Ponies in Hogwarts

by KittyrinnAiko

Chapter 19: The Raid

It's early Saturday morning, a group of RAF aviators along with one US Naval Cadet with short rainbow colored hair are sitting in a hanger undergoing a mission briefing. Outside can be heard the sound of jet engines warming up.

“So why’s Pride Day here?” One of the aviators asked. “No offense to the Midshipman mind you.”

“Why does everyone harp on my hair? It grows that way!” Dash complained.

“Midshipman Dash is going to be riding along in the Hunter acting as a spotter.” The mission commander explained. “It’s a dead zone. Our very own Highland triangle.”

“What, not that Falkirk triangle rubbish?” One of the men asked.

“Don’t be daft, that’s our own aircraft people are spotting.” Offered an older man in an army officers uniform. His name, Lethbridge-Stewart, retired Brigadier. “Not that a few of those sightings might be legitimate.” He added with a wink. “Midshipmen Dash here was chosen for this mission because it was brought to our attention that she was immune to the localized effect that caused people to literally look the other way. And she can’t say no. There have been numerous unexplained disappearances in the area, and most recently there’s been an issue regarding a none native species that have taken up residence in a forest in the region.” A large poster-sized card was turned over to revel a picture of a large upturned spider with a man standing nearby with an automatic rifle trained on it. The body of the spider was as big as the man. Some more poster cards were turned over showing satellite imaging.

“Here’s the thing, the majority of you are not likely to be able to see any of what can be seen on satellite.” The Mission Commander offered. “The Brigadier here is acting as a liaison officer with UNIT.”

“I’ve seen more than my share of strange.” The Brigadier offered. “This one is actually one of the milder ones.”

“Now, each of you will have precise coordinates dialed in by satellite. There is a town not too far away, and a large private school. Neither of which you’ll find on any maps.” The Mission Commander informed them. “Do not stray from the GPS, unless the Midshipmen waves you off. Do not attempt to go into this area with any other aircraft. These birds have had their avionics shielded from the effects of the radiation specific to the area. And don’t worry, it’s only harmful to electronics.”

“Seriously?” One of the pilots asked.

“Seriously.” Offered the pilot who’d been out with Dash. She was a training officer with the call sign of Spitfire. “I’ve been over that forest about three times now. The first two times all I saw was Scottish moors. About halfway into the third flight that moor vanished, and was replaced by forest.” She looked at each one in the eyes to make sure they were paying attention. “This is quit possibly the most dangerous mission you will ever do because you’ll be going in completely blind to what you are flying into. - Listen to the radio. There will be a spotter in the civilian area identified as Moon dust. If she says pull up, if she says turn left, or turn right, then you bloody well better do it.”


Three pegacorns glide silently over the quidditch grounds, one mostly white with black, a golden orange yellow with magenta hair, and a larger mare of midnight blue with black dapples and plot. Students have begun to gather, but there are no other pegasi about.

“You’re serious about the jets, aren’t you?” Scootaloo asked as they rounded the goal hoops.

“Now what lead you to that conclusion?” Nova asked with a grin. Luna just nickered.

“You asked the pegasi to either move on to their summer homes, or return to Equestria by first light today, and insisted that no pony remaining be in the air, or anywhere near the forbidden forest.”

“A few of my new friends got together, buried the hatchet, and managed to get an airstrike scheduled to go after the acromantula colony.” Luna offered.

“As this is the last game of the year, most of the wizard folk will be at the game, and there won’t be any students or staff anywhere near the forest,” Nova added. “That leaves pegasi accidentally flying into the path of an aircraft.”

“I feel a little sorry for Hagrid,” Luna informed them. “It’s a good thing he’s nowhere near here. I can see him rushing strait to the colony. Being that at least one of them was his pet. And yes, I did a lot of networking to make this happen. Even the Prime Minister knows about the raid. Well, we wouldn't want him to be blindsided, and we’ve some of our best agents keeping a close watch for when the Ministry of Magic people go ballistic.”

