• Published 19th Dec 2019
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Rainbow dash’s awesome daring adventure - Rainbow sparkle1

Rainbow dash finds shocking news about daring do and decides to take on what is ahead in the adventure, and little does she know of the obstacles ahead.

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in the temple

Dash was now in the temple, and she was shocked at the sight, it was covered in red paint. Dash nearly recoiled until she realized it was just paint, so she continued on into the temple.

When she got close enough to where she needed to be, dash heard screaming from behind, so she turned to look behind her, nothing, although the scream sounded familiar.

"Fluttershy?" dash said, still looking behind her, "is that you?" Then she heard the voice again.

"Rainbow, help!" Dash was puzzled and afraid at the same time, she hesitated, but didn't want to have her filly friend hurt. so dash galloped the way she came to save her friend.

When dash came to the place where she heard the screaming, she was shocked at the sight, all her friends were tied together in a cage. dash was in shock and confusion. "How did they get my friends?" dash thought to herself before coming closer to her friends.

"How did you get in here?" dash asked.

"look out!" Twilight warned dash right before she fell into a pit full of spikes.

"Look, the blue pegasus has come to save her friends," a voice from behind said. Dash instantly turned around to see dr. cabalaron standing behind her.

Dash wanted to say something to him, but the words just wouldn't escape her mouth. she was too worried for her friends sake.

"You have a choice to make miss," Cabalaron told dash, "You can either continue through the temple to find the statue and let your friends die, or you can save your friends and never come back to this temple."

Dash was surprised with both choices. Either she would continue down the temple and finish what daring had started, but never see her friends again. Or she would be loyal to her friends, and if she was still out there, daring would finish what she started. Dash didn't know what to do, then she remembered that time when ponyville qualified for the equestria games all because dash was loyal to her friends. but this was worse than that moment. she hesitated, then got an idea, so she started to fly towards her friends to talk.

"Dashie," pinkie pie pleaded.

"We have to save equestria if any of equestria's biggest enemies come back," Twilight said to dash, "We need you. please rainbow."

"I know," dash said, stopping right in front of the cage, "i know what to do now."

Author's Note:

So what will happen now? Will dash save her friends or keep looking for the statue? Find out in the next chapter soon!

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