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Okay, but why though?

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PiMan #2 · April 4th · · ·

This demands all of my "what?". I shall substitute some of that with my "why?"

The Strange Thing About the Cakes

Noping right the fuck outta here.

I'm only upvoting because this.. story was exactly what was summarized.

Egil #6 · April 4th · · 1 ·

This site is so garbage, man. I’m not even lying. - Pyrocynical

Took a hiatus from this site because of the lost of interest. I come back and this is the first story I see.

I guess another 6 months won't hurt.

I’ve got to drink more before reading these

the future is now

Well holy fuck in a hand basket being played by Julius Caesar...

I can get behind some of the shit you post, but this one is a hard pass for me.

It's okay, I wouldn't read it either.


I don't understand all the downvotes...

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