“In case you are wondering, no, we did not tell the fliers to go right over the quidditch grounds,” Nova explained to Scootaloo. “I’m to understand they were told to stay well clear of the school. It’s just that the human Rainbow Dash and Spitfire are in one of the airplanes, and if those two are anything like our Dash, and Spitfire...”

“They’ll buzz the school the first chance they get and bring company.” Scootaloo offered, finishing Nova’s thought.

“I’ve an idea, let's loosen up a bit.” Nova offered while propelling herself forward a little faster. She did a quick snap roll, followed by a loop. Scootaloo and Princess Luna couldn't resist and followed so that it turned into a game of follow the leader. The three were frolicking about when Wood’s voice rang out over the pitch.

It sure would be nice if our seeker would quit horsing around, and get ready for the game!

“Um, do you think he knows?” Scootaloo asked looking towards the team changing rooms. Wood was standing there with his wand to his throat glaring at the trio.

“They know your cutie mark, and we know several people saw you transform to shield Goldwine. Who knows how many people saw you transform when I snatched you up? - Sorry about that." Nova offered. “They were bound to figure it out sooner or later. Might be best to circle around though.”

“I’m going to head for the Astronomy tower.” Luna offered. “I’ve a radio set up there I can use to scold the pilots if they get too close to the school.”

“Alright mom, see you. I’m heading in, and will be out in a bit.” Nova offered as Luna glided over towards the school. “Scootaloo?”

“Oh darn it all anyway. If he knows it’s only a matter of time till everyone has figured it out.” Scootaloo stated, and glided down to where Wood was waiting. Nova watched from above as Scootaloo dropped down, and walked into the team room as onlookers watched in astonishment. Wood turned around and followed.

Nova circled a couple of times, and then went back to the Gryffindor tower. There she transformed to human form and went downstairs gathering Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, Hermione, Harry Potter, and Rhona Weasley along the way. Ron was still a girl owing to the fact that no one had figured out a counter-potion yet. They arrived at the quidditch grounds a short time later to discover a large gathering of students and staff gathered round the entrance to the team rooms.

“Guys, you’ll never believe it!” Nelly called on seeing the group. “A pegacorn landed, and walked right into the Gryffindor team room!”

“Oh for...” Nova said as palm found face.

“A pegacorn… anyone we know?” Apple Bloom asked crossly, as she gave Nova a dirty look.

“Wood figured it out.” Nova offered. “And I’d imagine the whole team knows. You can’t actually believe we were going to keep a lid on that forever. I mean about Louise being an animagus.” She added a wink knowing full well there’d be people who could hear her.

“Now hang on one minute?!” Apple Bloom protested.

“Up in our room, she was being protective. A might bit overprotective I might add.” Nova countered. “And I told her to go around. It was her idea to just go strait down.”

“Be it as it may...” Apple Bloom protested.

“What say we see what we can do about this crowd?” Sweetie Belle offered, and started working her way forward. Apple Bloom followed, followed by Nova. But when they’d gathered where the teachers were, they were told to stay back.

Hey! You guys got a pony in there!” Apple Bloom shouted, and a fine impersonation of the Royal Canterlot voice it was. The teachers, and gathered students all cringed, followed by Wood venturing out a moment later.

“What’s this all about then?” Wood asked as he looked about.

“By any chance is there a pegacorn in there?” Nova asked.

“Ah, no. Whatever gave you that idea? No one in here save team members.” Wood replied.

“Well then, nothing to see here, move along, move along.” Sweetie Belle offered as she made a shooing motion with her hands.

“Come on, let's go find a place to sit.” Apple Bloom prompted as instructors began to poke their heads in the team room to have a look. “Nova, you’re joining us this time I’m assuming?”

“Yes please, if you’ll have me?” Nova offered with a touch of a dramatic flair.

“Come on you little floof ball.”Apple Bloom called as she made her way to the stands.

“Hey, only Alalme gets to call me that.” Nova protested.

