Rainbow dash’s awesome daring adventure

by Rainbow sparkle1

escaping the temple

“Yeee haw, that was amazing!” Applejack said in celebration.

“Yeah, that was so much fun,” pinkie replied, bouncing up and down.

“Wait, where is rainbow, and daring do?” Fluttershy asked, looking around for the other two Pegasi.

“Oh no,” twilight whispered under her breath, “we need to find them, now”

“She’s right y’all, let’s get a move on, we don’t want to lose two friends right?” Applejack asked the group.

Pinkie gasped, “not dashie, i’m not going to lose her!” Then she was off like a rocket back to the temple.

“We should follow her darlings,” rarity said, then the ponies ran back inside the temple to find their friends.

meanwhile in the temple...

the two pegasi opened their eyes to see that they were still in the temple.

"Wait," dash said, "we are still in the temple, how?"

"I don't know," daring replied to dash's question "but there is no time to waste, we need to get out of here before cabalaron gets here."

Dash nodded her head and started to follow daring through the temple.

Once caballeron and his crew got to the place where the statue used to be, he called out to is gang and told them to split up, they needed to get to the statue now or it would be too late.

When twilight and the rest of her friends got back into the temple, they were surprised to see that the temple looked very different than what it looked like when they first arrived, only this time, it was covered in small rocks and the floor was shaking, it hit twilight the moment she realized that the floor was shaking.

“Girls, we need to find them quick, I think the place is going to collapse!” She shouted.

The rest of them agreed and they all started looking for the two Pegasi ponies.

the two remaining pegasi were trying to run as rainbow noticed something odd about the ground, it was shaking. She asked daring do what was going on.

“If the floor is shaking, that isn’t good news.” She replied, but that didn’t answer dash’s question.

“What are you talking about?!” The cyan Pegasus asked back.

“What I mean is that the temple is going to collapse in about five minutes, if we don’t get out now, we may get killed!” Daring do answered.

Dash’s eyes widened, the thought of her friends still being in the temple was horrific to even think about, she considered the theory from the other Pegasus as they started galloping once the temple started to shake more vigorously than before.

Twilight and the others were looking everywhere for their two pegasi friends when something had caught twilight's eye.

"Wait a minute" she shouted to the others

They immediately stopped in their tracks. "Twi! What is it!" applejack called out over th noise of the temple still falling apart.

"I see something!" twilight responded. She had noticed two other ponies coming towards the group of friends.

"Twilight!" she heard one of the figueres shout. It was the ponies that they were looking for. The group of friends all sighed in relief when they all saw their two pegasi friends rushing towards them.

"Rainbow dash, daring do, we're so happy that you're alright." rarity said.

Just then, they all heard the sound of screaming behind them. They all turned around to see that a rock had fallen on one of fluttershy's wings. Dash's eyes widened once again and she instantly rushed over to help her filly friend. The others took notice to this and decided to help their rainbow maned friend. It took a lot of effort but eventually they all got the boulder off of fluttershy.

"Twilight!" rainbow called, "can you try that teleportation spell again?"

"Alright rainbow, i'll try!" twilight replied and ignited her horn once again and this time all the ponies had come with her.

Cabalaron was trying to find the two pegasi from earlier. When he had the idea to split up, he heard a very faint scream. He told his group to follow him and follow the scream. When they were close, they happened to hear the voice of rainbow dash saying, "twilight, can you try that teleportation spell again?"

Cabalaorn ordered his group to hurry if they wanted to catch the group of ponies. When they turned the corner, the happened to catch only a purple burst of magic them nothing but deri.

He growled and told his group to find a window to jump out of so they could survive the temple collapsing.

Twilight and the others appeared on a hill near the temple, but far enough away so they could be safe from when the temple collapsed.

rainbow let go of her friends to find that she and daring do had came with the others this time. she looked over to where the temple was and caught a glimpse of a group of ponies running from a window in the temple. the temple finally collapsed when the last pony from the group had escaped through the window. all the ponies looked towards the temple and they all watched as it crumbled into nothing.

"looks like we got out of there just in time," AJ said, watching as the last bits of the temple fell apart, leaving only a pile of rocks and rubble in its place.

"you said it" pinkie replied, "should we all have a party when we get home?"

"i think going to pass, i've had enough of adventuring for today, i need a nap." rainbow answered the pink pony's question.

"i agree with rainbow," twilight said "i think we all need some rest from the adventure. how about having the party tomorrow."

"eh, fine with me." pinkie said.

"plus, fluttershy's wing needs to heal from having that boulder crushing it" rarity pointed out.

"and i have a book to finish," daring said waving to the others before taking the statue and flying away.

"well, that was one hay of an adventure," fluttershy finished.

the others stared at her for a few seconds, then they all burst into laughter.