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"Today the enemy will hear the roar of humanity, and they will fear us." -Colonel Akono Menteith, 53rd armor division


Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there was a tyrant who would sat on the throne of Equestria but under the leadership of Princess Platinum the third, a unicorn rebellion dethroned the tyrant and established the UNICORN EMPIRE showing once and for all the superiority of UNICORNS over lonesome mud-ponies or mutated chickens!

Follow the mane six as they live in the mess that is Equestria a thousand years after Discords banishment.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 16 )

Is this a Game of Thrones crossover?

Captain Armor, Dou you understand your task?


Really liking this so far.

Please update that is interesting .

Glad to know your still alive. Looking forward to next chapter!

This is an interesting story so far, but I feel that there is far too little lore to build the world and not enough backstory for the characters to make it truly outstanding.

I can see where you're coming from, and my gut feeling agrees with you.
But, at the pace the story is being written, I'd be gone after the 3rd chapter discribes the same feast. I'd return when this gets a complete tag though.
Show don't tell is working for me so far.

When will the story about how the unicorns hurt Luna be revealed?

Isn't luna defeated by "Tyrant elder sister", before the unicorns even entered the picture?

History was written by the victors. The bat ponies mention celestia lost the will to continue ruling.
so not the full story been told, plus sure the top unicorns are muddling history to stay in charge.

Who knows. What is the truth?
The narrator? Starswirl the Bearded? The empress’s father? The Day-mother?

all reasonably trustworthy sources.

We have not established the narrator as honest or omniscient.

We have not verified the authenticity of Stars Swirls scroll. I mean someone or something planted that scroll for them to find. Who? Why? (Celestia, to save luna?)

Who knows what happened in that 900 year game of telephone.

Can we trust this day-mother? Can we verify her story? We know the vamponies are probably honest or are somehow unaffected by applejacks ability. But they are not primary sources. Trust but verify!

Well, that is going to make for awkward dinner conversation after this is all over assuming Shining is still alive when this is all over.

earthpony capitol


Two of the tree smaller crystals


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