“Floof ball.” Apple Bloom calls with a smile. “Hey, don’t land on my head!? What are you doing?” Nova had transformed into her fox form.

“Distraction.” Nova offered as she dropped around Apple Bloom’s neck to rest on her shoulders. Students and staff alike look on with jaws dropped. “Alalme is a little disappointed she can’t come.”

“She understands about the possibility of aircraft coming in?” Apple Bloom whispered as she made her way through the crowd of curious onlookers.

“Ya, she’s not sure she’s ready for humans flying in machines.”

“But are you going to be alright if one or more should buzz us?” Apple Bloom asked.

“What? How big can they be?” Nova asked, followed by Sweetie Belle laughing. “What?”

“You there!” Filch called coming up to Apple Bloom. “Is that your animal? That animal is not an approved animal.”

“Um, actually, no, she’s not mine.” Apple Bloom replied. With Quirrel gone, Filch was right back to looking for any infraction he could find.

“Then why is that animal sitting on your shoulders?” Filch asked in an accusing tone.

“I really have no idea, she just landed...” Nova the fox blows a raspberry at Filch, “..there.” Apple Bloom offered. Apple Bloom proceeded to bite her lip in an effort to keep herself from laughing.

“She’s mine.” Offered the familiar voice of an old woman joining them. Nova turned to discover Madam Marchbanks, and wagged her tail. “She runs errands for me. Now if you’ll excuse us, you are holding up the line.”

“I’m terribly sorry,” Filch replied and backed away.

From there it didn’t take them long to climb the steps up into one of the viewing stands. “You girls don’t mind if I join you?”

“No, not at all.” Apple Bloom offered.

“So how’s your special project going?” Madam Marchbanks asked of Nova.

“Is it alright if I sit with you?” Malfoy asked from behind. Nova got off Apple Bloom's shoulders as the others found seats, dropped down to a seat herself, transformed back into a girl, and invited Malfoy to sit with them. Malfoy just stood there with jaw agape.

“Well come on.” Nova prompted as everyone sat. “And my little project is quite energetic.”

“I guess it’s alright.” Harry offered Malfoy.

“Are you sure we want Malfoy sitting with us?” Rhona asked.

“Well right now she is in the same boat you are in, and I don’t hear Malfoy trying to antagonize you about it.” Nova pointed out.

“You’re an Animagus?” Malfoy asked.

“Yes, I am at that, now come have a seat.” Nova offered.

“Thank you.” Malfoy offered as she went around to sit down.

“They giving you a hard time?” Nova asked.

“I just don’t understand them. There is harassing people, and then there is just plain… It’s a nightmare.”

“Perhaps I could have a word with Professor Snape?” Madam Marchbanks offered. “What was your name?”

“Malfoy, Draco, though I guess you could just call me Coco now. Plenty of other things I’m being called, but I guess I can live with Coco if I have to be stuck like this. And Professor Snape knows. He’s moved me to the hospital wing. It hasn’t been easy for him either. Get hit with a gender-swapping potion, and suddenly no one gives him any respect anymore. And they are treating me like I’ve done something horrible.”

“Welcome to the female gender.” Madam Marchbanks offered with a sarcastic air.

“Madam Marchbanks, you knew the winged fox was Nova?” Hermione asked after a short and slightly awkward silence.

“She used to be my student. It was a long time ago, and then something happened that I don’t fully understand, but I’m glad she’s here, whole, and well. We used to give her a lot of leeway, but she behaved for the most part.”

“I don’t understand?” Malfoy asked.

“I was displaced in time,” Nova informed Malfoy with her voice low so only those right next to her could hear. “That’s the real reason I was late.”

“Are you sure it’s a good idea...” Sweetie Belle said voicing her concern.

“It’s pretty much common knowledge for anyone capable of connecting the dots.” Nova offered. “The ministry knows, I’m the individual who made the Nova broom, all the ghosts remember me, but no one else at school knew who I was.”

“So that’s what that was all about.” Malfoy offered quietly as more people filed in, to include Professor Dumbledore. It was not Professor Dumbledore's normal place to sit.

