Ponies in Hogwarts

by KittyrinnAiko

Chapter 13: Chasers and Seekers

“Snape is refereeing the next quidditch game?!” Nova exclaimed on hearing about it from the boys. January had been miserable both in the weather and in their attempts to deal with the menace that was Voldemort. Troll Fart had gone on the hunt twice, and each time they’d failed to pin him down. Luna had even gotten her hooves on a minigun, but the bastage had been too fast. Sections of the forest were starting to look worse for wear because of it. At least the thing was useful in blasting spiders whenever Luna was feeling especially frustrated. Spiders would rush in only to fall as a rain of bullets descended upon them, while Luna laughed with glee. It looked very much like a scene from the attack on Zion.

“I’m thinking maybe Harry shouldn't play?” Ron asked referring to the upcoming Quidditch game. They were presently in the Gryffindor common room.

“Maybe, and then again, maybe that’s what they want,” Scootaloo commented.

“What are you talking about?” Apple Bloom asked. As she and Sweetie Belle joined them.

“Has to do with why you and Sweetie Belle almost didn’t come back to Hogwarts,” Nova explained. “Harry’s broom mishap wasn’t the fault of the broom, and we’ve good reason to believe Professor Snape was in on that little nearly fatal accident. And even if he was somehow trying to help, his efforts were only making things worse. A jinx can only be properly countered at the source.”

"Totally agree," Hermione said in regards on what was needed to counter a jinx.

“Snape’s not going to be able to do much of anything with all those eyes on him.” Scootaloo offered.

“Ah, I hadn’t thought of that,” Ron replied.

“Do you mean to say he should play?” Hermione Asked. Both she and Ron had been against Harry playing. Just then Neville Longbottom came bunny hopping in through the entrance to the Gryffindor tower. Draco Malfoy was back to his old self and had put a leg-locker curse on him.

“Honestly Neville, why don’t you stand up to him?” Hermione asked as she performed the counter-curse.

“That or start learning some counter curses,” Nova suggested.

“Why do you let him walk all over you anyway?” Hermione asked. “You have got to stop rolling over for him. Quit being his whipping boy.” If there was one thing Hermione was bad at, it was knowing when to shut up.

“Ge thanks,” Neville replied moving one leg about and then the other. “Look, you don’t have to tell me I’m not brave enough to be in Gryffindor, Malfoy has already done it.”

“No one here ever said you weren’t brave enough, and Malfoy wouldn't be pestering you if you weren’t.” Nova offered. "Personally, I think he targets you because he knows you can take it."

“Come on Neville, cheer up,” Harry said offering him his last Chocolate frog.

“Thanks, Harry. Here, you can keep the card. You collect them don’t you?” Neville said in reply giving Harry the card.

“Dumbledore again,” Harry replied looking at the card. “Oh hey, it’s Flamel. Apparently, Dumbledore worked with him on alchemy.”

“Oh, stay there, I’ll be right back,” Hermione ordered, and took off running up the stairs to the girl’s dorm.

“Where’s she going?” Ron asked. “Didn’t we give up on that rubbish?”

“Just because we gave up doesn’t stop a person from being curious.” Harry offered.

Hermione came running down the stairs a few minutes later with a very large book. “I got this… for a bit… of light… reading.” Hermione said between catching her breath.

“Light reading?” Ron asked as Hermione thumbed through the enormous book.

“Nicolas Flamel is the only person known to have ever successfully made a Philosopher's stone. The stone can be used to turn anything into gold, and produces an elixir known as the elixir of life which grants immortality.” She announced excitedly. “Don’t you see, that’s what Fluffy is guarding.”

“Fluffy’s not actually guarding anything.” Nova countered. “Just Ask George and Fred.”

“What?” Ron asked sounding incredulous.

“They’ve already been down there.” Nova offered. "Just don't be saying anything to anyone."

“They have?” the others all asked.

“Well then, I guess Dumbledore put it someplace else,” Hermione said. “Where though?”

“I’m sure that wherever it is it is well secured.” Nova offered knowing full well the stone was no longer in this world.

“Well, it says here that Nicholas Flamel had been a prosperous scribe and bookseller when he faked his own death in 1418 after having successfully created a Philosopher's stone.”

“And he also lived during the hundred years wars, and that thing was the catalyst that started the goblin wars,” Nova informed Hermine. “In Eques those things are called Blood Stones, and they don’t grant immortality or unlimited life, they grant the user extended years, health, and vitality from stolen life.” The other’s looked at her stunned. “There is a reason why Wizards have gone to such great lengths to hide all knowledge of how to make the stone.” She waited to see if everyone was paying attention or not. “Flamel faking his own death might suggest he stole it from someone else, but even to use something like that knowing the truth.”

“How do you know about all that?” Hermione asked.

“I heard about the stone, and wanted to know what it was.” Nova offered.

“You heard about it?”

“I told a ministry official a while back that my Aunt Tia is over a thousand years old, and they asked if she had a philosopher’s stone.” Nova offered. “I’d never heard of such a thing and decided to do some extra research. Took a bit of doing too. In doing cross research to see if any were known about back home I discovered that there had been two known stones in Eques that matched the description. They were created by a mad king we know only as King Sombra. One sat upon the Blood Moon crown, and the other was an amulet known as the Alicorn Amulet. When combined with unicorn magic, it can grant the user immense power.” Nova was well familiar with both. Twilight had the Alicorn Amulet, and when Nova had been in Equestria in the past the Blood Moon Stone had been destroyed by a powerful cleansing wave generated by one of her artificial harmony stones. The wave had been generated purely by chance, and Nova hadn’t even known the stone had been destroyed until an ancestor of Prince Blueblood brought it to Princess Celestia’s attention. When asked where he’d gotten it, he’d no idea. He simply couldn't remember. “I was able to gain access to various books that provided just enough information that I was able to extrapolate the true composition of the stones, and how such a stone can grant an unusually long life span.”

