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Kitzumi Nova the fox pony, is trapped in the past, and the only way home is to travel to another dimension. It's a world of wizards and witches, and because Princess Celestia wants to make sure she gets some magical education while she is there, Miss Nova will be attending Hogwarts starting first year in 1903 and finishing first year in 1992. Will the world of Harry Potter survive?

The explanation for why she's going to be in first year so long can be found in Nightmare Moon’s Daughter if you don't want to read the entire Kitzumi's adventures through the looking glass. or wait till I cover the reason in this book.

The time of 1903 isn't canon from the lore of Harry Potter, but based on the original build date of the type of locomotive most often seen being depicted as the engine for the Hogwarts express.

The CMC arrive in the eleventh chapter. Nova rescues a troll from the crusaders from a troll, and then...

There will be drama, there will be shenanigans, and there will be breakage of forth walls.

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How can she be at school for such a long period of time? :rainbowhuh:

She's going to do a time jump, but it has to be there, she can't do it from Equestria. The full explanation is in the last chapter of my previous book.

why are the ratings disabled

finish first year in 1992? oh boy.. hogwarts, better strap in.. it's gonna be a ride.

On my first three efforts I had someone down vote me within a ridiculously short time of posting the first chapter, so I thought I'd wait to enable the ratings. :trollestia:

The first couple chapters will be fairly mild, but once she jumps forward canon is going to be roasted and served up on as platter.

yea.. gotta remember moaning myrtle didn't exist yet, or peeves. and dumbledore wasn't headmaster yet. pretty sure he wasn't the big shot at all just yet. lot of lore in harry..

Been doing my research. I'm thinking of having a young brash Dumbledore do a cameo, otherwise it's going to be new characters, grand or great grand relatives of known characters, or known characters in their youth until Nova jumps forward. Maybe she'll get to meat a certain author on a book on magical beasts and where to find them, but not if it winds up being a distraction from pushing the story forward, and it might not even be doable with Dumbledore as one of his teachers. I'd thought how fun to have her and Dumbledore in the same class together, which is why I decided I'd better do some research so I'm not too far off canon. The time I picked has Dumbledore already graduated from Hogwarts, and basically his life was a bit of a mess during that time period so no Dumbledore unless it's a walk on. I kind of want to have the two meet so he'll remember her when she shows up in the future.

true. if i remember, his youth saw him experimenting with spells, and eventually the death of his sister by a stray spell during a duel with his brother. who goes to work at hogsmeade as a bar owner.

so yea, dumblebee is a mess after. the movie seems like it portrays him as very very confident (newer movie not the potter ones) he was also born at the end of the 17th century so...maybe have him at the hogwarts library? looking something up? might have to know what he was doing at the time first... maybe kitzu stumbles upon an arguement?

There are some issues with the latest movie.

After leaving Hogwarts, Newt Scamander takes a job in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures’ Office of House-Elf Relocation. He finds it extremely boring. Two years later, he is transferred to the Beast Division (FB).

This is in 1914 and canon to the books, the latest movie has Mr Scamander as Dumbledor's student, but the canon for the books says Dumbledoor started teaching Hogwarts in the 1930ts - as listed in the Harry Potter Lexicon. There are a few canon characters I can use, but I'm better off just creating throwaway OCs just to avoid conflicts with canon.

I've an idea for a meet up with Dumbledore, but I'm not going to say anything, because it'll spoil it.

Well I think Riddle is going to be pissed when he finds out. Then again we still have another year before her jump to the future or will that be happening sooner then we expect?

“Snakes, why does it have to be snakes?” Bravo that made my night.

Yay, keep going, this is a wonderful series! I love it all!!!

Thank you. I'm sure having fun with it. :)

Well, no one has commented here so I guess I will.

this is a good story one of the few im still interested in that are still getting updates the others have been cancelled or put on indefinite hiatus please keep the storyline going love your series thanks again

Thank you. I've another update ready to post, and working on another.

This is Awesome.... also Trixie's parents are sooooo lucky otherwise Daybreaker would banish them

Trixie has always been so out of place in pony society I thought to myself... ooo lets mess with her origin story. LOL

she has the Master's tardis omg all the yesssss

It occurred to me that for reasons of absurdity the insides of the luggage needed to be ridiculously large and infinitely adjustable. So I gave Princess Celestia a derelict TARDIS to play with, and give to Nova so she'd have all the comforts of home no mater where she was.