“Ah Griselda, so good of you to join us.” Dumbledore offered as he found an empty seat. “I’m looking forward to an exciting game today.”


Meanwhile in the Gryffindor team room, Wood is looking out the door with a worried expression.

“Something wrong?” Katie Bell asked as she finished buttoning her uniform. “I am definitely going have to get this let out a little. What do you think? I mean, I’d hate to have my buttons pop out on the pitch. - Oliver? - Katie to Oliver Wood?”

“Where are the pegasi? I don’t see the pegasi?” Wood commented.

“What pegasi?” Katie asked.

“The ones that usually hang out on top of the viewing stands.” Wood said sounding frustrated.

“Well, you could try asking our resident pegasus.” Katie pointed out.

“Most of them have moved to their summer residences,” Scootaloo informed him. “But tell me, how long have you known I was an animagus?”

“We saw you transform that day you got plastered by the bludger.” Katie offered.

“You were our little secret until recent events.” Angelina offered.

“Recent events? What are you talking about?” Wood asked turning to look back. Nothing, the girls chimed. Outside Lee Jordan, the Gryffindor student who did commentary at the quidditch matches had begun talking about what a momentous day it was.

“So all this time you knew?” Scootaloo asked. “And never said a thing?”

“Considering how they reacted to those tramp stamps you and the others have.” Katie offered.

“They are called cutie marks. They are a manifestation of Equestrian magic.”

“Which means...” Alicia Spinnet said as she collected her broom. “That your favorite mare is likely a certain girl from Eques, and is probably in the stands right now.” Thanks to Nova having collapsed in her pony form, Alicia had a pretty good idea who it was too.

“You think… hang on that’s bad, that’s very bad.” Wood said. It seemed he might start rambling.

“Not to Worry.” George offered.

“The Slytherin’s have already challenged the call,” Fred informed.

“And they were told that they’d still lose,” George added.

“Seems.” Fred began.

“That round robin they did at the goal hoop.” George continued.

“While we were otherwise distracted,” Fred added.

“Is one of the fouls that aren’t listed in the book.” George completed.

“Yes of course. Any time a goal is made the quaffle is taken by the referee, and handed over to the apposing team.” Wood said with a smile on his face. “The goals didn’t count.”

“Still though, it wouldn't do to let on that she’s a student.” Angelina offered. “Who knows what kind of fall out it could create if it were commonly known.”

“Absolutely right.” Wood stated firmly. “Can't have another incident like the Cutie Mark incident. That simply will not do. Not at all.”

“It’s time,” Alicia informed them.

“Indeed it is.” Wood offered with a smile.

“Oh, and if you hear thunder, hit the deck.” Scootaloo cautioned as she retrieved her broom.

“What? Thunder?” Wood asked sounding panicky.


Nova and the others watched with anticipation as the teams entered the field. Sure she had a good idea how it was going to end, but there was still that chance her prediction was wrong. Her predictions seldom were, being how they were backed by mathematics. The teams squared off, Madam Hooch blew her whistle, the balls were released, Players lifted up into the air, Scootaloo stretched her arm out, was seen to snatch at something, and then held up her fist with the snitch firmly held in hand. A moment later the forest out where the spider colony was, erupted into flame. For those who were in the stand facing that part of the forest it looked like Scootaloo had been framed in a background of flame, players to either side of her, followed shortly by the sound of thunder, the howling roar of engines, and muggle jets passing right over the viewing stands.

Up in her tower Luna was presently chewing out the pilots as more incendiaries and napalm hit the spiders little glen, and the silver wood erupted into golden fire.

Wave after wave flew over the forest until the entire colony had been burned to cinders. With any luck, the spiders being nocturnal, they’d all be extra crispy KFS. If not there were plans to have members of the Equestrian guard force do a walkthrough.

