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"Everything in the world is either coffee or not coffee."


Twilight has a single, simple desire after she awakes one day: she wishes to have a cup of coffee.

Is that too much to ask?

Apparently. Because the universe seems to be determined to prevent it.

Hilarity will ensue.

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Damn you Murphy :twilightoops:

As a fellow coffee drinker, I feel this so hard

So close! Maybe next time Twi.

Her bed, of course, did not seem to approve, and apparently neither did her blanket, for both of them conspiratorially attacked her, the blanket tangling around one hind leg and flopping her back over into the warm and comfortable embrace of her mattress while her soft pillow wrapped around half of her head and seemed to whisper suggestively into her ear that she should stay right where she was.

This is a mood.

What I'm getting from this is that Twilight is in fact Hudson Hawk, just with less thieving and more pratfalls.

I thought that near the end it would be a Double Subversion.

That the narration was deliberately built to make us think, that something bad would happen to the coffee/Spike, but that it would be a "sike!" moment, and nothing bad would happen after all.

:rainbowwild: Alas, apparently, not.

Ri2 #7 · May 27th · · ·

So, did she kill Spike for that?

Nahhh. XD it wasn't Spike's fault. The rug did it. Lol


Universe 1
Twilight 0

SRY #12 · May 27th · · ·

A true coffee fiend would be sucking the sweet nectar of life off the desk anyways.

All I can say is, "I'm glad I'm not her"... as I sit here reading this... drinking my cup of coffee. :rainbowwild:

I don't drink coffee, but funny enough this is me with donuts. :rainbowlaugh: I always keep a box in my cupboard.

Someone was cultured enough to know that movie as well. I am now not alone.

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