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Rainbow dash’s awesome daring adventure - Rainbow sparkle1

Rainbow dash finds shocking news about daring do and decides to take on what is ahead in the adventure, and little does she know of the obstacles ahead.

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A Few Days Later...

After everything, the girls all attended the party the day after the adventure, fluttershy's wing healed completely, and Rainbow has been waiting for weeks for that story to come out

when the day did arrive...

A knock came from dash's door.

"Who could that be?" she asked herself.

She went up to her front door and opened it, outside was a cream colored stallion holding a package. "Package from A.K. Yearling." he said.

oh my gosh, i've been waiting for this day ever since the adventure a few weeks ago! she thought.

She snatched it out of the stallion's hooves and he didn't react. He was used to it by now, so he just flew off.

Dash opened up the package to find the new book inside. Dash was so excited that she didn't even notice the note taped on the back. When she finally noticed it, she was a bit surprised.

what is this. She read the note...

dear rainbow dash,

When we had that adventure together, you asked me how i escaped from captivity, well here is the real story.

Cabalaron had captured me to find out where the statue was located inside the temple, usually, i would say nothing, so i did. He eventually gave up and told his companions to watch over the entrance in case anypony was trying to rescue me since this trap he had on me was almost impossible to escape than any of Ahuizotl's traps. But as usual, i found a way to escape it, though it was a little more difficult, but i eventually figured out how to get out of there. I knew you were going to be there since i heard the hench ponies telling each other they heard something while i was still captive, so i went looking everywhere for you and i eventually found you with your friends.

Can you tell me your story in a letter on how you found out about how i was there?

A.K. Yearling

Dash read the last paragraph of the letter again and after the fifth time, she started to think long and hard about what to do and how she should write it. Eventually, she got an idea, she should write a full story. She's never written a full story before, but with the help from twilight, she could manage.

Twilight was telling spike everything that had happened a few days ago when she got a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" spike said as he ran to the door to find rainbow standing outside.

"Hey spike, can i talk with twilight for a little bit?"


Spike stepped away to let rainbow talk with twilight about what happened.

"What do you need rainbow?" twilight asked.

"Well, twilight. Do you remember everything that happened about a week ago?"

"Yeah, i was telling spike about it when you arrived."

"good" dash whispered to herself. "Well, i got this letter from A.K. Yearling along with the new book, and the final paragraph said that she wanted me to tell her how i knew she was in trouble and everything before we meet up. I had an idea that i could write her back with the full story like an actual author would write stories, so i thought i would get info about this from you."

Twilight was shocked. She never expected dash to ever say that. Then she smiled.

"Oh dash, i thought you would never ask!"

Dash rolled her eyes. She expected twilight to react like this.

"Let's get started right away. I'll let spike know." then she bolted up into the halls of the castle of friendship.

After dash was given the long lecture about writing stories, she thanked twilight for the help and flew away to start writing. She started with a simple sentence...

Rainbow dash was having a glorious day in ponyville, she was reading the latest ponyville chronicle, when she came across something shocking...

Author's Note:

FINALLY, IT'S DONE!!!!!! it took over a half year to make due to school, youtube and other stuff even though it is not that long which is ridiculous. but it is finally done and i do not have to deal with it anymore, i'm not really into writing and that's why there is a crapload of short chapters, but DON'T GIVE ME CRAP ABOUT IT!!!!! hope you enjoyed!!! also, i got the idea to add the first sentence of the fic from the outsiders by S.E. hinton, that was just for people who were wondering.

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sorry for all the typos in this story, i'll get to them as soon as i can:twilightsmile:

edit: all typos have been fixed. enjoy the story!

edit 2: some parts of the story have been edited and fixed to make it sound more professional, but i wasn't really that much into it since i wanted to do some other stuff, but i couldn't stop editing till i was done with everything that i happened to catch that needed fixing.

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