Ponies in Hogwarts

by KittyrinnAiko

Chapter 26: By Her Majesty's leave.

Anyone riding on the bus would have thought the ponies were just ordinary tourists. They marveled at the old buildings, delighted at the new buildings, and went into a panic when they saw Wellington’s arch. The driver just smiled, he’d seen the same behavior thousands of times and pulled over at the next stop placing the ponies across the street to the south of the small park extension where the arch was located. To their back, while facing the arch was a tall wall. Their location, the 'Hyde Park corner stop F' and Constitution was further down. And they would have gone that way except for a combination of factors. Alalme was starting to get antsy about being around so many people, and a large black gate that led to a park that had next to no one in it. Granted the gate was locked, and there were electronic alarms and surveillance, but when did that ever stop Moonie. After all, unlocking locks and disabling security were one of her original functions. The lock was sprung, the electronics crashed, and a hefty notice me not spell was employed. They walked a short way in, shutting the door like gate behind them, and seeing people down the large dirt path, decided to take a path to the right that plunged into some trees. Alalme just needed some time.

“It’s alright.” Nova offered as she gave Alalme a hug. Scootaloo moved in and gave her a hug too.

“Ya, you have been kind of isolated.” Scootaloo offered. “It’s going to take you a while to get accustomed to being in crowds.”

“My village never had that many pe… ponies, and I’ve never seen so many people.” Alalme offered as they walked down the path less trodden, unaware of a security team rushing to check the gate. The system booted back up, and it would end up looking like an anomaly, leaving the security people scratching their heads. Granted had they checked for footprints first before rushing to the gate they’d have known someone had indeed come through.

Not to say that no one saw them. After all, the garden party was in a couple of days, and everything had to be perfect. That meant there was an assortment of gardeners out and about. So yes, they were seen, but the gardeners had no reason to suspect a group consisting of two good looking women, five teens, and a baby all wearing expensive designer clothing.

“Should we even be here?” Shimmer asked. Being the only one in the group who was familiar with the human world, she was a bit apprehensive about the park they were in.

“We are probably just in the back end of that Saint James park the man in the green jacket mentioned.” Apple Bloom offered. Being Apple Bloom was often the voice of reason {coff-coff} the others decided that she was probably right and just kept going.

“Who do you suppose they are?” A gardener whispered to another as the princesses passed.

“Now you know I don’t know who, hang on?” The other gardener said as the very equestrian mane styles began to register in their pony head. Yes, they’d infiltrated Buckingham Palace. “Dark complexion with a black mane cascading down her back, flowing white mane like looking at a full moon, red and yellow like a firebird, red like an Apple, and, and that has got to be Miss Sweetie Belle.”

“You know them?”

“If I’m not horribly mistaken, the dark complected woman with the long black mane is Princess Luna of Eques, and that bright red and yellow is Princess Sunset Shimmer, and the teen with the magenta hair carrying the baby on her back is Princess Louise Scootaloo Magnus… baby?!” A pegasus carrying a foal on their back was generally a good sign for who’s foal it was. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Scootaloo has a baby!”

On coming to a branch that went to the left, the party continued straight, and on coming to a branch that went right, Shimmer seeing activity down the main path, prompted everyone to go to the right. “Just to avoid the crowds.” Shimmer offered, though she’d a sinking feeling they shouldn't be where they were.

The path they’d taken took them right to an area with a greenhouse, workshops, and sheds. And there was a fair amount of activity, but not a one knew what to do about the princesses wondering about. Why yes, there were Equestrian’s working here as well.

“Princesses, I didn’t know you were visiting today?” asked a young woman with magenta and pea green hair as she approached. She made a polite bow.

“Daisy Blossomforth wasn’t it?” Shimmer asked, and made a polite bow in turn. She’d likely never get used to being bowed to, but once bowed to it was simply polite to bow back.

“Yes, Mam,” Blossomforth replied, delighted that Sunset Shimmer actually knew who she was.

“We kind of got sidetracked, and should probably get back to our hotel, could you help us out?” Shimmer asked.

“Yes, of course, someone can just take you over to the Mews where I’m sure they can arrange a car.” Blossomforth offered.

“Miss Blossomforth, do you know these ladies?” An elder man asked approaching.

“Yes, sir. They are visiting VIPs from Eques.” Blossomforth offered. “May I introduce to you Princess Eliana Sunset Shimmer, and her daughter Princess...”

“Louise.” Scootaloo offered.