“Oh my gosh… Princess Luna pressured Princess Twilight to get the elements of harmony and destroy that thing just recently.” Apple Bloom announced. “I heard she refused to do it. Only when Princess Luna said she’d get Starswirl to do it that she finally relented.”

Nova had a stricken look on her face. “No one ever said anything, I never knew about that.” She turned for the stairs and began to walk away. “I’m, I’m going to go write a letter home.”

“Maybe you shouldn't have mentioned that little detail.” Sweetie Belle said as Nova hurried away.

“Hang on, she’s known about it the whole time, and never said anything,” Hermione stated.

“And the last pon–person who tried to use the Alicorn Amulet went crazy and enslaved our entire town,” Scootaloo informed her. “It wasn’t fun. - Even kicked Nova’s mother out of town. Right off hand, I’d say she doesn’t want us having anything to do with it.”

“Kicked Luna out of town? She seems like she’d be a mighty powerful witch.” Ron asked.

“Oh no, she didn’t kick Luna out, it was Princess Twilight who got kicked out.” Apple Bloom offered. “And that was before she got married.

“Wait I thought Luna was her mother?” Harry asked.

“Oh, Luna is her mom too.” Sweetie Belle offered.

“How can she have two moms?” Hermione asked starting to get confused.

“Princess Twilight is her birth mother, but they are both married to the same Prince.” Sweetie Belle supplied.

“There are people who still do that sort of thing?” Hermione asked sounding as though the idea of it horrified her.

“I don’t have a problem with that.” Fred Weasley said from a chair nearby.

“Neither do I.” George offered also from the same chair. They presently had their nose buried in the book Nova had given them.

“Nobody asked you.” Hermione protested.


“Neigh-palm sticks like Elmer's glue, doo-da, doo-da, sticks to the itty bitty spiders too...” Luna was singing as she looked through an arms catalog.

“So help me if you blow up my house,” Nova warned.

“We would never dream of doing such a thing.” Luna offered. “We're putting everything in off-site storage.”

“That’s good, not in town though I hope.”

“An old barn some distance away. Alalme showed me where it was. She says it belonged to a man named Hendrixson.”

“Long gone I imagine. I’m glad he found his heart.” Nova said remembering the man. “Muma, did you have a fight with Twilight?”

Luna said nothing at first. She set down the catalog.

“High Priestess of Arcadia was it?” Luna asked.


“I found out from the guards, and your mother hadn’t done a thing,” Luna informed her. “She was keeping it safe. Or so she said.” Luna sounded disappointed. “She had excuse after excuse, and that’s when I realized the amulet had the same enchantments as the blood moon crown. Your instinct to destroy it was dead on.”

“That wasn’t just instinct, I found out what they are. They are made by distilling the life force of sentient beings.”

“I see.” The horror of King Sombra's madness all rushed back into Luna's mind. “All those wars to protect the Chrystal Empire was just more of Sombra’s madness then.”

“The key to how they are made was in one of the books from home. I’d made copies of your own private library to include the books you had hidden away. Even then I only had hints. I used a find spell in the Hogwarts library and was directed to the restricted section. Getting the book I needed took all my cunning. I also kept the book. I locked it up with some of the more dangerous books I brought from Canterlot. Those stones are the vilest black alchemy ever conceived so I told Twilight to destroy them.”

“I had to do some tail twisting to get her to follow through.”

“So I hear.” Nova offered. “Lady Aiko has told me many times in many worlds that when in doubt, I should go with my heart.”

“Dare I ask what you are planning to do?” Luna asked giving Nova a calculated look.

“I think it time Princess Hope, and family paid Princess Twilight a visit.”

“You sure that’s a good idea?” Luna asked.

“Not really, but then what’s one more state visit?” Nova asked. “Besides, Princess Celestia took a big risk by sending the crusaders here in the first place. I can’t go as myself, can't do anything that would impact my younger self, but I should be able to get away with being Princess Hope from another dimension.” Nova had to think about what she was suggesting. "And I just thought that Twilight getting a chance to meet Goldwine and Alya when we aren't trying to corner a killer might be a nice break for her."

“I’ll see about getting you penciled in then, though it might be best for her to come here. The best time will be during the quidditch match.” Luna offered as a pony came galloping in.

“Troll Fart is on the move!”

“I’m going with them,” Nova announced and dashed for the rotunda.

“You can’t, he’ll recognize you.” Luna protested following quickly behind, her catalog forgotten on the floor. She passed through the archway just in time to see Nova, along with Nova’s old uniform, lift up into the air, both wrapped in Nova’s magic. Nova went from pony princess to hardened warrior in a matter of seconds. It was a trick worthy of Nightmare Moon. That or an anime magical girl, feel free to take your pick.

“Captain Hoofstrong, I’m taking point,” Nova said, her tone indicating she had no intention of arguing about it.

“Ensign.” Captain Hoofstrong said looking her over.

“Let her.” Lt Mouse replied as she strapped on her gear. Her feathery wings gone, replaced with bat wings. “Lt Mouse, ready.”

“Lt Ansaldo, ready.” offered a blue pegasus with a white mane and tail.

“Corporal Pfalz, ready.” announced a sable and gold bat pony.

“Petty Officer Morane, ready.” Morane was another bat pony, sable with a purple mane and tail.

“Gunny Gotha, ready.” Gotha, a pitch black pegasus with a platinum mane and tail.

