Rainbow dash’s awesome daring adventure

by Rainbow sparkle1

finding the relic

once they all got going, they could hear Dr. Cabalaron's gang getting closer to the group of ponies.

"I'll use my magic to slow them down," Twilight told the others.

"Good idea twi!" applejack replied.

Twilight instantly turned around and ignited her horn, then a swarm of magic butterflies went flying towards the gaining ponies, luckily fluttershy didn't notice them. Once they got to cabalaron, the brown pony and his gang were struggling to get the butterflies out of their way. Twilight nodded and went to catch up with the rest of the ponies.

"Nice going twilight!" dash said to twilight once she caught up with the others.

"Thanks dash." Twilight replied.

Once the group of ponies got to where they needed to be, daring called out, "We need to get that statue and get out of here before they come back!"

"You got it!" Dash replied, "but, where is the statue?"

"Right over there," daring answered dash's question and pointed towards where the statue was placed

"Oh, it's so beautiful!" rarity said when she saw the statue

"Ugh, rarity, we don't have time for you to admire the decor, " dash said, angrily, "cabalaron is going to find us if we don't hurry!"

"You're right rainbow, we need to stay focused if we're all going to make it out of here alive" twilight agreed.

"Oh, right," rarity remembered, "thanks darling." Then the group of ponies went down the hallway to the statue that they were looking for.

When they got to the statue, pinkie pie looked behind her to see a group of ponies heading straight towards the group of friends. “I think we have company!” She called out to her group.

“Well great, just great,” dash replied, “now what?!”

“We take the statue, and get out of here,” daring do replied, eager for the ponies to stop wondering what to do. Dash agreed and snatched the statue off its pedestal.

“Get us out of here twi!” Dash ushered twilight to teleport the group of ponies out of the temple.

“Alright, sheesh,” twilight replied and ignited her horn once more, and teleported the ponies out of the temple.