“Oh right. I’m so sorry.” Blossomforth apologized. She’d remembered Scootaloo, they’d gone to school together in Ponyville, but had suspected that using the nickname might not go over so well with her supervisor. Shimmer’s official title of Princess Eliana was also seldom used outside of official ceremonies, but Daisy felt it might be a good idea to use it. By bestowing that name on Shimmer, Princess Celestia had sent a powerful statement to the ponies who’d been harassing her for daring to have both wings and a horn. The wings had manifested within the portal on a trip to Equestria. “Oh, and Miss Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom. - I’m afraid I don’t know the others. I’m so sorry. Is that a baby?”

“Rose Myrtle.” Scootaloo offered with a smile. “She’s mine.” Blossomforth lit up with delight on spotting the little redhead and on hearing who’s baby she was. “And my sisters...” Scootaloo gave Nova, and Alalme and inquisitive look, and got happy smiles as an answer. “Princess Nova, and Lady Alalme.”

Loki cleared his throat. He’d clandestinely rejoined the group and wasn’t going to be left out.

“This is Loki Moon and Princess Selena Moon. Princess Luna’s adopted wards.” Shimmer offered.

“I wasn’t aware you were visiting Buckingham today?” The supervisor offered.

“We, um, aren’t. We kind of sneaked in.” Shimmer admitted realizing what that gate was that they went through. They’d used a back gate not meant for public access. “Any chance we could possibly sneak out before someone makes a fuss?”

Nobody sneaks into the gardens at Buckingham Palace. Certainly not while wearing designer clothes. Which to the mind of the supervisor meant that surely someone must have let them in.

“Alright then, Miss Blossomforth, go ahead, and escort them to the Mews, and see what they say. - Where was it your party was staying at?”

“We've got a duplex at the Horseguards hotel.” Shimmer offered.

“Oh yes, of course, the special guests.” He offered with a smile. “Well then, I do hope you enjoy your visit. - Hurry along Miss Blossomforth, and hurry right back.”

“Yes, sir,” Daisy replied. “This way.” Blossomforth directed the group through the yard, past the shops, and down a back alleyway that opened out onto the street through a guarded gate at the end closest to them. Their path took them away from the gate, and a few moments later they passed through into the Mews. For those who don’t know, the Mews is a combination of horse barns and garages where all the conveyances available to Buckingham Palace were housed. The equestrians soon found themselves in one of the barns that housed horses. Here were some of the most magnificent black stallions the mares had laid eyes on.

“So, one of them a colt friend?” Apple Bloom teased.

“I wish.” Daisy offered. “They are dumb as rocks, and the whole bunch have been gelded.”

“Gelded?” Loki asked nervously.

“The English deprived them of their balls,” Daisy informed, her tone one of disgust. “Still though, I suppose it was for the best.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t let them do that to you.” Sweetie teased Loki.

“It helps if I remind myself that they aren’t Equestrians.” Daisy offered, “And if they were they’d be special needs ponies.” She started to introduce them to the geldings, all of whom were quite delighted to meet the mares. Yes, they weren’t so dumb they couldn’t tell a pony from a human. However, the introductions were about to be cut short.

The passage of the ladies had not gone unnoticed by the security people who were now keen on finding out who the unannounced guests were. Daisy heard the sound of security hurrying about, closing in on their location, and panicked. “Quick, the gig is up, every pony into a stall, and make like a horse!” She transformed into a little golden pegasus and hid behind one of the geldings. The other Equestrians were not sure what to think but did likewise.

The ponies watched from their hiding places as security converged on their location. Security teams looked about, even looked right at them, and then fanned out again. After all, they were looking for girls, not colorful ponies.

“I really don’t know what the fuss is?” Offered a little old lady as another group entered the barn. “How dangerous can they be if they are dressed in designer clothes?”

“The thing is, we can’t seem to find them.” One of the men offered.

“They haven't taken Daisy, have they?” the woman asked sounding genuinely concerned. “I do hope nothing has happened to her.”

“Here I am, your majesty,” Daisy announced and trotted out from her hiding place. “I’m right here, I’m alright.”

And all the ponies face hoofed.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth had a momentary look of surprise which morphed into a smile of delight. “Well, the Doctor did tell me the people from Eques are ponies. Though I must admit I hadn’t realized he’d meant that literally.” She said as she reached out, and gave Daisy a pat on the head. “Not that I haven't had my suspicions about certain members of the staff. Come on, the rest of you, you can come out of hiding.”