“Ensign Loki, ready.” Like Nova, Loki was white with patches of black, but his mane and tail were blue.

“Ready.” Captain Hoofstrong announced. They were all wearing the purple livery of a shadowbolt save Nova who wore the blue-gray of a message runner. Each had a different colored gem in the eyepiece of their armor for protection, thanks to Nova who had her pendant fitted into her peytral. “Line up, helmets on!” Capt Hoofstrong ordered. “Shadow leader, radio check.”

“Shadow one, check.”

“Shadow two, check.”

“Shadow three, check.”

“Shadow four, check.”

“Shadow five, check.”

“Shadow six, check.”

“Knave one,” Nova said into her mic. The other’s gave her a strange look. “What? It’s my call sign.”

“I’ll follow with the elements,” Luna said. It was a well-practiced routine, except...

“Teleport!” Nova shouted, and the flight vanished in a flash, and a large pop!


“Give a pony a little more warning!?” Lt Mouse shouted over the radio on finding herself plummeting over the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Wings were quickly spread.

“On-line to my right.” Captain Hoofstrong ordered, and they lined up wingtip to wingtip with the Captain on the left of the line. Nova took the position on the far end.

“Moonie,” Nova said followed by the image of Nightmare moon appearing by her side like a Klingon bird of prey uncloaking. She came complete with theme music played over the radios.

“Well Knave looks like you’re calling it.” Captain Hoofstrong said.

“Right then, Moonie, sniff him out.”

The image of Nightmare Moon dropped into the canopy of trees, Nova dove quickly after her followed by the others.

“You’re going in to fast!” Gunny exclaimed.

“This is it.” Corporal Pfalz said excitedly as he and the others dropped into the canopy behind Nova.

“These trees are too thick, we can’t keep up this speed!” Gunny warned.

“It’s just like Beggar's Canyon back home,” Loki told him.

“Moonie has the sent,” Nova called over the radio. “Listen if you heavyweights can’t keep up then drop back. If Sombra’s drones were after you, you’d be toast by now.”

“Alright, that’s enough chatter!” Captain Hoofstrong exclaimed. The speed they were going at, was extremely dangerous, but the filly was right, and this thing they were after was even faster.

Trees sped by in the darkening gloom, and before long only Loki and Lt Mouse had managed to keep up with Nova. Back at the rotunda the elements of harmony are only just now gathering. Dash has brought the Wonderbolts with her. All of them were still in human form.


“We came as quickly as we could,” Twilight said.

“Transform already.” Luna requested while prancing in place. “The chase is a hoof!”

“This may be faster if the none fliers remain in human form.” Dash offered, and a few minutes later ponies and riders were out of the gate racing for the forest. Pinkie was riding Luna dressed like a world war one fighter pilot complete with a leather flight cap, and a flowing white scarf. No one knew where the uniform had come from, and no one was going to ask. Apple Jack was being provided a lift by Soarin, and Rarity was given a lift by Silver Zoom also of the Wonderbolts.

“Darling, how are we to find them?” Rarity asked as they flew towards the forest.

A bright light erupted from somewhere deep in the forest.

“Right off hoof, I'd say we go there.” Applejack suggested just as another flash could be seen.

There were several more flashes followed by a mind-boggling lightning bolt coming down from the dark clouds. The shock wave nearly causes every pony to lose control of their flight.


“I just wanted one little lightning bolt,” Nova said as she extracted herself from the branches of the tree she was in. She’d been thrown about a half dozen Celestia wing spans back into the trees. Celestia’s wingspan was close to twenty-five horns, a horn being the average length of a unicorn horn or a little over seven and a half meters. She didn’t come out unharmed either, and yet her first thought was not about herself. “Moonie, are you alright?” Moonie did not answer. “Moonie?”

“What about me?” Loki asked. He wasn’t in much better shape then Nova having taken his share of scrapes, cuts, and a splinter or two. “Lt Mouse? - Any pone hear me? - Great, you fried the radios.”

“I am not taking credit for that!” Nova protested while pointing at a huge crater. The trees around it were scorched, and or shredded. Many that were still standing either had their tops broken off or were now leaning out from the blast. “Lt Mouse?!”

“Over here.” Lt Mouse offered from another tree. “Any chance you got Troll Fart?” Her voice sounded strained.

“We should be so lucky,” Nova replied sarcastically.

“Loki,” Mouse called. “Could you get your medic kit, and extract me, my wings are pinned.”

“I’ll be right there,” Loki said, and rushed over to her. She had several branches piercing her wings. The remainder of the team arrived a few moments later to the scene of Loki, and Nova gingerly removing Lt Mouse from the remains of the tree. They weren’t exactly unscathed either but had been far enough back to where the blast had been muffled by the trees.

“And I thought Princess Luna was bad.” Captain Hoofstrong said as he surveyed the damage.

“I am not laying claim to that, I didn’t do it, I just wanted to hit the bastard with a lightning bolt, not whatever in Tartarus that was.” Nova protested.

“Sweet!” Dash exclaimed as she flew down to have a look. The other’s followed.

“What happened here?” Twilight asked with concern.

“She did.” The Shadowbolts said pointing at Nova.

“I did not.” Nova protested.

“Ah ha, a clue!” Pinkie exclaimed from the bottom of the pit. She was now dressed as Sherlock Holmes the ace detective. Pinkie reached down and picked up a large war hammer. “Says here, if found please return to Stark Tower 200 Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York. Ha, they spelled Manehatten wrong.”

“Well, there then. You can’t go blaming me just because some pony lost their war hammer.” Nova protested.

“Rather interesting timing if you ask me.” Loki accused. “And hit right where you were aiming.”

“Coincidence.” Nova protested.