For anyone wondering why I call the Basilisk a Wyrm, and not a Basilisk, it's because the creature described by JKR doesn't meet the necessary requirements to be considered a Basilisk. European bestiaries typically describe it as a crested serpent with wings and legs not dissimilar to a chicken, or as a rooster with a snakes tail. Sounds a bit like a Raptor from the prehistoric past. Instead what we are given is a snake of monstrous proportions which as depicted in the movie, isn't even a snake. It's also not supposed to be any larger then fifty feet in length, and yet nearly every image ever created is well above that. The one in the movie looks likely to be closer to one hundred and fifty feet. To see what a twenty five foot snake actually looks like, look up the worlds largest snakes. Oh and that heavy alligator/draconian hide they gave it, that's a Wyrm. A classic Wyrm is a type of dragon having no limbs, and is by far the true king of serpents, and doesn't have an issue with water.

after rereading this chapter i came accross a couple typos. like during some conversations you have sweetie belle respond and then respond to herself when i think you meant scootaloo responds to sweetie and then sweetie belle talks and a few others similar but this is getting pretty good keep up the good work :)

also im pretty sure with a little rewrite and you could even make a story that isnt a fan fiction.

I do miss quite a lot. No mater how many times I go through the material. :twilightsheepish:

I'll have to run through, and see if I can spot it.

Well I found one. :facehoof:

yea there a a couple but it isnt that big of an issue anyway cant wait for the next chapter keep it going it is just getting to a interesting part. although there have been a few of those in the series so far

Thanks for letting me know. I swear I literally go blind, and can't see where things get messed up.

The process starts with writing through, going back to find continuity issues, typos, wrong words, misspelled stuff, read through several times, go back and do more adjustments, fix the mistakes that cropped up during the adjustments, read through again, add more material as needed, proof reed yet again, load it, proof read, make more changes and corrections, publish it, and then come back a month later to discover errors that I was blind to when I posted it. XD

Just a heads up. I'm a little behind on the chapter planed for this weekend. I'm going to try for Sunday, but if I'm to do it justice it might not be ready till Monday or Tuesday.

sorry abouyt the late reply had a computer crash and had to take it to the shop finally back and can respond. kep up the good work i dont mind late updates quality over quantity in my opninion :)

I started out with three chapters ready to go so I'd have a nice buffer. And then real world demands on my time started eating into the time I was spending. I now have a new track light in my kitchen, and a new flood light out by the porch on the end of the house. The old ones were getting old, and falling apart. This morning I turned on my word processor to discover several bookmarks had vanished. I'm hoping nothing else has vanished. >.<

Found a small typo "its always the innocent that first to go" the unicorn (centaur)

Got it back to saying Centaur. I hope. I'm not seeing that exact line. I'm also trying to avoid repeating lines verbatim from the Harry Potter book. Not that it doesn't happen. Kind of difficult to avoid while covering the same or similar ground. I'd caught myself switching centaur for unicorn as well, but looks like I must have gone right back over and typed unicorn again. >.<

Fox ponies are something of a rarity in the MLP fandom. The idea is that they are ponies who either have very fox like features or are part fox. Within the canon of my own stories, Kizumi Nova has kitsune ancestry. Long ago a group of kitsune emigrated to Equestria, and being kitsune have a limited capacity to shape shift, a number of their group mixed with ponies. And that's how fox ponies came to be. They can be earth type, pegasi, unicorn, and the rarest of the rare being the pegacorn.

Just a heads up, do in part to the holiday, I am no where near ready to post my next chapter. I'll have it up when it's ready. :twilightsheepish:

take your time cant wait for more of the series though

I'm in holiday clean up mode right now. The place is a disaster, and somewhere along the line I sprained my right arm, and it's making typing more en a line or two at a time a real chore. :facehoof:

ouch sorry to hear that no rush though as long as you can complete the series i dont mind waiting. i really think this could become a standalone series with just a few changes remove mlp harry potter and marvel and replace them with something else like for harry potter you could make it like the world of vin deisels witchhunter movie or something similar, for mlp a fantasy world with beastkin as the dominate species and for marvel make it so iron man is just a futuristic timetraveler and thor is actually the god of thunder or maybe you could make him a demigod and captain america could be just a supersoldier experiment

Thinking about it, and I think I'd lose a good deal of the comic aspect without the crossovers. Also the original Thor's hammer could be picked up and carried off by just about anyone. And often was. The part about being worthy was created for the comics. Also, any paring between Thor and any super soldier would instantly be seen as the Marvel counterparts. I'm glad you like what I'm doing.

I am presently working on updates. Also discovered I needed to go back and reread what I've already created. I started this something like five months ago. XD
As for my arm, I have my wrist in a brace which is really impeding my typing, and hope to see my doctor next month. If the VA doesn't run out of funding first. I think I developed tendonitis. :(

Rereads old posts to remind herself what she wrote... starts editing the old posts. XD

Every so often I go back through, spot something that needs to be fixed, and do a bit of editing.

Just do your best! This seems like something I'll enjoy, thank you for the chapter!
Edit:2nd read through, still good.
Edit two: 3rd read through!

Thank you for the chapter!
That picture is very well done and cute! Well done to the artist!

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