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A German who likes history, and WW2 technology but not war. "Within the darkness there is light and hope"



This story is a sequel to Together Again

Medici, a nation ruled with fear by an oppressive government, stuck in a civil war against rebels. The military is doing anything to crush the rebellion. Yet, a private has to decide which side he is really on to protect a lost colt.

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Not a bad story; it certainly has potential, and I don't see many stories involving Rumble (that aren't Cloudchaser/Flitter clop anyway.)
It just needs some touching up, like making the dialogue a bit more fleshed out. Otherwise good opening chapter. You get a :twistnerd:

Thank you
Glad to hear you like it. I wrote that a few years ago when I wasn't as experienced as I am today.


Very nice.
I like the mild touch of Medician background you added.

Only issue is that you left out how Medici's population primarily consists of both Italian and Spanish heritage.
Rico himself, for example.

Likely case, as it has never been said outright, is that it was used as a middle-ground for Spanish Catholics to meet with Vatican officials, such as Cardinals.

I know, they just sound more Italian to me.

Well, you can always address it when Marco takes Rumble to the city.
Have him explain why some people speak with different accents and in slightly different languages.

Okay, so Marco and Luca are NOT D.R.M., but are actually remnants of the old Medician army?

No, they are Part of the Current Military, they just dislike the d.r.m. due their inconpetence. But what do you Think of Rumble leading the Language of Medici?

I'm not good with words, but you pretty much confirmed what I was TRYING to ask.

As for Rumble learning Medician, I think it's sweet.

I only wonder, though, and you don't need to answer this, is if they do adopt Rumble, will they adopt Thunderlane too?
Not in the literal sense, given I'm relatively sure he's an adult, but in that they let him refer to them as his parents?

Well, I don't want to spoiler

He kinda sees them as parents at the end

The medic exclaimed his leg.

I think you meant 'examined'.

Yeah, Thanks for pointing out. Hope you Enjoy the Story so far

I am 90% sure I missed whatever reference you made.

The end of the chapter is From the 501 Journal of the Classic battlefront 2 if you know it

Not particularly.
I never got into Battlefield, and these days I don't have the patience to try.


That's why I shouldn't be trying to read at 4 am

Your Call. though if you like to know more about the Journal 2005 Star Wars battlefront 2, be my guest

That's quite alright.
I never played the old Battlefront games. At the time, when I could afford them, EB Games didn't have them, and when the had them, I couldn't afford them.

That said, I HAVE read the reports from Commander Cody that you unlock in Force Unleashed 2.

Thank you. How Rumble would be reunited, lets say a old Friend of Rico makes sure of that.

I kind of want Rumble to explore the beach and find the Dark Souls Easter Egg.

In an archway near the rebel hideout, next to a small pond with a rusted boat at the bottom. It's a rifle standing upright, barrel down, in a pile of wood and when you interract with it, it makes a sound.


Ah, i see. Hope you Enjoy the latest chapter

I did.

Still, thoughts on Rumble finding it?

Marco should have lit the bonfire.

Yeah, but i thought Rumble notices it through the Fire. I hope you what i did with the Propaganda van

Honestly, I think the game would have been better if it had done that.
Converting the old propaganda vans into music vans was a nice touch.

Agreed, that's why i did that in the Story. How do you like how i Build in the Soap box car and the bug with the Tank?

Picture Rumble doing it in Ponyville, and you can likely guess my thoughts on it.

Yeah. I guess you found it good

Thank you. Anything you liked in particular?

Not really.
Just the way you handled the transition between where the main game ended and Sky Fortress began.

Okay. The story seemed too short, so I thought of adding the DLcs in to make it longer. And did you recognize the Star Wars reference?

Probably not.
I've only JUST fully woken up.

It wouldn't be when the Black Hand member calls Marco a traitor, would it?
Because that felt more like a reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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