“You’re hurt,” Twilight said going up to Nova.

“Mother, Lt Mouse has branches in her wings. We’ll deal with the splinter in my plot later.” Nova scolded. “Princess Twilight, I mean Princess Twilight.” Nova had forgotten to treat this Twilight like someone she wasn’t already very close to. As for the splinter, it was a fairly sizable chunk of wood that had penetrated Nova’s armor and blood could be seen oozing out.

If Twilight had any doubts before, she knew right then and there that this filly was definitely the daughter of a Princess Twilight.

“So now what?” Dash asked.

“We don’t know if we got him or not.” Lt Mouse offered as she was freed. She was in no shape to fly either.

“All we can do at this point is send out sweeps.” Captain Hoofstrong offered.

Lt Mouse was temporarily patched along with the other ponies who’d received injuries, and when they were ready they started back. Nova’s splinter had been removed with a bit of gauze placed between flight suit, and armor.

“We might want to teleport the rest of the way,” Nova suggested when they’d reached the edge of the forest. Their activities hadn’t gone unnoticed, and a number of the instructors could be seen near Hagrid’s hut looking towards the forest.

“I’ll get this.” Luna offered, and a moment later they were back in the rotunda.

“So who do you think this belongs to?” Pinkie asked. She was still holding onto the hammer.

“I’ve a mind to kick them in the plot when I find out.” Lt Mouse offered as they escorted her down to the infirmary.

“Is every pony alright?” Alalme asked entering the rotunda. “Nova, there’s a hole in your plot armor!”

“My plot shielding failed. Always the plot shielding for some reason.” Nova offered as she removed, and hung up her armor on the clotheshorse. She retrieved the pendant and hung it about her neck again. She stopped about halfway when she’d gone to remove her flight suit.

“You going to be alright?” Twilight asked.

“I’m going to need some hot water, it’s scabbed into the uniform,” Nova explained. Twilight and Alalme wanted to get her down to the doctor. “Doctor Hawkeye is going to be busy fixing Alice Mouse’s wings. Well get my flight suit off, put some ointment on it along with a simple dressing and it’ll be fine. It’s not the first time I’ve had wood in my plot.”

Twilight Looked stricken.

“Phrasing dear heart, phrasing,” Alalme whispered.

“What are you… Alrighty then, moving right along.” Nova said blushing, checked her pendant, and then proceeded into the back where she found Miss Aiko looking after the foals. She checked her pendent one more time whispering, “Come on show yourself already?” No Moonie. “Woona?”

Luna was about to go check on her security team but stopped instantly going to Nova. She knew from experience that Nova never used Woona unless it was dire, and Nova was looking distressed.

“Nova?” Luna asked gong to her and nuzzling her behind the ear.

“Moonie isn’t showing herself,” Nova said and used her magic to pass the pendant over to her. “Could you possibly have a look? It’s not like her to just vanish, and not come back when called.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Luna said, took the pendant, and went downstairs.

“Mama?” Gold wine asked as Nova and Alalme passed through the lounge into the bedroom followed by Twilight. Twilight let out a strange prolonged squeak as Nova nuzzled Goldwine.

“Who’s foal is that?” Twilight asked once she’d regained control of her vocal cords. Twilight's previous visits had left her no opportunity to encounter the foals. Nor had it occurred to her that there might be any here at all. Let alone one that was apparently addressing this version of her daughter as Mama.

“Ours,” Nova replied quietly, as she went into the bath

“Ours, ours who?” Twilight asked as Nova’s response played havoc with her sensibilities.

“Ours.” Alalme offered. Her answer wasn’t helping.

“But, but, but?” Twilight asked. Her head kept going back and forth from the foals to the doorway Alalme and Nova had gone into.

“Hey, what’s been going on?” Scootaloo asked as she approached. She was presently in human form not having bothered to transform.

“Tell me his name so that I may kill him?” Twilight asked Scootaloo.

“Um, context?” Scootaloo asked. She’d seen some interesting moods out of Twilight and this was by far the most interesting.

“The foals.”

“Oh them. Ya, he died eighty-eight years ago is what I understand.” Scootaloo informed her.

“Eighty … eighty...” Twilight said, and proceeded to repeat the word. The data did not compute. Error error...

“And you broke her.” Aiko offered.

“By any chance are you Aiko the Avatar, or Aiko the fox pony?” Scootaloo asked giving her an odd look.

“That’s for me to know, and you to ponder for eternity.” Aiko offered.

“Ya, no, the avatar would never say something like that,” Scootaloo replied with a smile.

“She got you.” Nova offered coming out of the bedroom. She had a small patch of gauze stuck to her plot, and Alalme was right behind her. “Scootaloo is right. Your avatar is a lot more straight forward with her answers.”

“So what happened out there? The whole castle shook.” Scootaloo asked.

“I dropped the hammer of the gods.” Nova offered.

“Seriously? You’re going to ruin your hearing listening to Led Zeppelin that loud.” Scootaloo cautioned. “Seriously though, what happened out there?”

“I tried to blast Troll Fart with a lightning strike spell, and got a war hammer in the bargain, along with a big hole in the forbidden forest.”

“Seriously? You can even do that?” Scootaloo asked. A controlled bolt of lightning was some seriously advanced weather magic.

“Pinkie’s got the hammer if you want to see it.” Nova offered.

“Pinkie!” Twilight exclaimed snapping out of her stupor. “I should probably take that away from her.”

“Would you like to meet your grandson?” Nova asked Twilight.

“My what? Grandson?” Twilight looked like she was about to break again.

“Well technically.” Nova offered. “I rescued him, and then I liberated Alalme and Alya.”

“By the way, who’s looking after Myrtle?” Scootaloo asked.