Dumbledore looked out over the forest dumbstruck. Nova who had absolutely no idea how big and noisy human aircraft were, was presently in Apple bloom’s lap clinging on to her for dear life. Along with Sweetie Belle, and Coco who was equally startled having never seen a muggle warbird. Coco was also presently a white ball of fluff with tufted ears, a blond mane, tail, and leathery wings. Rhona, and Nelly were clinging to Harry, and Hermione was without words.

“Shit’s going to hit the fan on this one.” Madam Marchbanks offered as she recovered from the momentary surprise.

“What a finish! That has got to be one for the books. Fastest finish ever, and what a spectacle!” Lee Jordan shouted over the quidditch stands and proceeded to go nuts.

“Nova, what are you doing?” Hermione asked having finally found her voice. “You predicted this, and look at you!” A broad smile formed on her lips, and then she started laughing.

“I was not expecting that!” Nova protested. “I’ve never seen a muggle jet in my life! - I nearly wet myself!”

“Oh god,” Coco whined.

“Me too.”Sweetie Belle offered quietly.

“Well, that doesn’t do me a whole lot of good.” Apple Bloom complained.

“Nor me,” Harry added.

“I’ve never been more scared in my whole life.” Rhona protested bitterly.

“Hermione...” Harry said softly. “You wouldn't happen to have a good clean up spell?”

“Coco, by any chance you wouldn't happen to have a mandrake leaf in your mouth?” Hermione asked as she got her wand out to do a little cleanup.

“Maybe.” Coco replied. “Why?”

“Look at yourself,” Hermione suggested as Scootaloo did a victory lap around the pitch.

“I don’t have to look at myself to know I soiled myself,” Malfoy said tersely.

“Before or after you transformed?” Harry asked.

“What? - I transformed?”

“Well would you look at that!” George called from his broom a short distance out.

“Seems our little girl has found herself a boyfriend,” Fred called.

Rhona froze, but relaxed on feeling the effects of Hermione clandestinely using a scourgify spell on the group. Madam Marchbanks did the same for Apple Bloom’s huddle and then looked around to see if anyone else had a similar experience.

“Hang on, who’s the floof ball?” Scootaloo asked as she pulled up on her broom. Madam Hooch was presently trying to get all the quidditch players grounded just in case another muggle aircraft buzzed the pitch.

“I transformed?” Coco said again as she untangled herself. “Hang on, what am I?”

“You appear to be a baby Thestral.” Madam Marchbanks offered.

“She’s a Caribbean Thestral Alba.” Hermione offered.

“Aww, I wanted something cool,” Coco complained.

“Hey, nothing cooler than being a bat pony.” Offered a gray thestral hanging from the underside of the overhang.

“Friend of yours?” Madam Marchbanks asked.

“Body guard.” Nova offered. “Mouse, what are you doing up there?” Nova called as she extracted herself from her little pile on top of Apple Bloom. Dumbledore stood up and apparated. “Not like I’m in any real danger now that Troll fart is gone.”

“It gives me something to do.” Mouse offered.

“Why don’t you drop down, and introduce yourself?” Nova inquired. Mouse thought about it for a moment, dropped, tumbled to right side up, spread her wings to slow herself down, transformed into her human form, and dropped down to the stands. She was presently wearing a uniform that looked like an Auror from nineteen oh three.

“Lieutenant Mouse, at your service.” She offered with a polite bow. “Her Majesty's own Shadow Bolts.”

“I see.” Madam Marchbanks replied.

“On loan from home.” Nova offered. “What say we go inside? - I’ve the distinct feeling the Hogwarts staff are in a mild state of panic.”

“You are a fine one to talk.” Apple Bloom pointed out as more explosions erupted in the forest.

“I’ll catch up with you as soon as I can get changed.” Scootaloo offered and then flew off towards the team rooms at the far end.

“Professor Marchbanks, Pro… Madam, we must evacuate! Where’s Dumbledore?” McGonagall called as she climbed up to their viewing platform.

“My dear Minerva, do calm down.” Marchbanks scolded.

“But, but?” McGonagall protested.

