• Published 19th Dec 2019
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Rainbow dash’s awesome daring adventure - Rainbow sparkle1

Rainbow dash finds shocking news about daring do and decides to take on what is ahead in the adventure, and little does she know of the obstacles ahead.

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The news

Rainbow dash was having a glorious day in ponyville, she was reading the latest ponyville chronicle, when she came upon something shocking

“Am I reading this right” she asked herself while she read the article out loud, “A.K. Yearling gone missing while writing next daring do book”

She gasped in shock and horror

“How could some pony do such a thing, I need to rescue her” she said, bothering the other pony sitting next to her on the bench.

The next day dash was coming up with a plan to rescue A.K. from whatever kidnapped her.

“Maybe if I go out there with my friends, I... no that won’t work, especially when pinkie pie is around” she thought, “maybe some advise from them could help, yeah, perfect, I’ll ask my friends for advise and go in alone, and i’ll call if i’m in trouble.”

Rainbow dash went and asked her friends some advise about rescuing other ponies. Of course twilight had the most info, she had books of advise that she requested rainbow to read. Then once she was sure she had enough information, she flew back to her cloud house to gather her thoughts and create a real plan.

Author's Note:

Sorry this is so short, I promise i’ll make the next chapter way longer. Next chapter coming soon!

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