“Don’t worry, Tia is on incubation duty.” Nova offered.

“Tia? Incubation?” Twilight asked. She’d been so distracted by Nova and the foals that only just now was she registering the Alicorn of light on the large bed in the bedroom. Twilight had at first taken the image to be a sunbeam coming in through an unseen window or skylight. “Celestia?”

“And she’s broke again,” Nova commented. “Come on mother, what say we have a nice lay down while you process all that information.”

“Um, alright,” Twilight said as she was directed to a sofa. “One thing though, why are you so much older than my Kitzumi Nova? You are her counterpart, aren’t you? She’s only five years old.”

“I think you’ve had enough difficult information for one day.” Nova offered as she set Twilight down. “Later, after I’ve had a nap, I’ve some notes I want you to see.” Nova then sat on a nearby sofa, lay down, and all but passed out. Goldwine, undaunted by this, jumped up and snuggled with her.

“Did she just pass out?!” Twilight exclaimed.

“And when she wakes up she’ll be famished.” Alalme offered.

“This is normal?” Twilight asked.

“Only happens when she overextends herself.” Scootaloo offered. “I guess that whatever it was that happened out there caused her to use too much juice.”

“That’s not very comforting,” Twilight replied. “And this whole set up isn’t working. Trying to catch, and contain that wraith in human guise is going to require a different tactic. We can’t just go chasing after it every time it comes out in the open. Something has to change. And what is that, that creature of light that looks like Princess Celestia?”

“I’m to understand she’s an avatar created by Princess Celestia, and she's a darn good incubator too.” Alalme offered. “Any chance I’ll get to meet the real Princess Celestia someday?”

“Well, I can’t really make any promises, but I won’t say it wouldn't happen.” Twilight offered. “Nova said that she rescued you? Sit, and tell me about it.”


Nova woke a short time later wondering why some pony was shining a light in her eye.

“Hey, that hurts you know?” Nova protested and hid her head under her wing.

“I’m checking for signs of a concussion.” Madam Pomfrey informed her.

“Will she be alright?” Luna asked.

“I’m fine,” Nova said, and then looked up at the worried faces. “I am fine, aren’t I?”

“You got hit hard enough to knock Moonie out of commission,” Luna informed her.

“I’m hungry,” Nova said. "Moonie?"

“She looks like she’s fine.” Madam Pomfrey offered. “Miss Nova, no headache? Aches, pains, nausea?”

“The only thing that hurts is my plot,” Nova informed her. “I think what happened is I put up a barrier in front of me when I realized there was way too much power. I didn’t factor in the kickback. So is it time for dinner, and what about Moonie?”

“She seems fine.” Madam Pomfrey offered.

"Don't worry about Moonie." Luna offered. "I can fix her."

Nova decided to transform into her human self only to find that her injury had somehow affected her human clothes. And she’d need more gauze as the one she’d had on fell off when she went to transform. Goldwine was still snuggled up to her and redoubled his efforts being the transformation usually meant she was about to get up and go somewhere he couldn't. Nova couldn't resist tickling him so she could watch him giggle and squirm.

“Come on, let's have another look at that injury of yours.” Madam Pomfrey offered. Twilight tried to pick up Goldwine, only to have him push in tighter to Nova. When Scootaloo tried, he gave in.

“Don’t worry,” Scootaloo said to Twilight as Nova got up and went with Madam Pomfrey, “He’s always a little shy around strangers.”

“Hi Goldwyn,” Twilight said.

“Goldwine.” Goldwine corrected.

“He’s so cute!” Twilight said as she held in a squee.

“And already knows his name.” Scootaloo offered. “And very snugly.”

Twilight couldn’t resist stretching her pony nose over to him, he looked at her, and for a moment their noses touched. His head immediately swung back to hide in the crook of Scootaloo’s arm. Madam Pomfrey had just come out of the bedroom, and couldn't hold back the squee. She regained her composure and went downstairs.

“Aww, he’s so cute.” Twilight was delighted when Alya flew up and landed on her back between her wings. “They can fly already?”

“Yes, and I am so grateful for this contained area for them to fly around in.” Alalme offered. “They can be a hoof-full. No idea how my parents managed.” Her question had a touch of regret. She simply hadn’t known her parents very long.

“Is Rarity still here?” Nova asked as she came back out of the bedroom. She’d a fresh outfit on, and had a skirt in her hand with a finger through a hole.

“She’d be downstairs if she’s still here.” Twilight offered. “Thinking of having her fix that?”

“If she’ll do it. It’s kind of an old style.” Nova offered.

“Why not use magic to fix it?” Twilight asked.

“And if someone casts a spell to undo spells the hole will come back.” Nova offered. “No, I’d rather it be fixed the old fashioned way.”

Nova went downstairs followed by Goldwine squirming free, and half trotting half flying after her. Alya not to be left behind took off after them.

“You go on, I want a word with Scootaloo,” Twilight said to Alalme.

“Here’s hoping we can have some time together,” Alalme said as she prepared to take off after Nova and the foals only for Nova to come running back.

“I almost forgot!” Nova announced with a slight edge to her voice. She'd draped the skirt around her neck. She’d a proverbial bone to pick with Twilight and had only just remembered. Nova went into the bedroom where she could be heard opening a cabinet, the cabinet closed, and she returned with a book bound in lurid red leather. The foals were standing nearby. “Mother, sorry, I know I should be calling you Princess Twilight. I’ve something for you, and I doubt you are going to want or like it.” Nova was hesitant but felt that this had to happen.

“Is that leather?” Twilight asked. She was stunned that a pony, even a fox pony would have such a thing. But this was a world of humans were such barbarism was common. Still, though, Nova was a pony.

