Rainbow dash’s awesome daring adventure

by Rainbow sparkle1

Dash's idea

After dash told her plan to her friends, she landed and turned to cabalaron to tell him her choice.

"I'll continue down the temple, and never see my friends again," she told him.

"Well then," cabalaron said, surprised, "you, cut the rope!"

He ordered one of his hench ponies to cut the rope that hung the five friends. He immediately went to go get a knife to cut, and dash looked at her friends with determination. Then right after the rope was cut completely, dash sprang from her hooves to save them, she was strong enough to hold them all and then put the cage down, dash's friends were now safe.

"Sweet mother of celestia, that was amazing!" Rarity said after dash cut the ropes that bound her friends together and getting them out of the cage.

Dash was relieved to see her friends safe.

"Come on guys," Dash said, "we need to get this statue before..."

She was cut off with a tap on the shoulder. Dash turned around to see daring do standing behind her. Dash felt excitement and confusion when she saw daring.

"Daring do?" Dash asked with confusion and a bit of excitement in her voice.

"We need to get out of here now dash, and get the statue fast," daring ushered dash and her friends to run deeper into the temple before dash could ask her how she escaped her capture, but she thought she would ask daring later. for now, they needed to get the important relic out before cabalaron could catch up to the large group of ponies.