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Tempest hits a bar after the failed invasion of Equestria, getting suspicious stares from everypony around she bumps into one pony who seems to have no issue with her being there.

I saw the image and the story sort of wrote itself from there. Tempest really deserves more love imo.

Sex: Lewd implications only

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Entertaining enough:twilightsmile:

Just had to write something when I saw the image. :scootangel:

I like it. Short, sweet fluff. And short, sweet alcohol.

Have an upvote.

You will have to write a lot more then if you continue to explore the internet:rainbowwild:

Cute and fun! Thanks!

Enjoyable read, though I feel like it suffered from the fast pacing. There were many parts here that could have been given a bit more attention.
For instance, I felt like the mood fluctuated too quickly when she went from laughing to feeling bad.
Prose was good.
Overall, good read.

Oh wow. That was something, alright.
Tempest X Dash is not something I ever expected to even exist, to an extent, it makes sense, I suppose.

I'll say, the pacing is definitely something to keep an eye on. The kiss they had didn't feel all that special 'cause we weren't given enough time to focus on it, so the end felt a bit out of place, to me.
Maybe give her a bit of time to reflect on what happened, process it to an extent, let us know what she's thought of it, so one so forth.

I want to say, Dash was a bit awkward in this, to put it mildly. By that I mean, her dialogues didn't seem to match up with her character. She's quite relaxed and laid back, so her speech would show the same laid back, chill kind of tone to it. There were places here that didn't feel like something that would come out of Dash, it didn't quite make sense. Il give you a short example.

"I do various martial arts but never saw anypony fight like you

I don't think RD would ever catch herself saying 'various' anytime soon. Maybe something like a lot or many or plenty, might work for her, but 'various', specifically isn't something she'd say, if we're seapking on canonverse level, - which we are.

I don't know anything about Tempest, so I'm not goinig to mention her at all, though she was the main focus of this...

This was pretty cute, fluffy, encouraging, sweet: all in all, pretty good. Like I said, some characterisations were a bit off to me plus the pacing was a little too rushed. It was a nice read, really glad I had dropped it a look. Keep it up, buddy:raritywink:

I still think Rainbow is bi, only cause being a lesbian with rainbow colored hair is too painful a cliche.

It went fast and hard but well enough

A bit rough around the edges, some slight grammar/punctuation flubs here and there, but a decent bit of fluff.

Surprisingly good, even if some things felt a little out of nowhere. Honestly, I wouldn't have minded at all if it was longer. It left me wanting more in a good way.

This was published days ago. How did you obtain so many views and likes? Can this power be learned?

You just going to end it right there, you really going to do me like that? :flutterrage:

Well, if demand is high enough... :ajsmug:

:rainbowhuh: You would wreck it...
:moustache: Wut?
:rainbowdetermined2: Tempest wanted to know who the dragon was that beat her storm troopers
:moustache: So what I wreck?
:rainbowlaugh: Nothing I told her that the dragon already had a main squeeze . . . Rarity!
:moustache: !...!
:rainbowwild: We got a double date going , Triple if Fluttershy & Discord ring in
:moustache: On It... More mares for me!
:flutterrage: Discord!

Hm I can't help but imagine Twi being the one with Tempest...

Seems to be the most popular ship for Tempest, though in my mind she and RD are a well enough fit too.

I was thinking more because of the sensitive tone. Dash can be sensitive but she struggles to express herself often enough, missing the right words while meaning well....

But I can see that Dash would be curious over such a athlete! Not ruling it out. Asking for moves is on brand... I remember dash being a black belt?

Yup, in the episode where Bloom is trying to figure out her talent on her own she has a black belt. And yeah, Rainbow-Tempest would definitely end up with some interesting situations.

A sparring Saison would certainly make a fine Plot

Cute and fluffy. And I'm not just talking about Tempest's chest fluff.

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