“Yes, it is.” Nova offered. “I’d had several printed up by a muggle printer who wouldn't realize the contents of this is real. And I had them use this color specifically.”

“I don’t understand, why would you do that? “How could you take a life for a book?” Twilight asked horrified.

“The hide is from a dumb beast, not a sentient one. Not that that alone could justify it, and I’d like to think I haven't become just as bad as the humans.” Nova offered. She sounded as though she wasn’t sure herself anymore. “I chose this instead of card stock and canvas binding because it’s my notes on the Blood Stones. I want the very cover to proclaim the horror of what those things are. I’m to understand Princess Luna had to do some tail twisting to get you to destroy those stones." Nova informed with an edge to her voice. "I heard about it from Apple Bloom. By my estimates, it takes a thousand lives to produce even the smallest of stones. A spell cast over a potential battlefield to distill the essence of the life force of sentient beings. Ferment war. Gain virtual immortality at the expense of others. And they can be enchanted. And no I don’t know what the spell was, and I don’t want to know what the spell was.”

Twilight was horrified.

“I don’t want you being mad at Luna because she made you destroy that stone,” Nova said softly. She knew that this confrontation could potentially mar her future relationship, but felt compelled to it. “You knew that Sombra made the Alicorn Amulet, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there was a spell on it preventing you from discarding or destroying the stone.”

“I’d thought to keep it as a memento?” Twilight offered.

“A memento of an episode that was best forgotten? Placed on a shelf like a trophy? I always wondered about it. And I could sense it’s malevolence. That’s why I never went anywhere near it if I could help it.”

“And here I was about to chew out Scootaloo for her part in creating that egg. My Nova wouldn't go near the amulet either. It never occurred to me there was more to it than her just not liking it.” Twilight said feeling as chastised as though Celestia herself had done it. No this was worse, this was being chewed out by one’s own foal. Or at last an older copy of her foal who seemed to have seen some hard times as well as the good. If Princess Celestia knew about the amulet, she’d stayed out of it. “Could you possibly wrap that up so I don’t have to touch it?” She’d except it, maybe even look at it, but she’d do it reluctantly.

“I think I can manage that.” Nova offered. “I’ve grown desensitized to the leather bindings. A good deal of the textbooks we use have leather bindings on them. I prefer putting book covers on them myself so I guess I haven't lost all my poneanity. The idea that it might have belonged to a creature I could have been friends with still bothers me.” She shuddered. “Also, I have the Blood Crown, so you don’t have to worry about finding it.” She held up her hand to forestall Twilight saying anything. “The stone was destroyed, and the spells striped from it. It’s been completely renewed into something I can use.” Nova went to a desk, got out a roll of parchment with which she made a book cover, and from a drawer retrieved a book bag that said Paw’s Book Barn, Beaver Town, Pearl, and Mount villa. “Here, now you don’t have to touch…”

“You’ve been to Paws books!?” Twilight asked wistfully. Thoughts of the legendary book store momentarily superseding the seriousness of the moment.

“I’ll have to take you there someday. We’ll have a mother-daughter outing.” Nova offered as she gave Twilight a hug rather than just telling her to focus. Twilight returned the hug hesitantly. “My intentions with the copies is to see to it they are distributed as a sort of warning. I used a Fidelius charm with the help of Tia to hide the origin of the book. Those of us in this room will be the only ones who’ll know where it came from.”

“Including the foals.” Twilight pointed out.

“It’s just a boring book they can’t as yet read, and I’ve every intention to take them back to Equestria as soon as I may. They’ll soon forget about the book, and they’ve the attention span of Rainbow Dash.” Nova offered with a smile, but then she switched back to being serious. “I sent the books anonymously to Gringotts with the suggestion that they place a copy in the vault of anyone suspected of trying to create a philosopher's stone as a sort of an implied warning. The Goblins fought several uprisings, not just for a measure of equality, but because they feared wizards would create philosopher’s stones, and flood the economy with the gold created by it. I suspect they’ll prove a good ally in seeing to it no one else ever attempts to make one.”

“You are really serious about this aren’t you?” Twilight said as she took the book bag by the handle. Later when she would open it, she’d see the author listed as I M E Mortal, and tell herself, I sure hope my daughter doesn’t turn out like her. Granted she’d yet to spend any time with Nova when she could just be herself. All Twilight had seen of her was the filly who’d had to grow up way too fast.

“Those who gain by the suffering of others are beyond contempt, and if I can curb such behavior by even a little I will.” Nova continued. “You also have to understand that if a creature like Tom Riddle were to gain access to Equestria...”

“And me with the means to their gaining unstoppable power right on my shelf,” Twilight said finishing Nova’s thought. Everything was coming into focus, and it was the sort of feeling she often got after coming out of one of her manic obsessive moods. Why had she kept that amulet where any pony, or any other creature, could just walk right in and take it. The thing had survived the destruction of the library tree for Celestia’s sake. “I just can’t understand why I didn’t destroy that stone years ago, now that I think of it?”

“I'm to understand it had similar charms as the Blood Moon crown had on it.” Nova offered. “Sombra made that with the end game of turning Princess Luna into one of his drones.”

“What?” Twilight asked. This was a tidbit of information she hadn’t known about.

“Luna found out what he was up to, and could no longer justify his actions.” Nova offered. “That’s when she went to Celestia.”

“And the rest is history now,” Twilight commented. “Scootaloo, I’m sorry, I’ve no business chewing you out either. It was my own bias that led to my not realizing how dangerous that book was in the hooves of an inexperienced magic user. I simply couldn't bring myself to believe that ghosts could be real. Had I been willing to accept that my assumption might be wrong I’d likely have thought twice about giving you that book.” She let out a sigh. “Celestia knows we intentionally limited how much money you had access to so you couldn't go blowing it all on something like buying your own train for instance.”

