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Sunset feels she should return home, to Equestria, to set things right between herself and Celestia. Only every time she starts to go through the portal, she chickens out and can't do it. She constantly admits her fears to her new friends, and writes about it to Twilight. They have all finally convinced her to return.

What awaits her...is not what she expected.

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I'm guessing you haven't watched Forgotten Friendship?

Whoops...I forgot about that one! Thanks for reminding me!

Unfortunately, Sunset redemption stories are as bad as Human In Equestria and Displaced, and as overdone. So that didn't help.

And of course, Hasbro already did it 100% better in Forgotten Friendship, by removing ALL the angst and guilt tripping the fandom demanded and wrote, as if Hasbro would do it.

So, yeah, This story was sunk twice over before it even began. But I did like it.

I'm also guessing this has nothing to do with my fic with a very similar premise from just a little while back that we talked about yesterday? :twilightsmile:

Yeah, Forgotten Friendship was amazing for that Sunset and Celestia interaction! Some (like me) view it as Sunset getting off too easy and not being able to put her guilt behind her, so there's still some stories there to be told. (For me they were ones that involved spankings, but I'm weird. :twilightblush:) But overall, yeah, as a concept it's as tired as "Will Sunset stay in EqGverse when the girls graduate" and like you said, every displaced/hie/anon fic ever.

I assure it does not xD It was purely inspired by the cover art. Plus I had no intent of any actual punishment whatsoever. I might have gone there, though, had you not already covered that in your fic. :twilightsmile:

But that would appear as copycatting you had I done it anyway. Lol

Always confess your wrongdoings to Celestia. She will try to make it a teachable moment. Trying to say you deserve to be punished in front of Luna would likely result in: “We know not what thine has done to deserve such treatment but we shall not stand in thine way. Servants! Fetch the rod of flagellation!”

Dang it. Now I want to write this from Luna's perspective and have Sunset appeal to her. Lol I could totally work with that. :rainbowlaugh:

Sunny: Celestia refuses to do anything and she just smiles and hugs and forgives everything and I feel like shit
Luna: Hold my cider.

Why can I see that happening? :rainbowlaugh:

Luna: Come here
Sunny: errr...what are you doing...?
Luna: What my sister will not.
Sunny: what, exactly?
Luna: magically puts her over her knee
Sunny: ...oh shit

Fanfic idea. Isseus and RoyalBardofCanterlot approved, I presume? :twilightsmile:

Sometimes a good spanking is beneficial to one's mental health.

This story brought tears to my eyes.

Forgotten Friendship did this, but your take was still wonderful.

Yes Forgotten Friendship did but they didn't put much emotion into it sadly, they didn't really have time. This feels like a more extended version of that but, but it's not a bad thing.

I approve. Bard would too. Now get to it.

Challenge accepted I shall attack the task posthaste.

In other words, I will likely have it done within 24 hours or less. :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Yea, Forgotten Friendship glossed over the forgiveness too quickly.

Not gonna lie, the fic is slightly ruined by the image, with Sunset in the image to be more specific. Like is she crying with her eyes open? if so why is she staring backwards?

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