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=Based off the end scene of "The Last Roundup", MLP Season 2 Episode 14=

Y'know how Twilight tried to tell Dash she should go after Rarity and Pinkie after they got knocked out of the wagon? Dash's comment? "They knew what they were getting into!!"

So they got left to find thier own way home and Rarity was far from happy about it. On thier return, she storms over to give Dash a very large piece of her mind.

Yeahhhhhh...Dash really should have gone back.

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Yeah, that's taking things a bit far, even for Rarity
A day would be far more reasonable

1. Nopony else saw Dash doing the modeling.
2. Rarity did something to make Dash feel better after.

I actually think it might be fun if this were to get a followup where it turns out that all of the dresses Rarity had Dash model were ones she'd actually like, and her real revenge was just making Dash squirm a bit

Trollarity? Nah doesn't have the same ring as trollestia

:moustache: What's the problem ?
:rainbowhuh: DUH, Look at me
:duck: Yes, let us look. . .
:rainbowdetermined2: I , I look. . .
:moustache: Like a mare
:rainbowlaugh: So do you!
:moustache: What? I get to eat gems after this
:raritywink: and some of my ice cream


This was very cute to read, I needed a nice laugh.

An hour later found Applejack and Pinkie dragging a very relunctant Rainbow to the boutique.

"No! Put me down! I'm not doing this! Let me go!"

How did two ground bound ponies nab a fast Pegasus?

Seeing Rarity flip-out in anger is just too funny.

Good memories. Been re-watching the old show, have you?


How did two ground bound ponies nab a fast Pegasus?

It's a "Pinkie Pie" thing. Don't question it.

They knew I'd have my revenge. They didn't know when. They didn't know where. They didn't know how, but they knew. The very thought of it kept them on edge, kept one eye open at night, kept them jumping at shadows. To this day, they remember my threat of vengeance.

I've had, and continue to have my vengeance. They don't know it, and I'm not about to tell them. It feels so good to watch them squirm.

Isn't vengeance sweet?

(Not the exact thing, but the general idea. I was reminded of this kind of vengeance by your mention of watching Rainbow squirm being the real revenge.)

Predictable punchline.

"Pft. Not by much. You can fix it."
"Are you making light of this?!?" Rarity was livid.
"Uhhhh, lemme think...yep!" Rainbow grinned.
"Uh oh..." Twilight mumbled.

I agree with Twilight on this one.

"And Ah reckon Pinkie an' me will go track down Rainbow Dash an' tell her Rarity ain't gonna kill her." Applejack adjusted her Stetson.

You can't do that, AJ.
I mean, you are the element of Honesty...

"Yeppers!" Pinkie piped up. "Buuut she might yell and scream and be all super duper mad and throw something or do horrible stuff to you like tie you up and tickle torture you with a feather!"

Of couse that is what Pinkie would think of.


How did two ground bound ponies nab a fast Pegasus?

Let me give you an hint:

I loved this story. Very much would fit into the show.

Comment posted by Eddy13 deleted Sep 17th, 2019

Especially with "Chimmycherry, Cherrychunga".

It was what Pinkie was prattling on about on the way back to Ponyville.

I had a feeling it was going to involve Rainbow being forced to do something like dress up. That's the last thing she'd want. A few errors here and there, and it didnt make me laugh too much besides in a few places but not bad at all.

In the description it’s their

Short, sweet and funny. XD

Rarity really does have the ultimate revenge fallback for two of the elements.

https://youtu.be/QR92Tmzmqdw Hey, I did a reading of this back in November if anyone's interested! :D

He did and I recommend listening! It was a fantastic job!

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