• Published 1st Aug 2012
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Twilight and Friends in Garrys Mod - Stormin Away

Twilight and her 5 best friends get a chance to play in a physics sandbox, Lulz ensues.

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Chapter 8: The Equestrian Gran Prix

Engine sounds blared through the air, and tires screeched out of the starting blocks. The top 3 zoomed out in front, being Rainbow Dash, Lyra, and Applejack. They scraped sides diving through the corners, all fighting for the lead. They all caught some air off of a ramp that led to an elevated highway. However, in the right line of this road, about halfway down, was a large ramp intended for doing tricks. With the trio burning down the stretch, Rainbow Dash veered away and rode up the ramp. As the GT-One sailed through the air, Applejack and Lyra still scraping sides. That was until Rainbow Dash bounced right in front of them, almost falling off the end. The top two gained distance on Rainbow Dash as she scraped around the outside. They raced down the ramp back to ground level, but there was a nasty surprise waiting at the bottom, as a damaged blue bus jumped out from underneath the ramp and sideswiped Lyra out of second place. Rainbow Dash quickly sped back up to Applejack...

The driver of the giant bus continued to press its victim's Ford GT against the side wall. After a whole minute, the GT's engine caught on fire and exploded, Lyra's corpse falling out of the side. The driver just back the bus out and kept going. She noticed a blue RX-7 in the distance, and a grey mini cooper swerving down the road much farther behind it. However, the driver brung her face out of the shadows to study the cooper, revealing the driver to be Pinkie Pie. After studying the cooper's drunken driving style, Pinkie threw the bus into first gear and drove towards it. She caught up with the other vehicle when it smashed into a building, and Pinkie could see that this was indeed Derpy Hooves behind the wheel. In the middle of forming a crazy idea, Pinkie stopped the bus, and exited to see the grey pegasus. Derpy stopped the car and got out,

"Hiya Ditzy! Did you see how those meanies took off without us?" Pinkie asked in her usual bubbly voice, and Derpy nodded her head vigorously in response,

"Yeah! And I got left in last place..." Derpy said with a hint of sadness,

"Well don't worry, I've got a super-duper amazing plan to get us BOTH in first!" Pinkie said loudly. Derpy cheered up instantly,

"Wow! what is it?" Derpy asked. Pinkie then went up and whispered something in her ear, and both of them laughed sort-of evilly.


Applejack and Rainbow Dash were still going at for the gold in the heart of the city's streets. The course winded like a maze through the many roads, but the two were racing one right behind the other. Finally, the two cars turned onto a long stretch of road, and Applejack activated her thrusters and sped off. Rainbow Dash kicked her car into the highest gear possible and tried to stay in her opponent's slipstream. At the point where the road turned off, the course directed to weave between two buildings to continue the straightaway. Just as Applejack was about to gap it with Rainbow right behind her, something came barreling through, throwing the jeep into the air, and the GT-One pointed skyward. Once all four wheels were back on the ground, Rainbow saw that she was being pushed by the same bus that attacked Lyra. Immediately, she accelerated out from in front of the bus and turned keep going, but just as she had got onto the sidewalk lip, a giant, heavy object landed on top of Rainbow Dash's car, prohibiting vision through the windshield. However, Rainbow could see that the engine was on fire, and knowing what she does about cars, engines on fire = bad things. Seeing the fire, Rainbow desperately started trying to open both doors, but it was pointless: the object on top of her prevented that from happening. Finally, a loud explosion ended Dash's struggle...


Back at the spawn, Rainbow Dash respawned right in the middle of the road, and could see an object flying towards the sky with nothing but thruster power. Dash was soon alerted by the sound of rumbling footsteps. Turning around, Dash saw that this was Lyra in her junk robot,

"Hey Dash! Did Pinkie get you to?" Lyra called out,

"Wait, that was Pinkie who smashed you?" Dash asked back,

"Heck yes, and apparently she's teamed up with Derpy, so they're wreaking havoc on the course!" Lyra yelled back,

"Well let's go get our revenge! She won't get away with messing with MY GT-One!" Rainbow yelled, and Lyra extended one of the robot's 'arms' out, and Rainbow Dash climbed up and and took a seat next to Lyra.


The robot walked backwards through the course until it came upon Twilight, who appeared unscathed by the previous chaos, racing as usual. The duo continued to move until they came upon the scene, where a crushed and destroyed GT-One lay and skid marks everywhere. The two though nothing of it until they heard the thunderous bus speeding closer behind them. The robot turned around and saw the infamous blue bush pushing a blue RX-7 sideways, with a mass of props on top looking somewhat like a cannon. Both Lyra and Rainbow Dash were appalled by the gigantic contraption on top, but nonetheless, they progressed. The RX-7 eventually squeezed its way out the same way Dash did, but the bus soon turned around to follow. The two robot drivers watched as a grey mini cooper was launched from the cannon, landing on the front part of the car, crushing the engine,

"That's exactly what she did to me!" Dash yelled, then stole the controls and started "punching" the blue bus, hoping to immobilize it. However, in the corner of her eye, she could see Twilight slink away into an alleyway to escape to chaos going on in the middle of the street. Now, it was the robot versus Pinkie and Derpy. The first target was Derpy, who was in the grey mini cooper, of whom Pinkie furiously guarded. Rainbow Dash threw one fist down onto the bus, pressing the bus onto the ground with the wheels spazzing around it. While keeping the bus pressed, Rainbow tried to step on the cooper, but to no avail. Eventually,

"You know what? I'm going to the ground. Seeya" Dash said boldly and flew herself to the ground. Then, she pulled out her SMG and started spraying lead on her opponents.


Twilight finally escaped the war zone and returned to the spawn area, which was creepily deserted. Beyond the sounds of gunshots, engines, and collisions, she laid down against the building, relieved from the clusterbuck that just went on. Soon, Applejack respawned not too far away. She soon took notice of Twilight and headed over to her,

"You ahlright sugarcube?" Applejack asked,

"Yeah... just shaken after that whole mess..." Twilight said,

"Look, ah've practically been killed in those kinds of things, but the best solution, is just to let them fight. Rainbow Dash can fight 'til the cows come home, but it's best for you to stay out of it" Applejack stated. Twilight sighed,

"I think I had to learn that the hard way..." Twilight responded,

"Ah know how you feel-" Applejack was cut off by a large explosion followed by some cheering. Some rumbling was heard, and soon the junk robot came through with Lyra driving and Rainbow Dash hanging off of it. Once they had reached the girls, Dash just let herself fall, but she forgot to use her wings, so she landed on the ground with a sickening splat. Dash turned her head,

"I'm okay" Dash said, then helped herself up,

"So, how was the fight?" Applejack asked,

"Piece of cake" Dash said with her hint of showoffness, "So how about another race?" Dash asked, and both of them showed denial,

"Ya know, I would never deny a good race with you on a normal day, but after what happened, I don't think so" Applejack stated,

"Come oooooooon, where's your spirit?" Dash asked, growing a little impatient,

"Dash, I know you love it, but why don't you do something that's a little less crazy" Twilight stated. Rainbow rolled her eyes and then went off to go find Pinkie. She found her pretty quickly since she was helping Lyra in the center of the map. As Dash approached,

"Hey Pinkie!" Dash said loudly, but Pinkie appeared to be busy,

"Oh hey Dash! And then you wanna weld that to that..." Dash could hear her say to Lyra. The project that the pair was working on looked only in its beginning stages, so Dash left them to try and find someone else to fill her constant energy and competitiveness.