“We just wanted to give her another chance at life,” Scootaloo explained ignoring the train comment. She knew full well who owned a whole railroad. “We just plowed right into whether or not we could do it without ever once asking if we should.” The memory was difficult for her. “And then I got sick, and they found out about the egg. Having that egg taken, and then thinking Hagrid had made an omelet of it nearly broke me. I’d wake up in a panic in the middle of the night for several weeks to follow. I’d cry, and Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom would climb into bed with me.”

Alalme went to her and gave her a wing hug. "Losing an egg isn’t easy. You did get her back though.”

“Yes, I did,” Scootaloo replied, dropped back down to her pony form, and went into the bedroom to take over the incubation duties.

Later at dinner, they were disappointed to discover Professor Quirrell was on time for dinner, and apparently no worse for wear. On the other hand, they couldn’t know how many shorts the man had been through.


Quidditch. It was time for the big game, Gryffindor against Hufflepuff. Win this, and they’d pass Slytherin. The cute pink haired Hufflepuff cheerleaders cheered their team on unaware that their team was about to lose in record-breaking time. One of whom was rumored to be a little more than good friends with a tall dark Slytherin girl. Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle was presently swinging about a certain hammer with wild enthusiasm up in the stands with Apple Bloom, and Miss Nova. Princess Nova wasn’t actually there having been replaced by a changeling so Nova could spend some time with the Foals, Luna was working on Nova’s moon amulet, and Twilight was expected. Scootaloo presently sat in a section reserved for the Gryffindor team as a relief chaser.

Dumbledore had decided to come out to watch the game himself, and Snape was looking as sour as he ever had. The two had had words when Snape insisted on refereeing the match. Dumbledore didn’t like it anymore then the Gryffindor’s did, but had relented, all be it reluctantly. He’d come out not to watch the game, but to keep an eye on the troublesome pair. Quirrel was the primary concern, but then Snape was a double agent and one could never be quite sure who’s side such a person was on. Heads of house were not supposed to referee quidditch games either. Not to mention that Snape wasn’t exactly qualified to be a Quidditch referee. The teams marched out, the game started, shortly followed by a fight erupting in the stands. Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley were presently having a go at each other along with Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle piling on top of another boy. Well at least they’re not using wands, thought Dumbledore.

Neville Longbottom couldn’t quite explain why he jumped into the fight save to keep the other two boys off Ron and found himself being knocked back down almost immediately. His hands reached out hoping to grab something, anything that might arrest his fall tumbled down, and was just regaining his footing as Crabbe and Goyle jumped down to start pounding on him.

The stands erupted in cheers as Harry raced after the snitch, past Snape within inches of colliding with him, and caught the snitch ending the game.

Neville’s right hand grasped the handle of Mjolnir. Now for whatever strange reason the enchantment of the hammer had no effect on the ponies. Not so for Mr Longbottom.

“What act of darkness is this?” Dumbledore asked in alarm as a bolt of lightning struck the stands where the fight was happening. Students had gone flying, all save Neville who now stood tall and proud holding a great war hammer over his head, his body having instantly grown in stature, muscles on top of muscles, he wore an armored chest plate, and a red cape billowed from his back. “What omen can this be?” It took him but a moment to realize that Professor Quirrell, Snape, and Harry were now gone. He cursed under his breath, and nearly missed the squad of armored pegasi making haste towards the forest. Clearly, there was something going on at his school that he was not privy to, and just how advanced were these pegasi? He’d have to solve the mystery of the pegasi later. Neville needed to be disarmed, and then… Dumbledore began to wonder if perhaps he’d best find Harry first?”

Nova had been patiently waiting in Luna’s pavilion while Luna worked on repairing the charms of her moon amulet. They were both in pony form, and Nova was laying down forelegs forward and had Goldwine and Alya climbing on her. The amulet itself hung in the air suspended in Luna’s magic, the color shifting every so often, and Luna appeared to be staring off into space while in a sitting position, her eyes glazed over.

Twilight had just arrived and waited outside with Alalme, the two looking in. Twilight couldn't help but smile as this was a side of Nova she’d yet to see even in her own foal. “They are climbing all over her, and yet she just sits there and takes it,” Twilight said in a whisper.

“She’s a good mother,” Alalme whispered. “Were you as patient?”

“Me? She doesn’t get that from me.” Twilight said, and then corrected herself. “Perhaps her Twilight was. I wasn’t a proper mother to Spike at all, and always to busy for my own little foals. Mine and Luna’s. They are with foal sitters right now. This nova had expressed a desire to spend some time with me when we weren’t otherwise engaged in tracking down and containing that creature. And yet here she is laying there waiting for Luna to finish fiddling with that pendant.”

“I’m to understand it has something to do with why Moonie hasn’t been around,” Alalme replied.

“Who or what is Moonie anyway?” Twilight asked.

“Moonie, I’m to understand, is a magically generated copy of Princess Luna.” Alalme offered. “She is patient, caring, protective, mischievous, and I must confess I find it hard to think of her in terms of being nothing more than a sophisticated copy of the real thing.” Alalme had a smile on her face. “She feels very much like a real pony to me.”

Just then Moonie appeared in the space between Luna and Nova. She wasn’t quite solid yet and looked rather like she was an old analog image on a TV screen that had bad reception. Nova sat up sending the foals sprawling behind her.

