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Writing wrongs.

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Well that was cute:rainbowkiss:, and golly, Cozy really does have a way with her words doesn't she:ajsmug:?

Oh what the heck, I ship it! :scootangel:

*Cough* Scootaglow. *Cough*

still sounds better than Cozyloo

That sounds like the name for some kind of European Toilet with a soft comfortable seat or something.

also we need a sequel

well cozy sure is dedicated to her goals

He~eck Yeah! Thats hot. That's real Real hot. You know it's review time. And if I had the chance to go back and change something. It'll be that

"Oh, a cruah? You're into fillies? I didn't know," Cozy replied.

I don't know. Urban Dictionary says otherwise
That aside. Thank You VERY MUCH.

Don't worry, I fixed it. It's no longer an absolute dumpster fire of a story, only a regular garbage fire.

Also, I am super happy you liked it.

So, am I reading this right, in that her "true" purpose is manipulating others into having sex with her?

Well, the story is named "Rook Takes Pawn", so I think the cutie mark flash at the end is still about Cozy getting what she wants at any cost, which could include using Scoots, and then betraying her trust.

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