• Published 6th Oct 2012
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Slendermane - Darkswirl

Mane 6 get taken by Slendermane, but Pinkie Pie gets them back in a plot twist.

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The First

Derpy Hooves

"N-No! Get back, I changed my mind! I don't want it, I don't want it!" Derpy screamed as her hooves carried her away through the forest.

Something was following her.

Something wanted her.

It had lured her in with its whispers of justice.

Justice against the father who had abandoned the filly and its mother.

Justice against those who constantly laughed at her as she did her best to get by in life.

Justice against those who took their anger out on her little filly.

But it was a trap!

It was a ploy to get her to come to it, so that it could do what it had done to all those who stepped hoof in the forest before her!

Derpy didn't try to wipe away the tears from her eyes as she ran past tree after tree with long scratch marks down its trunk, no doubt from the creature's sharp tentacle...Things.

She didn't try to fly up through the thick canopy of leaves and branches that stood above her, because the creature was always right behind her, just waiting for her to do so so that it could wrap its cold, lifeless tentacles around her waist and slam her against the ground again.

No, running was her only choice; and run she did.

She ran as fast as she could for as long as she could, thinking of her little filly and hoping that the forest would eventually end.

And her wish came true.

At least, in part.

Life has a funny way of twisting things, you know?

The forest did in fact end; but with a cliff overlooking even more forest.

She had been going the wrong way the whole time.

As she collapsed into a ball of ruffled feathers and heaving flank, she felt the creature draw closer; her vision going blurry with each step it took towards her.

Slowly, carefully...

Taunting her.

She heard the whispers again now.

And she screamed.