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huge fan of dark/horror stuff. has a form of autism. a fan of FNAF, The Henry Stickmin Collection, Among Us, and Friday Night Funkin'. a singer, writer, actor, and gamer. favorite pony: Rainbow Dash


After reading shocking news, Rainbow dash goes on an adventure that is a lot like the daring do adventures she experienced herself, with a couple hard obstacles along the way

i took the cover art myself with my iPad, hope you like it

IMPORTANT NOTICE: this was made back when i was in 6th grade, and my writing skills weren't very good back then, but i took a break in the middle of writing "finding the relic" to finish writing "cupcakes after the fact" and "forever playful" before coming back to this, so the first few chapters are rushed a lot, but after "finding the relic" the chapters won't seem as rushed. so enjoy the story!!!!!!!!!!

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sorry for all the typos in this story, i'll get to them as soon as i can:twilightsmile:

edit: all typos have been fixed. enjoy the story!

edit 2: some parts of the story have been edited and fixed to make it sound more professional, but i wasn't really that much into it since i wanted to do some other stuff, but i couldn't stop editing till i was done with everything that i happened to catch that needed fixing.

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