“Almost...” Luna said quietly, and then a moment later Moonie was in full focus. Moonie, who was presently looking more like a young Luna with a white mane and tail than the adult version, bounced over to Princess Luna and gave her a hug. “You’re as much my daughter as Nova is, aren’t you?” Luna replied as she returned the hug. Moonie broke from the hug, bounced over to Nova, and tackled her, followed by the foals tackling her as well.

“You’re back, I thought I’d lost you,” Nova said giving Moonie a hug. Tears could be seen in her eyes. “Let's go play in the garden,” Nova suggested, followed by the four trotting out the door oblivious to Twilight’s presence.

“Now that’s more like my Nova,” Twilight commented as she watched the four flit about.

“That spell has surpassed her original parameters, and is no longer distinguishable from a living being.” Luna offered as she walked over to Twilight. She still held the pendant. “She is also this Nova’s anchor. Kind of how your Smartypants was yours, only more real.”

“Smarty is… alright, I get it.” Twilight said feeling a bit protective of Smartypants.

“How attached might you have been to Smartypants if the doll could take on the form of a real pony, interact with you, talk with you, really protect you, not just from imagined threats, but real threats, as well as provide comfort when needed?” Luna asked. “Now imagine you are lost in time and dimension and that doll is the one permanent thing in your life.”

“That’s… wow.” Twilight said as the implications hit her. Moonie was equal to a sister to Nova in every way.

“Princess Luna, Troll Fart is on the move.” Offered a guard approaching quickly.

“But it’s the middle of the day?” Twilight asked. “And we haven't the surveys to do the interactive map of the forest yet.”

“He snuck away from the game.” The guard offered. “Also the game seems to have ended, Sulky Raven followed, and then the Potter boy followed them.”

Luna stood back and armored up. This time she’d two Mini guns each having a small ammo case that’d been spelled to be bigger on the inside. It took hours to fill them. Minutes to empty them and Luna could power the mini guns with magic so that the need for electricity was never an issue. The ammo containers were referred to by the industry as Hollywood magazines.

“You know, I think you are enjoying this entirely too much,” Twilight said, and gave Luna a kiss.

“I’ll never grow weary of the thrill of the hunt,” Luna offered. “..and overkill is fun.” And with that, she teleported away.

“Mom, what’s going on?” Nova asked rushing over to Twilight, and Alalme.

“No time – get Scootaloo!” Tia the horse of light commanded popping in, right in front of Nova.


“Any moment!” Tia exclaimed.

Nova was gone in a flash.


Harry had seen Snape hurrying into the forest and as he was still on his broom it was a simple matter to follow him into the trees from the relative safety of the air. Harry circled about over the treetops and then dropped down to a Beech tree. Snape and Professor Quirrel were arguing, nor did it take Harry long to find out what it was about. They still hadn’t figured out how to get past Fluffy. As unbelievable as that was. Harry nearly laughed out loud and had to clap a hand over his mouth. Nearly every boy in Gryffindor fourth-year and older had penetrated the depths of the vault by now.

Professor Quirrel began looking about apprehensively. Harry froze thinking that perhaps he’d heard him.

There was another movement in the trees as well. Harry looked about to discover armored pegasi taking up strategic positions around the two wizards. A small black and white pegasus with a blue mane and tail landed in Harry’s tree.

“You really should get back to the castle before you get caught in the crossfire.” The pegasus whispered. Harry's eyes widened. Down below Quirrel cussed, popped smoke, and flew away at a blinding speed leaving Snape standing there somewhat confused. This was followed by the forest floor erupting on either side of him in long straight lines going past him accompanied by the sound of thousands of woodpeckers all pecking away at once. And it was loud too. Snape made the mistake of pulling out his wand and was blasted back into the trees by a powerful beam of magic. What Harry saw next was the Queen of Nightmares cruising down through the trees with strange multi-barreled muggle devices held in magic fields to either side of her. Fire erupted from the barrels, trees toppled, the nightmare continued into the forest, and was followed by the pegasi. At this point, he decided to get back to the castle while chanting nope.

Elsewhere in the forest three heroes stand at the edge of the crater the hammer had made.

“OK, right off hand I’d say it definitely hit here.” Offered a man in red armor. The other two had on tight fitting outfits of red white and blue, one having a red cape, the other having a red and white band around his waist, a star on his chest, and a large round shield that looked like a target with a star in the middle of it.

“Well, it’s not here now.” Captain America offered.

“I can see that,” Thor replied testily. “It’s not like anyone can just pick up my hammer and walk off with it.”

“Well maybe if you weren’t so reckless in flinging that thing around we wouldn't be...” Iron man was saying but stopped as his sensors picked up two objects coming through the forest stupidly fast.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” Quirrel screamed as he flew past.

“What was that?” Cap asked.

“Kind of gave me the sense of a wraith, but what could possibly frighten something like that?” Thor asked looking in the direction Quirrel had gone.

“His ex?” Ironman offered and then decided doing the same might be a good idea. “Running might be a good idea,” Tony said, started to power up to take off, but found himself caught in Luna’s magic.

Luna dropped down a few paces away transformed to her human appearance. “Hello Tony, going somewhere.”

“Um guys, a little help?” Tony asked.

“That depends, ex-girlfriend?” Cap asked.

“Um, well, you see...” Tony started.

“Nope, sorry, you’re on your own,” Thor replied.

“Tony, you really need to quit ignoring me when I call.” Luna cautioned.

“Luna, I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Tony said his thrusters still at full power.

“Will you relax, I’ve been married for six years,” Luna informed him.

“Oh, hey congratulations…” Tony said backing off on the thrusters. “So um, what was it you wanted?”

“War hammer, who’s is it?” Luna asked in a very kind yet alarming tone. All eyes slowly went to Thor.

“You see, there was this dragon...” Thor offered rather sheepishly.