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"Doctor! Is it serious?" "I'm afraid... of bees. And yes it is."


Many ponies have treated Derpy as idiotic and never thought that any pony would ever find her interesting. She always felt that the world was a dark and cloudy day. But soon, a new stallion came to her school, and her world seemed a bit brighter. However, happiness can have problems. So Derpy has to figure out if she does feel like this stallion can help her, or if her world is just one drama after another.

The cover of this story is from https://www.quotev.com/TheElementOfInnocence
I don't know if they were the ones who made it, but every time I looked it always went to this link, if I am wrong please correct me, I don't want any angry comments saying "you got the wrong person idiot! It's so-and-so's artwork!"

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Love it~ Derpy needs some love~

Thank you :rainbowkiss:! and yes, and she does. :derpytongue2:

well that's not a happy derpy

now that's our happy derpy

Well, there is a sad tag

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A Doctor who is neither the Doctor or from Ponyville!? Ooh~

I am so glad it brought a smile to your face! :yay:

YES!!! justice has been delivered

I would lie to say that I read this right before going into surgery. It really helped calm me down and put a smile on my face. Now, after surgery, I wish to continue reading it to distract me from the pain. :twilightsmile:

Oh gosh:derpyderp1:! I hope you feel better! I'm glad that everything went well, and I think that Derpy will definitely bring a smile to anyone who needs it.

Thank you :derpytongue2: I hope you feel that way till the end

Well, it needed to happen at some point!

Yeehaw:ajsmug:! I’m glad you like it

I know, I’m a horrible person. But don’t give up hope yet! Just do as the quote says, “keep calm and derp on”:derpytongue2: (#weneedmorederpyemoticons)

Don't worry, I make you feel worse. (Seriously, if you read Equestria's Ray of Hope {which you should} you can tell I've got issues :pinkiecrazy:)

Well in some way I do as well :pinkiehappy:, and I did start that story and am very interested in what happens! I'm not usually a big fan of the "human in Equestria" stories, but somehow you really did well (even if it is just the first chapter) and I plan on reading that story until my next update (which should be Friday)

You make me smile! I just thought of it one day while asking myself, "What is one of the most realistic unrealistic ways a human would be in Equestria, and why?" And boom, EROH

This is what I've been waiting for all week! YEEEAAAHHHH!!!

It's pretty sad that her family doesn't treat her right :(

I like the slow burning stories, proceed :)

glad you like them, hope you stick around till the end:twilightsmile:

“I’m done Shadow Heart, done with you,”


"However, there was just no way of knowing any sort of evidence that I could prove, my theory was indeed beginning to come clear and correct, as other ponies I had been asking around had also been suspicious of what happened, and most even said they heard her talking about a certain pony that she had been wanting. Can we guess who that is? Oh, yes, the one pony who stood up to you and finally told you the truth instead of sucking up to whatever the hay it is that you tell everypony. However, it still wasn't good enough. It was still your word against mine. I needed actual proof of what you were doing.

Yes yes yes yes yes!

"And then, just as of last week, I noticed a certain class that may have been able to help. What was that classroom? While, yes it would be nice to know. I believe that if I were to tell you, then most likely you would have sabotaged them in any way, so let's call them 'class A', and it just so happened that they were recording a video for the awareness of bullying. But that is not what is so interesting about it. What is? Well, it seems as if there was a cut scene needed for the remake, and it seemed to include a mare waiting until the Principal came up. I only needed to make sure that the date and time went up. And what do you know! It actually was the exact time and date as the whole fight! So, what to make out of all of this? Well, let's just say that you no longer can control what I do, and in return, the tape I have will never reach the minds of your 'daddy', as long as you leave me and my friends alone, then we don't have to discuss anything. Is that clear enough for you?”

Hell yeah! Screw you, bitch!