“Your majesty.” Nova offered as she timidly walked out while still in pony form. She bowed. “I’m Princess Nova of Eques.”

“Please don’t geld our colt friend.” Sweetie pleaded as she too ventured forth. “We might need those.” The later was said with a blush.

“We promise not to geld your colt friend.” The queen offered with a smile.

One by one ponies stuck their heads out from the stalls while Nova introduced them, only to stop as two men who were decidedly wizards walked into the horse barn. They were about as out of place in that setting as a muggle housewife would have been at Hogwarts. They simply did not belong there. The two men looked about, at the people who they perceived to be muggles, at the magical ponies, and pulled their wands out intent on obliviating the muggles.


One moment they were getting ready to cast their spells, the next they were flat on the floor with a large winged pony on top of each. One a large dark gray pegasi thestral mix with a midnight blue mane, and the other a stout black thestral with a platinum mane. Captain Hoofstrong, and Gunny Gotha. One man was out cold, and the other was presently attempting to reach his wand. He hadn’t a chance, but Nova decided to make sure. She walked over, and stepped on his hand, pinning it tightly.

“You stupid beasts!” The wizard exclaimed in agony.

“Stupid? I have got an IQ higher than most humans.” Nova countered. The man looked up at her with horror in his eyes. Eyes that rolled back in his head with the sound of a good thump. Captain Hoofstrong had given his head a thump with a hoof.

“That’s for insulting my princess,” Hoofstrong stated.

“Um, is he going to be alright?” Nova asked as she lifted her hoof.

“He was about to assault the Queen, and you are worried about him,” Gunny said from the top of his victim with a lilt to his voice.

“He’ll be fine.” Captain Hoofstrong offered. “These wizards are made of tough stuff.” A look of concern fell on his face as he looked up at the queen. Nova turned to discover Queen Elizabeth had a wand in her hand.

“Um, your majesty, are we good?” Nova asked just a little bit concerned.

“Yes, yes, you’re alright. You are ponies after all.” She offered with a smile on her face. “To be truthful we have a number of pegasi that like to winter here. Not all the barns are accessible to tour groups.” She smiled a mischievous smile that echoed Daisy’s smile. “Just don’t tell Diana about any of this, she’s a bit too high strung.”

“Can I ask, how you knew?” Shimmer asked stepping out. She then took a moment to transform and bowed while in human form.

“You mean aside from the fact that there is a beautiful sable wearing a designer dress?” Queen Elizabeth asked. “I’d know Daisy’s mane anywhere.” This she said while absentmindedly scratching Daisy’s ear.

“Oh, well… that does make sense.” Shimmer said with a smile on her face.

“And the pony in the dress...” Nova began as she transformed. She then walked over to Alalme. “This is Alalme. - Come on Alalme, transform, and I’ll help you adjust your clothing.”

“Alalme was born in Scotland, and is technically an English pegasus.” Shimmer explained as everyone save Daisy and Scootaloo transformed back into human form. Schoootaloo had yet to come out from the stall she was in. “Alalme’s family are descended from Equestrians, that’s how she’s able to transform. She just hasn’t figured out the clothing trick.”

“I see.” The Queen replied, and stopped scratching Daisy’s ear. “Alright Miss Blossomforth, your supervisor will be wondering what became of you.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Blossomforth replied, bowed. “Thank you for the ear scritches Ma’am.” she backed away, turned, and started trotting back in the direction she’d come.

“Daisy?” The Queen called.

“Yes, Ma’am?” Daisy asked stopping to look back.

“You may wish to transform yourself.” The queen suggested with a smile.

“Oh!” Daisy replied, thought about what she needed to do, and was back to being a human employed in the garden a moment later. She bowed again and hurried on her way.

“I gather you can do magic?” Nova asked.

“I could in my youth. Still, have my wand, but I’d be hard pressed to use it now. Like any other talent, if not used, soon atrophies.” The Queen offered. “Well now, we have welcome gust, and unwelcome.”

“One moment please?” Nova asked. For Nova, it didn’t matter if her Majesty was telling the truth as to whether or not she currently practiced magic. The plain simple truth is that she radiated enough magical energy to be on par with many of the most talented unicorns, and could well be a close second to Luna or Twilight. Was it any wonder that lesser beings would be intimidated in her presence. “Bolts, the rest of you might want to show yourselves. We don’t want any further misunderstandings.”

