• Published 1st Aug 2012
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Twilight and Friends in Garrys Mod - Stormin Away

Twilight and her 5 best friends get a chance to play in a physics sandbox, Lulz ensues.

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Chapter 9: MAX Revenge

Deep into the city, in a fairly secret catacomb, Fluttershy and Rarity are working together on a project that doesn't involve mass destruction or going extremely fast,

"I swear, something HAS to be up with both Pinkie and Rainbow Dash alike, I mean, I know what Pinkie's intentions were, but I could never imagine her causing such a giant conflict out there, even if it was out of her general craziness" Rarity stated,

"But... isn't Rainbow Dash always super competitive?" Fluttershy responded,

"Yes, of course I know that, but what I'm saying is that now she's obsessively competitive. I mean did you see how furiously she was operating that thing she was using?" Rarity asked. Just then, an explosion sounded overhead, and a certain pegasus landed in front of the entrance with a splat,

"I'm okay" Rainbow said, muffled from the floor. She slowly stood back up and entered the workplace of Flutters and Rarity,

"Oh... hi Rainbow Dash, you okay?" Fluttershy quickly asked,

"Yeah, just rocket jumping's not as easy as it looks; so what brung you two down here?" Dash asked,

"We just came here after that whole mess" Rarity stated,

"And those lamebrains back at the spawn are apparently too much of CHICKENS to fight me again" Dash said with annoyance,

"Well you have to understand, ALL of you just fought to the death in cars, and you came out with the victory, so shouldn't you be fine with what you've got?" Rarity asked,

"Well one isn't enough! I need..." Dash paused, (falsely) breathing heavily, "ALL the victories..." Dash finished. Rarity just slowly backed away from the supposedly insane pegasus,

"Um... Rainbow..." Fluttershy said quietly. Rainbow turned to face her,

"What?" She asked back,

"You know... you can help us... with our project... if that;s okay with you..." Fluttershy stated shyly. Rainbow Dash blinked a couple of times,

"Nah, I'm going back to see if the do-do birds finally grew a pair" Dash stated, then zipped back to the surface through the roof. Rarity came back over to Flutters,

"I told you something was wrong with her..." Rarity whispered.


Rainbow continued to glide high above the maze of streets that she had been speeding around not long ago, until she came over the spawn area. Looking down, she noticed a whole bunch of pink ponies scattered around just standing around like statues. Rainbow knew that Pinkie must be fairly close because that many statues could be laid by any old pony. Finally she caught sight of a skyscraper with an accessible room on top. Out of curiosity, Dash flew toward it, and landed herself on a platform below a window. Dash slid herself in through the small window to be met with an empty room. Just then, a plate swung down and covered Dash's only exit route, as a large door denied the other way out. Out of nowhere, Pinkie Pie noclipped herself into the room and landed behind Dash,

"HIYA DASH!" Pinkie yelled, startling Dash,

"Pinkie... why'd you trap me in here?" Dash inquired,

"So I can do... THIS!" Pinkie said quickly before she drew a toolgun, the exact same instrument Lyra had been working with the create the robot. Just as Dash spread her wings to escape, she was hit by a beam from the gun, and fell limp onto the ground like a ragdoll. Soon after, Pinkie equipped the physgun, dragged the now-ragdoll of Dash to a corner of the room, and attached a rope from the wall to the back of Dash's neck. She then pulled her toolgun back out and shot Dash, which caused her to spring back to life. Dash looked around and tried to move, until she realized she was chained to the wall by a rope. As an emergency evacuation, she pulled out her rocket launcher and shot the ground right below her, turning everything to black.

Rainbow regained consciousness in the exact same state she died in. Just then, Pinkie came floating in from above,

"Oh you thought I would let you go that easy? Well I've got a leeeeeetle more knowledge of the console than that" Pinkie said evilly. Dash grew furious and tried to attack Pinkie, however, the rope held her back,

"Let's see... anti noclip..." Pinkie said to herself as she typed some things on the toolgun screen, which made Dash's wings return stiff against her body, refusing to budge, "and remove weapons..." Then Dash's weapons all disappeared at once, "and FINALLY..." Pinkie said as she changed her tool, removed the rope, and replaced it with a winch. Just as Rainbow Dash was about to tackle Pinkie out of her rage, Pinkie pressed a button, and slowly Dash started getting dragged backwards. However, the fighting pegasus did manage to grab a hold of Pinkie's hoof and drag her down with herself. It soon turned into a ground brawl, where Dash fought to swipe the toolgun from her hooves. Finally, Rainbow Dash got a hold of the gun, and to prevent Pinkie from wreaking any more havoc, Dash threw the weapon against the wall, but once the thing hit the wall, the same split second sound of the gun shattering looped over and over again, until Dash went blank...


Meanwhile, Applejack had just returned to the spawn area hoping to find Rainbow Dash, but with her lack of presence, Applejack began to search the area, checking the hidden bedroom Twilight originally worked in and all of the alleys. Eventually, she looked up and noticed a pink and a blue blur at the top of a skyscraper,

"Oh no, that don't look good..." AJ said to herself before going up to the door and pushing a button that teleported her to the roof. Applejack slowly proceeded into the top room to be met with a large steel door blocking the room. With a quick move from the physgun, she was in the room. Investigating the scene, which was a still frame of chaos, she could see Pinkie scrambling towards Rainbow Dash, and a toolgun about ready to shatter from an impact with the wall, "Hm, that loo-oo-oo-oo-oo" Applejack suddenly blacked out right on the spot.


Back in the hidden catacomb, Rarity is welding parts of her project together until she looks down and sees all sorts of junk data flashing around the toolgun screen. Knowing what this meant, she let out a small gasp,

"What's wrong?" asked Fluttershy,

"Someone's crashing the server..." Rarity said a little dramatically. Neither of them knew a lot about coding, but they could tell when bad things were about to happen. With both of them in shock, Rarity turned toward Flutters, "What should we do-o-o-o-o-o-o" and instantly both Fluttershy and Rarity blacked out on the spot also.

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they crashed it again? lyra's going to be upset.

The first chapter and its already getting funny! Good job!:rainbowlaugh:

Let it begin:pinkiesmile: LET IT BEGIN!!:flutterrage:

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