Rainbow dash’s awesome daring adventure

by Rainbow sparkle1

the real adventure

Dash went down the path to the temple from the last daring do book from Dr. cabalaron's camp, and if she remembered correctly, the temple would have been about three or less miles from the camp. she did conquer some dangerous creatures along the way, but fought them off easily. when she arrived at the temple, she grimaced in fear, cabalaron's crew was there, guarding the entryway.

"Well great," dash thought to herself right after hiding behind some bushes, "how am i going to get the amulet into the temple now? i need to come up with a way to get in there without getting noticed."

She thought hard for a while until she felt very hungry.

"Ugh, now is not the time, i don't have anything to e..." she whispered to herself, then realized she did have food in her saddlebags, the cupcake from pinkie, and the apple from applejack. So she quickly got the cupcake out and ate the baked good. After she was done with the cupcake, she thought she would save the apple for later. then a thought instantly popped into dash's head about not getting caught by the gang.

"Of course, why didn't i think of this before!" dash whispered to herself again, then grabbed a nearby stick with her wing and stepped on it so it would break.

"What was that?" one of the hench ponies cried out after the faint crack.

"Who's there!" another one of the ponies called out.

"be on the lookout for any pony," a third one called out to the others.

Right then, dash saw her chance since they were distracted. She sped over to the entryway and flew inside without being seen.