One by one the remaining ponies dropped out of hiding and transformed into their human forms.

“So many different types.” The Queen said remarking on the diversity of the ponies.

“We ponies do our best not to let differences divide us. Otherwise, we’d have far too many little groups all trying to be the top group.” Shimmer offered. “Our society would break down if we were like that.”

“It’s not perfect either.” Nova offered.

“No, I suppose not.” Shimmer admitted. “Speaking of which, these two?”

“Can’t rightly say.” Captain Hoofstrong offered as he got up. Gunny got up as well so that the palace security could cuff the two, and haul them off to some holding cell.

“Perhaps we should take the wands?” Nova asked.

“I think I can manage those.” Offered a security officer who’d a white stripe running through blue hair.

“Well, then, that just leaves Louise,” Nova replied. “Louise, you can come out.”

“I would, but Rose has had other ideas,” Scootaloo called. “She’s latched on. - Take it easy would you?”

“Rose?” Her Majesty asked.

“Her foal,” Alalme informed with a smile on her face. “Rose Myrtle. She’s rather aggressive in her nursing habits.”

“I’m curious?” The Queen said looking in on mare and foal. “They are so adorable, but weren’t you traveling in human form?”

“Rose is exceptionable in that she’s figured out how to do the transformation.” Shimmer offered with a proud smile. “My grand filly.”

“Your Majesty.” Scootaloo offered, giving as polite a bow as she could without causing issues with Rose. Scootaloo was also just a little bit embarrassed.

“A grand foal.” Her Majesty said as though thinking aloud. “The pegasi I’ve meet all seem to live such short lives.”

“It seems to be the environment, and a lack of proper adult supervision among the local pegasi.” Shimmer offered. “Not to mention that few have access to any medical or education. The free ponies here just don’t seem to live very long. - It’s not like that in Eques. Back in Eques, it’s not uncommon to live well past a hundred years. - About the same as wizards I’d imagine.”

“Such a shame.” Her majesty offered. “The ones that come here do fair better. Are you up on your inoculations?”

“Oh yes, we are strong supporters of immunizations.” Shimmer replied. “Getting all the right ones for all the Equestrians already here was a bit tricky though. Even though we can take on a human form, we are still susceptible to equine illnesses common to this world.”

“I do hope there haven't been any problems.” Her Majesty inquired.

“We’ve been lucky.” Shimmer offered. “We first became aware of the risk back in 1903 by your calendar. Steps were taken back then to get every pony immunized once the culprit was identified.”

“Back in nineteen oh three?!” Nova exclaimed. She’d been overcome with a feeling of dread. “But that’s...”

“Fortunately no pony died during that outbreak.” Shimmer offered. “Since then, we’ve made sure to take precautions when traveling through the portals, and we quickly made sure we had all the latest vaccines.”

“How is it I never got sick?” Nova asked.

“Quite possibly for the same reason Princess Celestia never gets sick.” Shimmer offered. Nova just gave her a confused look. After all, Nova wasn’t really an alicorn, just a talented pony who had both wings and a horn. “Let me explain. Princess Celestia is immune to just about everything because her normal body temp is higher then most viruses can handle.”

“That’s not me.” Nova countered.

“And she’s got an immune system that is well in advance of us mare mortals.” Shimmer continued. “You have a unique heritage that gives you an equally robust immune system. Getting you vaccinated was more so that you didn’t become an unwitting carrier. - I am to understand that when you first got here conditions for equines were grievously horrific.”

“You mean it was a cesspool of filth and abuse.” Nova offered. “No offense Ma’am. I originally came through in 1903, and things are a lot nicer now. Back then, seeing all those hard-working horses pushed to their limits pulling carts and wagons, and the smell of coal smoke permeating the air, it was nearly more then I could take. - Maybe if I had stayed there as planned, I might have gotten sick.”

“You were in London in nineteen oh three?” Her Majesty asked.

“Dear Nova has been having dimensional issues.” Shimmer offered.

“A very powerful entity popped me into another dimension.” Nova offered. “I’ve been bouncing back and forth since. Each time and place that I’ve stopped at was just a stopover till I could catch up with my own timeline. The downside is it takes time, and I’m aging.” Nova took in a ragged breath as the weight of the emotions threatened to overwhelm her. “I’m not a little filly anymore.”

“Nova,” Alalme began, she went up to her, and wrapped her arms around her. “If you could stop all that from happening, would you?”