“The muggles were after the spider colony. Not the school.” Marchbanks offered. “Yes, I was aware that something was up. As the ministry had seen fit to ignore a problem that had been brought to their attention, those who were being most affected, the very farmers and ranchers this school gets its provisions from, they chose to turn to others for a solution.”

“I see,” McGonagall replied. “Where has Professor Dumbledore gone then?”

“I’d imagine to go have words with the Minister of Magic.” Madam Marchbanks offered.

“Perhaps we should go inside?” Nova suggested. “Just in case of stray acromantulas.”

“Perhaps that would be prudent,” McGonagall replied. “Just one thing first, where did you get that creature, and where is your mother?”

“Hey!” Malfoy protested.

“That’s Malfoy, and mom is at the top of the astronomy tower with a radio.” Nova offered. “I’ve no doubt she is chewing out those pilots via the radio, and will likely do so in person later on.”

“I see,” McGonagall replied with fire in her eyes.

“Young Malfoy has figured out the animagus spell on their own.” Madam Marchbanks offered. “Tell me young pup, by any chance, can you change yourself back?”

“Maybe after she’s calmed down a bit.” Lt Mouse offered.

“Oh, your father is going to be thrilled.” Professor McGonagall stated. “Do you know that he never even bothered to come check on young Malfoy when he was informed that his son had been turned into a girl? He sent a letter informing us to be sure and transform him back prior to sending him home.”

“Well, what if I want to stay a girl?” Malfoy stated stubbornly. Malfoy’s statement is followed by stunned silence. “I mean, aside from the fact that half of Slytherin House hates me even more, and would just assume dissect me if they catch me like this, I really don’t mind being a girl.”

“OK, the dissecting part has me a little worried.” Lt Mouse stated. “That is to say, I wouldn't put it past some of the members of that house to do it if they thought they could get away with it.”

“Has anyone ever been resorted into a different house?” Nova asked.

“It’s never been done.” McGonagall offered. Just the idea of even wanting to try it astounded her. “Even if it can be done, the year is nearly at an end anyway.”

“Malfoy is cunning and manipulative, but when he’s not being a total prat Malfoy is also brave, daring, and has plenty of nerve.” Harry offered. “If Draco had grown up with a different set of parents who’s to say he might have been sorted into Gryffindor. - He’s not the same person he was when he first arrived.”

“Malfoy? In Gryffindor?!” Rhona protested.

“He faced down the creature in the forest.” Harry offered. “Would you have done the same? - Miss I can’t stand spiders.”

“Hey, spiders are just creepy, and I don’t blame the muggles for wanting to kill a spider with fire.” Rhona protested.

Professor McGonagall rolled her eyes at Rhona’s statement as a pegasus flew in with one of the twins tied up and strapped to his back. He was followed by another with the other twin.

“Trying to go to the blast zone.” The first pegasi offered as they unceremoniously dumped the pair.

“Fifty points from Gryffindor, from each of you,” McGonagall stated flatly. She then went to the edge of the viewing stand, and with wand to throat, projected her voice out with the order for everyone to return to their houses for a head count.

“I think perhaps Malfoy should be my guest for the duration of the school year.” Nova offered.

“Yes, that might be a good idea.” Madam Marchbanks mused.

“I’ll be sure to let Professor Snape know,” McGonagall replied dryly.


A short time later Bat pony Coco is being given a pony back ride right to the balcony exit of Nova’s apartments. At first, she was convinced they were going to crash, but then the balcony appeared.

“Wow,” Coco whispered as she slowly walked into the rotunda. “This is in the Gryffindor tower?”

“Oh ‘eaven’s no.” Lt Mouse offered as she followed Coco. “It’s a very special sort of wizard space, that is both in the world and not in the world at the same time. Displaced space. This is just one entrance, and it belongs to Princess Nova. There is even an entry in the hospital wing, which is where we are going.”

“We can get to the hospital wing from here? Without having to go through the hallways?”

