah, It was actually meant to keep going for another scene; but I felt that the scene wasn’t really that great. But anyways, thanks for the feedback

I just read the hole fanfic again because I was bored

Uhm... hope that cured your boredom :twilightsmile:

May I ask 9th chapter is going? Or have you lost interest in writing or you could just have been really busy

Writer’s block bitten me again.. :raritydespair:

I don’t really know what that means what I think that it means is when you start on something and never finish it like I think I have over 100 drawings that I haven’t finish the last time I open my drawing program was in 2018 but then my morale was really low because everyone asked me to draw porn all the time


writer's block
/ˌrīdərz ˈbläk/
the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

I’m sorry that everyone’s asking you to draw porn :ajsleepy:

Wow I really liked this one at the beginning I was a bit confused but that could be because I haven’t reed the previous chapter in a month my favorite part was was when Voss grabbed them all and left Sam alone and the fighting was amazing the ending felt really rushed but I understand when you have been siting on this for 5 months and just want to be done so was it worth the 5 month wait for sure 11/10

Thank you! :pinkiehappy: What do you think of the newest chapter: Failure?

It was good it gives you a deeper understanding of the bad guys

It was good I don’t know what more to say what I’m really excited about is when Sam will tell Rd that he’s in love with her and I’m also excited about the 5 memory orb

I have read a bit I can’t reed anymore because I don’t have time if you wonder where I’m been is that I have been camping with some friends and family

It’s okay, take your time. You’ve been camping? Sounds nice!

This was so good I’m speech less I guess I say that the ending favorite part because it left me wanting more it

Thanks! I’ll be getting back to working on the second part, once I’ve done a few things on dA

i don’t know what to say really and it’s 04:40 so I’m really tired It was amazing at the start and middle the ending Was a bit disappointing to me but I’m happy and I’m hoping to see more from you in the future goodnight

Thank you. I thought the ending was disappointing too, but thank you for enjoying it!

Also, I’ve recently made an Epilogue chapter, to hopefully give a little bit more for an ending.

The Monk sat down and began listening to the story. The Monk began noticing something interesting about the writers writing style. The Monk realized that he had begun counting the times the name Sam was repeated. The Monk smiled and went over to the Monks keyboard. Giggling, the Monk decided to ask the Author a question.

"So, is the name of your character..............Sam?"

Just a little silly constructive criticism. 😋

The Monk
"Knowledge is power and power corrupts, so study hard and be evil." - Reykan

This was a much better is that I word sorry that might be Swedish combined with English I haft to go now so I don’t miss the bus home

I have reed around half of it I don’t want to read more because this made me a bit bored and confused I feel like this was the ending credits that most people skip and can you tell me what turquoise is I never seen that word before

Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have released the cut content first. Also, I am truly sorry about this. I’ll be considering on unpublishing this chapter, in case anyone’s up for that. 😓

Yes, the character’s name is Sam, and his name will actually receive a change in the future. But thanks for the critique, sir. 😶

No Problem,

Ive been listening to this story on and off, pretty much all day. So far I like it.

As for the way over use of the character name, thats a very common issue for newer writers and it will correct itself as you grow as a writer. Writing is much like Artwork, or playing an instrument, you improve through practice.

Keep up the good work.

The Monk
“What else to do? How did people survive boredom in olden times? ... Oh yeah, lots of stabbing." -RushyFiction

Thank you for the advice! I hope you enjoy this story. I’ll be releasing the sequel soon, once I get a contest story done for a contest here. I’ll definitely try to use the character’s name a little less often in the next one.

Also, like the quote :twilightsmile:


tell me what turquoise is

No problem.

In the USA, colors are cut into two groups. Men colors and Women colors. Here, men only have 6 colors. Men have red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange. All other colors are a mix of the two. For example, a man would say that it was "greenish-blue".

Women have 256 individual colors, each with their own name. For example, turquoise, mauve, puce, magenta, cerulean, and sea-foam.

Here in the US, men who want to be designers often take a additional university classes, such as "Introduction to Womens Colors, and Advanced Womens Colors. As well as Womens Color Theory. Without these courses, the Male student is often lost.

To answer your question, "turquoise" translated into Man, is Greenish-Blue.

Fun Fact, The ability to study or identify the color Sea-Foam, requires a an additional University Degree in Physics, specifically string theory.

The Monk
Her hands were still bound with rope, she debated an escape before all the stupidity gave her an aneurysm. -Scarheart

I unpublished the cut content chapter, due to some confusion all around. I thought people would like to see some of the unused concepts that were cut from the story...

Thanks for the feedback! I find this ending to be a bit better than before, and it’s definitely a much more solid conclusion now.

Thanks! I’ve read your entire review, and I do agree with all your points. After reading it, I sort of now have an idea on what to improve upon in the sequel story: Neocros Adventures.

I’ll probably explain more in PM, but hopefully the sequel will be a bit more enjoyable compared to Samneo.

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