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What the caribou is in equestria now what the heck is going on

I hope Spike doesn't have the same vision as his tainted traitorous mother.

can't wait for the next story

Emperor Strong Snow recognizes Spike as a legitimate son of continuing his legacy, rather than his own offspring ( who always admired dragons). I think we did not see the signs in the story was smart and good, I took it by surprise.

I was surprised with plot twist. Yes like surprise

Comment posted by tx-300 deleted Sep 12th, 2019

I very much enjoyed the veil/harem outfit fetish you had present in this doc, especially with how risque and lewd you made them. You would happen to know of any art featuring such outfits, would you, aside from the cover art? I only know of one or two featuring Cadance.

Derpibooru = 1074441 and 1373862

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