• Published 19th Dec 2019
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Rainbow dash’s awesome daring adventure - Rainbow sparkle1

Rainbow dash finds shocking news about daring do and decides to take on what is ahead in the adventure, and little does she know of the obstacles ahead.

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the start of the adventure

The next day, Rainbow dash got ready to rescue A.K. yearling. Her friends gave her some items to survive this rescue.

Pinkie pie gave her a cupcake, Twilight let rainbow keep the info book a little longer just in case rainbow forgot some advise, rarity gave her a hoof made blanket, applejack gave her an apple, and fluttershy gave her a nice key.

Rainbow didn't think she needed any of this stuff, except for the book, but she didn't want to disappoint her friends, so she just went on to where most of the daring do stories take place to start the adventure

A while had passed, and Rainbow had started to get bored, aside from some dangerous creatures getting in her way.

She was just about to give up and head home before she came upon a camp, in fact, it was Dr. cabalaron's camp. Though, they seemed to be gone for now, so she inspected the camp for any clues to A.K. yearling's disappearance.

"nothing so far," she whispered to herself, she didn't want to get caught if cabalaron happened to be around.

"I'm not seeing an..." she was cut off when something caught her eye, "what is that?" she asked herself, looking at it, "it looks like a note, i think i should read it." Then she went and walked towards the note and read it to herself.

"Dear Rainbow Dash," once Rainbow read that part, she was surprised, did A.K. know she was going to rescue her?

"I'm in trouble, cabalaron has kidnapped me. I need you to find the amulet. Now hurry! sincerely, Daring Do."

Rainbow suddenly remembered what amulet Daring was talking about, then, she figured out why Fluttershy gave her that key, Daring must have given flutters that key somehow. Then, she immediately sprang up from the ground, and flew to the place where the last daring do book had ended, and the real adventure had begun.

Author's Note:

this was very fun to make with a lot of time to spare. Next chapter coming soon!!!

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