“Sure can come on.” Lt Mouse offered and led the way to the stairs. Coco looked at the large door that led to Nova’s personal apartments on the other side of the stair landing. It’d been added to keep the foals from racing down the stairs when no one was watching, and likely would be kept there to help keep the foals in during nap time. “That’s Princess Nova’s private apartment. We need to go downstairs. - Come along.”

“Wow, where is that park at?” Coco asked as they descend to the lower landing that looked out into the greenhouse.

“We are still inside Princess Nova’s palace. All that is inside the palace.”


“This way.” Lt Mouse offered and opened the door to the lower hall. They’d only gone a short way when they turned in through the door that entered the infirmary where a curious white unicorn watched from her hospital bed. At this point, Lt Mouse transformed back into her human form. She went to a door at the far end and looked through a peephole. “Seems you’ve visitors from your house.”

Malfoy paled. As if it was possible for a white bat pony to get any whiter. “I can’t let any one from Slytherin house see me like this. - Is that the entrance to the hospital wing?”

“Sure is.” “Doesn’t exactly look like a social visit either.”

“My stuff is in there.”

“Hang on they are leaving the room.” Lt Mouse waited a moment. “Wait here.” she then opened the door, quietly slipped in, and shut the door behind her. Madam Pomfrey could be heard berating the boys who’d been in the room.

LT Mouse walked out to the ward where there were a number of open beds. The fact that the leader of the boys was Marcus Flint was no big surprise.

“You boys sure seem to be unusually preoccupied with young Malfoy.” Lt Mouse offered as she leaned up against the door jam. “Turn a twelve-year-old boy into a girl, and you lot can’t seem to get enough of her.”

“Malfoy is a freak.” Flint sneered. “Who are you anyway?”

“It’s just a potion mishap, Mr Flint.” Madam Pomfrey scolded. “I declare, add some tentacles and you’d think it was cool or something. Turn a boy into a girl and you are on her like hounds after a fox intent to rip her apart. Malfoy will be back to being his old self just as soon as a counter potion is devised.”

“I think I know what’s going on here.” Lt Mouse said as a sly sort of smile formed on her face. “He thinks Malfoy is cute.” She waited a moment to judge the boy's reaction. “Yes, that’s it. How old are you, boy, seventeen? You’ve got them urges don’t you.” Mouse winked. “Cute little firstie suddenly gets turned into a girl, and oh my is she cute. And you, you are attracted to her. A first year, a girl of only twelve, only that’s creating havoc in your mind. Bad enough she’s just a little kid, but she used to be a boy. The fact that she used to be a boy is driving you mad.”

“Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!” Flint demanded as his anger boiled.

“Could it be you’d rather she was still a he?” Lt Mouse suggested.

“Now Lieutenant, don’t you think you are pushing it?” Madam Pomfrey advised.

“Pushing it? I’m just getting warmed up. Back home they call boys like him colt cuddlers.”

“You take that back!” Flint demanded.

“Or what? What are you going to do? Little cult cuddler.” Mouse offered with a wicked grin. “You can’t do shit. You are a weakling. That’s why you like to harass little girls. You’re too afraid to go after anyone else.”

“When Voldemort comes back, you’ll see, I’ll make you all pay!”

At this, the other boys began to back away. Their bravado only went so far.

“Voldie? That fraud?!” Mouse exclaimed and started laughing.

“I’m warning you!” Flint said with clenched jaw as his rage boiled. His hand went to his wand, he pulled it out, pointed it at Mouse. “Shut up, or I’ll shut you up!”

“Flint put that away, this instant!” Madam Pomfrey ordered.

“What? What’s he going to do?” Mouse asked with mirth in her tone.

Avada Kedavra!” Flint shouted, rage making his decisions for him, Followed by Mouse lurching back like she’d just received a full-on Apple buck as sickly green, red, and black arches of energy ripple out from the point of impact.

Flint!” Madam Pomfrey shouted, a look of horror on her face.

Flint slowly turned to face her.