I didn’t know what else to do then, the only instinct I had… was probably the best. After his words were done, I waited a while before leaning fully in, and showing him how I felt. He, in return, reflected the movement, and we were both in full embrace. Finally, I could finally just let my doubts away, and maybe now, it will just get better. And then I had realized. That Shadow Heart crap was just some doubt I had about everything, and it made me believe in its little lies. But now, now I have all I ever needed. And I wouldn’t trade him worth all of the muffins in the world combined.
Our faces moved as I felt my oxygen depleted, and for a brief moment, I had almost wanted my tongue to fly out, and reach every part of his mouth. Unfortunately, my lungs couldn’t contain much more, And I had to let go. We tried to catch our breaths as much as we could, but the mere force of our love pulled us back in, and once again I could feel everything bad go out from my past. I must have fallen, but I didn’t mind one bit, in fact, it made it a bit more comfortable. It was like I was a new mare, and every bit of it made me so happy. Finally, our mouths parted for the final time, and he picked me up. Both of us with the happiest smiles that were to be seen from 10 miles away. He walked me back to my home. And I offered that he come inside, considering that now it wouldn’t be so awkward if he came in as my coltfriend, but I understood, he needed his sleep as well. So I went in alone, and soon my family asked me how the party was, but all I did was say “It was… a big night to remember,” and I went into my room. But not before seeing Doctor stare at me from the observatory. And I could see that blush from a mile away as he left the window. I went into my bed, but could not sleep until thinking of so many possibilities that we could endure. And for once, I actually slept happily knowing that everything was going to be okay. But before I could fall asleep. Those last words echoed in my mind, and I smiled at the thought, “you aren’t a mistake you are a miracle”. And those were the words that I would always tell myself whenever I let my guard down.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, mother trucker! Frickin' rocked it, my mans/womans. This has definitely made my day. (Quick, take notes on how to write romantic scenes!)

Yeah! BURNNNN the witch! Let her rot in the underworld along with all of the demons she created for Muffins! (honestly, I was super tired of her in the story, so thankfully, you don't see her ever again)

I'm super glad:raritystarry:! I think from here on out is when things get better for the two, I won't spoil anything, but their relationship definitely grows from the start of the story:derpytongue2:

So, the night was spent, eating a dinner I, indeed, had to make but growing better as the night went on. Whooves stayed in the observatory later in the night, and we did, truly, explore more about the feelings we both didn’t know we wanted. Nothing too serious though, merely just my first make-out. But it was nice to finally experience something that I had thought was incredulously incompetent, but that was just my conscious trying to tell me right from wrong. Now I found myself instead, listening to my heart (while still giving some of my cogitating some credit). But mostly, I decided that Whooves was right, I need to just wait until I feel the time is right to make a life-changing decision, so I lay beside Whooves in the observatory, finding myself wanting to be near him more than before.

Yes, nothing too intimate? I think horny Derpy is probably the strangest Derpy. If I made out with anyone (like that would happen), I believe my mom would kill me in the most painful manner she could find. Great chapter overall.

“Okay, Mister Cheesy, now that we have established that I am yours. What is next on the agenda for today's ‘awesome’ birthday bash for me?” I asked as we began to move away from the bench. He followed me and moved me to the next destination.

Seriously thought for a minute that it had transitioned to Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich.

And even though the moon had risen to its full extent, we didn’t sleep for a long time.





Alrighty, then. Saw this coming, but still.

Yeah, I had to think of something last minute, but I am glad that you liked it

I did say that their relationship grew, and I had that sex tag for a reason.

I got on today and was like, "Wait, it's Friday!" rushed to thi story, and read. I think it's past time to designate a song to this story, so here it is.


Wow, I really don't deserve this, but I thank you wholeheartedly! But we're not done yet! I'm going to even be generous and post the Epilogue on Monday (it was already my plan, but this just adds on to my determination). Thank you so much!:scootangel:

A Monday post! I'm FTFO over here!!! Also, look at the likes to dislikes on this story. Yeah, I think you deserve every compliment.

In any case, I thank you for being a fan and hope to keep you interested in any future project that I decide to publish.

Just a question, but have you seen the ratings on EROH. Your typing and story work is exemplary. Also, on the topic of my story, howdya like it so far? PM me please.

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