“If it were somehow possible, I’d lose you, Alya, Goldwine, and all the other wonderful ponies, and people that are in my life.” Nova offered. “Now I think I understand why Mom said she couldn't rescue me. The true reason.” Nova turned and gave Alalme a hug. “I would never have known you, you’d have spent your life in captivity, Goldwine would have been eaten, there are all the lives that I impacted along the way, and I’d never have had a chance at having the kind of relationship I now have with Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle.” Nova let out a short little laugh. “I’m still going to do my best to kill Discord though.”

“Come on you two, you’re getting all mushy in front of the queen.” Loki cautioned, and then gave the pair a hug.

“I’m so sorry.” Nova offered to Her Majesty while breaking from what was threatening to be a group hug.

“That’s quite alright.” The Queen offered. She walked up to them and gave her a hug as well. “It seems you’ve had a difficult road. You persevered though.” She seemed thoughtful, taking a moment to collect her thoughts. “I grew up during a time of great hardship for England, and I was not ready to take on the mantle of the office of State when my father died. He was much too young, and I too young as well. It was all very sudden, and I was not ready. I know that now, and wouldn't wish this burden placed on Charles any sooner than need be. I have seen good times as well as bad. Crisis, and war. We soldier on because we must. Even the least of us will impact the lives of a great many souls. Whether we chose to admit it or not. When I became Queen of the United Kingdom, I chose to accept my fate, and do the best I can. - And you must do likewise.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Nova replied with a hint of a smile. Her ears picked up a tiny little gasp. “And I think some pony just came up for air.”

“Well, now I can say I have truly seen the prettiest baby.” Her Majesty stated as a big smile formed on her face. Rose stepped up a couple of paces and did her best rendition of a pegasi curtsy.

When the ponies returned to the Horse Guards Hotel, Rose would be so keyed up that she pronged about the place as she told the other foals about getting to meet the Queen of England.

“Crouch!” Trixie shouted as she stepped out of the fireplace at the home of Bartemius Crouch. They were just sitting down for a later dinner.

“Madam Lulamoon, what brings you to my humble home?” Crouch asked hoping she wouldn't realize that a certain man sitting at the table should not be there.

“Two Aurors have been arrested by the muggle authority for attempting to assault the Queen of England,” Trixie exclaimed in all but a shout.

“I, um, I...” Bartemius Crouch stammered out while casting a glance at his son.

“I’m not asking Barty, I’m asking you.”

Both men looked at her with wide-eyed astonishment.

“Come on Minister, this is me, Beatrice Lulamoon. Trixie is a Hogwarts alumnus, dropped out in nineteen-oh-seven. It’s not in our interest to do anything about your son. So long as he behaves himself. What I want is an explanation as to why a pair of Aurors went into a royal compound without our express permission, and what the buck were they trying to do?”

“Buck?” Barty Junior asked. The whole scene had him completely flummoxed.

“I’ll get onto Rufus Scrimgeour, and we’ll get an investigation going.” Minister Crouch offered.

“Find him, and I’m going to want some kind of an explanation first thing in the morning,” Trixie demanded.

“You know about…?” Barty asked.

“I’m not going to hold it against you for falling for a complete and utter fraud. Yes, that’s right, a fraud. The man’s real name is Tom Riddle, and he was a mudblood.” Trixie stated. “Just ask Dumbledore, he knows the truth. - Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve things to do.” And with that Trixie whirled about, and returned the way she’d come.

“It can’t be… can it?”

“And who had the most to gain by ‘You know who’s’ defeat?” Minster Crouch stated as he slammed a hand down on the table. “Riddle. I knew him. Yes of course… he was an exemplary student, very likable, lots of followers, mostly Slytherin students. He had a promising career ahead of him, and then he vanished. Dropped off the face of the Earth right before Volde...”

“You mean everything I did was a lie?” Barty asked his tone that of stunned horror.

“If he had managed to accomplish his goals the wizarding community would have been devastated. - I honestly believe he wasn’t going to be satisfied until we were all dead. - I need to find Scrimgeour, and when we’ve done with that mess I have got a mind to have a few words with Dumbledore. Greatest wizard of our time. The greatest manipulator is more like it.”

"So what do you know about Ms Lulamoon, did she really drop out of Hogwarts in nineteen-oh-seven?"

"That lovely little lady is a hundred years old, and may well be as powerful as she boasts. - Keep in mind that she and her allies from Eques have been watching us, and likely know everything."