Meanwhile… Inside the Gryffindor common room, they weren’t quite sure if they should be ecstatic about winning the Quidditch cup, or furious with the twins for losing one hundred points.

“That was pretty stupid of them.” Harry offered as Nova sat down next to him with a plate full of goodies, and a drink hovering nearby. “Oh, some one is blowing up a whole glen, let's go have a look see.”

“We’ll just have to call it the hero and the goats party.” Nova offered as Hermione joined them on the other side of Harry. “Listen, Harry...”

“No luck on getting me away from my Aunt and Uncle.” Harry said guessing at what she was about to say.

“I’m told our lawyers are trying, but the court system won’t budge. Not even your Uncle’s manic episode seems to be enough. I’m told that even if we could somehow get him committed, you’d still be at the mercy of your Aunt.”

“I’ve spent the better part of my life in a cupboard under the stairs.” Harry replied bitterly.

“I don’t think they believed it.” Nova offered. “We need something big enough to force child protective services to respond to the house, and then they need to see something that they can’t ignore.”

“Maybe I could just run away.” Harry offered.

“That might not work out so well.” Hermione cautioned.

“I don’t even know what I’m going to do,” Nova said with a sigh.

“How’s that?” Hermione asked.

“I can’t go home just yet.”

“Hang on now, why ever not?” Hermione asked.

“There’s a risk of a temporal paradox if I go home, and interact with my younger self. Seems to be alright while I’m here though.”

“Temporal, what?” Harry asked. “Younger self?”

“Have you seriously been doing time travel?” Hermione asked.

“I have, and not just time, but across dimensions.” Nova offered. “We are from another dimension. Technically speaking. Eques is in a natural displaced space that is staggering in proportion. I suspect the presence of the portals to our world is why we can speak English. A little cultural contamination from time to time from individuals finding their way through the portals.”

“You can’t be serious?” Harry asked.

“Having seen the true interior of her luggage I’m inclined to believe her,” Hermione informed Harry.

“You haven't seen the half of it.” Nova offered. “I haven't seen the half of it.”

Harry laughed.

“I could get lost in there.”

“I can see the headlines, Princess lost in her own luggage.” Harry teased.

“I’d never live it down.”

“Tell you what, why don’t you come stay with me,” Hermione suggested. “It’s not like you take up a lot of room.”

“Do you think your parents would be alright with it?” Nova asked. “I wouldn't feel right imposing on the Weasleys.”

“What are you talking about?” Scootaloo asked as she plopped down onto Nova’s lap.

“I was going to invite her to stay at my house.” Hermione offered.

“Nova, we have a place in Walthamstove, London.” Scootaloo scolded. “Did you forget?”

“Um, ya, kind of.” Nova offered sheepishly.


Back in the hospital wing. “Flint, please, don’t.” Madam Pomfrey pleaded.


But wait, we need to check in on Professor Dumbledore who has been waiting for Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, to come back from having words with the Prime Minister, John Major.

“Excuse me, Professor Dumbledore, the Prime Minister will see you now.” Announced a young woman in a muggle business suit. She was pretty, fairly ordinary, with hair the color of blue-gray… or at least she’d be ordinary if not for the fact her suit was the color of new parchment, and there was a shock of pink in her hair. It kind of reminded Dumbledore of Sweetie Belle. The fact that this woman was presently informing him that the Prime Minister would see him now, simply wasn’t computing. “This way sir.” Agent Bon offered, directing him to the doorway Cornelius Fudge had gone into a short time ago. Seemed like hours at this point, and where was Fudge?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name,” Dumbledore asked.

“Bon. Bon Bon.”

“Oh she’s good, I’ll vouch for her myself,” Trixie announced from Fudge’s chair. Dumbledore startled. How long had she been there? Well, the white hair with streaks of gray wasn’t that unusual, but they were broad well-defined stripes. Miss Nova Moon had well-defined stripes in her hair as well. Dumbledore decided to dismiss it as some new fad he wasn’t aware of.

“This way sir.” Bon Bon insisted.