• Published 6th Oct 2012
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Slendermane - Darkswirl

Mane 6 get taken by Slendermane, but Pinkie Pie gets them back in a plot twist.

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Confessions of Past

Do you remember when we first met?

No, stop this, Pinkie Pie.

You looked so lonely just sitting there at the edge of the forest, watching all the younger ponies play with each other...


And do you remember what I said to you? "Hi, my name's Pinkie Pie and you look lonely, so I'm gonna make you smile!". Do you remember that?

He did.

He remembered it ever so clearly.

He could never forget that memory.

And do you remember what you said to me?

I said, "Hi Pinkie Pie, my name is...Well, I don't know my name..."

That's right. You didn't have a name back then. You simply existed and you were content with that for a while. Do you remember what we tried naming you?

Longlegs the Stallion, Tallmane the Slender, Slenderpony...

And then?


That's right. You and I both agreed on Slendy. And do you remember what we did the whole day?

We talked. We just talked, nothing more, nothing less.

We talked about each other, about what we saw, where we've been...You had lived your whole, short life in the Everfree Forest back then. But you came everyday to the edge just to watch the other ponies. You watched them in envy, wishing to go down and play with them; but you were too afraid, too shy. And then Pinkie Pie came along and dragged you, literally, down the hill and out of the forest to the other ponies. Of course they would be nervous at first; you were a new pony with no face. You can hardly blame them for that. But they all opened up when they saw that I had brought you along.

And then they laughed at me behind their backs and came up with tricks to humiliate me.

There was a silence between the two again as Pinkie Pie sighed sadly.

True, and for that I'm sorry; Pinkie Swear. I never meant to hurt you...I didn't mean to make you cry, but tonight I'm cleaning out the past. We're starting anew, Slendy. Those ponies are gone and the world is a different place. We can't change the past and how much it hurts, but we can push for a better future. To the rest of Equestria, you're just an old mare's tale; no offense. Nopony knows if you even exist or not, but you can show them that you do. And you can show them who you really are: A pony, just like them and a friend...A friend to me.

They'll just laugh and hurt me again, Pinkie! Why can't you see this?!

Oh Slendy...Take a minute to look at my friends that you've captured. They've all done things that earned them a glare from other ponies, you can't please everypony, but then they went out of their way to make things right and were forgiven. You can't just give up, Slendy. If you do that then every other pony will give up on you and we'll be back at square one. You have to push for what you want in life, and you and I both know that you don't want to keep capturing ponies and trying to force them to be your friends in your head; you want real friendship, friends who you can trust even if you don't have control over them in your head. Friends who you can hold when you're feeling sad or lonely, or just plain ol' snuggly. Do you trust me to be your friend and do you trust yourself to try your hardest to make friends?

Slendermane thought long and hard, his thoughts hidden from the prying eyes of the pink pony he kept shut inside his head.

With a sad sigh, he opened his mind and dumped the ponies he had absorbed out into the forest floor.


Shaking her head to clear the wooziness, Pinkie Pie stretched and looked around.

Sure enough, every single pony that had gone missing over the last two weeks was sound asleep on the forest floor; save for her very bestest friends who were in the same state as she was.

But as she finished surveying her work, her eyes searched for another pony; one she still had one last thing to do with.




"Slendy?" Pinkie continued quietly, hopefully.

Slendermane turned his head towards Pinkie Pie while still aiming it down at the ground in defeat and sorrow.

Pinkie Pie smiled softly and pulled a box of crayons from her mane.

If Slendermane had eyes, they would be shining brighter than the sun.

"W-What are you doing?" he asked, falling into step with his younger self from the past.

Pinkie did the same as she drew a mouth on Slendermane's snout.

"I can't kiss you if you don't have a mouth, silly." Pinkie Pie said, matching the exact tone from all those years ago and even planting the kiss in the exact same spot; although this time it lasted a bit longer.

When Pinkie Pie had finished, Slendermane paused for a moment just like he did back then before asking for a red crayon; to which Pinkie Pie happily gave him.

And so he drew blush on his cheeks.

Special thanks to Shadow Bolt for finding this picture and posting it for me!

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1387879 I'm glad you like it, but it's been nearly a full day and my story hasn't gotten past "Waiting for approval". :/

1387908 :rainbowderp:
*Backs away slowly*

1387879 You do know that "First" comments is a bannable offense now, right? There was a blog entry about that a while back. You might want to consider removing that...

1393465 :pinkiecrazy: Would you mind repeating that?

Look, he has a lot of tentacles and a lot of ponies.
It's Obvious That He'll Do Something That Involves Both Of Those elements...

aaaaww slendys got a marefriend :yay::yay::yay:

1396837 Who else for a stallion who lives for ages than Pinkie Pie? :rainbowkiss:

1398585 Who? I made it clear what would happen if they tried to fly.

Ah, I was talking about the first chapter. I didn't read it properly. :derpytongue2:

1406939 None of them died. ._. Did you even read the last chapter?


Pinkie: heheheheheh! Be My FRieND SlenDY!! HEEHHEEEEHHEEE:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:
Slendermane: NOOOOOOOOO!!!! *runs*
Pinkie: :pinkiesad2:

That bit in the ending with the crayons... I think I saw that in a picture...

I see what you did thar.:pinkiehappy:

Good story... but I skipped the Fluttershy chapter. I don't like it when bad stuff happens to best pony. At least she's okay now!:yay:

1471154 It was too good of a picture to pass up; just wish I could've found it to crop out the last panel and stick it in the story.

1471173 I still liked the reference. Great job.:yay::pinkiehappy:

1497970 Look, I get you like the story. But this is starting to get annoying.

1498393 Sucks to be you then.

I like to think he absorbs them into his conscious and then tortures them for all eternity.

Or paranoia for life...
"refers to some Marble Hornets and little cousin...dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_unsuresweetie_flip.png "

1500351He doesn't need a mouth to eat. He uses less..."conventual" methods.

1513990 I love you forever and ever. I'll add this to the last chapter with a mention to your name when I get home.

Slendy is my Squishy #17 now. What do I do with my Squishy #17...?


Not literally, I just love all of your stories. :rainbowkiss:

1614389 Derpy never dies. Perhaps you should finish reading the story~

................ Dayummmm. :pinkiegasp:

That was incredible story.

I actually came pretty close to crying at the sickeningly sweet ending.

Kudos to you, sir. It takes a damn lot to make me cry.



well guess what

if you read beyond the appropriate fics and maybe read thee clopfics ( dont hate me ok )

maybe you'll see slender man has some competion pedobear, dolan duck, and no one else because they are to afraid that if they do his job slenderman will rape them

:rainbowkiss: That ending. Too adorable.

Beautiful story for slender and ponies to collide.very good story.:twilightsmile:

not possible slenderman/mane dose not posses a soul he is pure fear in a body of hatred bent on preying on the happiness of others

2189544 Considering that Slenderman has no established facts, this is fanfiction, and fuck you it's 1:26 AM and I'm tired, I can do whatever the fuck I want with him.

Ergo, he absorbs the souls of those he captures, transforming their physical bodies within their own soul and torturing them within his own head for all of eternity.

2191581 Watch out we got a bad ass over here :duck:

2193700 Considering I'm the author, yea.

OMG...... So...so... NICE!:pinkiehappy: can I have advice from u? How the heck do I write my story? Is it the long description?

2408156 The description definitely helps, in my opinion. I can never get interested enough to read a story in the description goes on about people saying "Omg, tanks 4 the favs and feature lol!", or things that aren't about the story in absolutely every way. Try and make your description sound mysterious and powerful.

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