• Published 1st Aug 2012
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Twilight and Friends in Garrys Mod - Stormin Away

Twilight and her 5 best friends get a chance to play in a physics sandbox, Lulz ensues.

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Chapter 7: Twilight the RPer

Back at one of the buildings surrounding the starting park area, a lavender unicorn known as Twilight Sparkle worked peacefully in a "hidden" bedroom type area. She was humming to herself as she carefully placed various furniture objects around the area as if setting up her own apartment room. A few seconds later, a grey blur came zooming through the outside wall, right through everything, and out the other wall, shocking Twilight. Calming herself after seeing no damage done, she resumed construction. That was until a grey pegasus came flying into Twilight's work area and landed on all four hooves, then vigorously shaking her head before facing the lavender unicorn, who turned her attention,

"Oh, hi Derpy" Twilight stated to the grey pegasus who had her eyes crossed in a humorous fashion,

"Message for you! Oh wait, I don't have a message... but watcha doing?" Derpy responded. Twilight couldn't help but laugh a little at the mailmare's cute way of slapstick,

"Oh just making myself a little living area considering we're gonna be here for another few hours" Twilight said, but then got an amazing idea, "Derpy! I just got an awesome idea for us!" Twilight yelled out with a eureka sense in her voice,

"What is it Twilight?" Derpy replied,

"You know what roleplaying is?" Twilight asked. Derpy shook her head vigorously, "Maybe I should have worded it a little simpler" Twilight whispered to herself, "Have you ever played house?" Twilight asked. Derpy vigorously nodded her head up and down, "Well why don't we play house, but instead of mother father and foal, we have it mailmare and citizens?" Twilight excitedly asked,

"Sounds like fun!" The cross eyed pegasus replied,

"Now" Twilight stated, then walked over to her bookshelf and grabbed one of the empty binders in her mouth, "Deliver this to Rainbow Dash, she should be around the city somewhere" Twilight said through the book in her mouth, handing it over to Derpy, "And come back once your done!" Twilight yelled out as Derpy began to go off and complete the given request.

Deep within the roads of the city map, a rusted jeep powered around a tight corner, then rocketed forwards down a long straight section. Almost immediately after, a sleek, red race car clipped the sidewalk and drifted out a little as it accelerated out of the corner. Inside the cockpit, the cyan pegasus known as Rainbow Dash squinted in concentration through the small windscreen as she chased down this rusty jeep that was outrunning her. Just as she was about make a pass, SHWOOM! A grey blur zoomed right in front of Rainbow's windshield, causing her to lose track of what hooves were doing what with the car, then spun and skidded to a stop,

"*Grumble* That's the second time she's done that in the past week!" Rainbow screamed to herself in agony, resting her head on the steering wheel. The familiar crossed eyes of Derpy Hooves was seen landing softly on the road and trotting over to the cockpit door. Rainbow reluctantly swung it open,

"Message for ya!" Derpy said, muffled with the binder in her mouth. Rainbow reluctantly took it from Derpy's mouth as Derpy sped away, then opening it up, to see nothing but blank pages, "What the... How did she... Wait a second..." Rainbow said to herself in her train of thought. A few seconds later, Rainbow slammed the cockpit door shut, put the GT-One back in first gear, and sped off in the direction that the rusted jeep went in.

Back at Twilight's little living quarters, a quill was being magiced above the blank pages of a binder as Twilight was mumbling some words under her breath as the quill moved elegantly by itself right on the surface of the paper, copying the words of her thoughts. A little bit after, the sound of what sounded like some sort of laser gun rapidly firing was heard, making Twilight lose her train of thought, and moving the quill abrubtly across the paper, creating a long line going diagnal across the center of it. Twilight grumbled in agony as the repeated laser firing was heard. Determined to find the cause of this noise, Twilight got up from the sofa she had placed, to find that she moved in a very choppy fashion. Knowing something was up, Twilight very slowly moved toward her window.

What lie before her was a mass array of huge towers made from huge props scattered across the park area, with more choppily spawning by the second. Looking upwards, she saw none other than Pinkie Pie repeatadly spamming these towers while seemingly floating in the air,

"Pin-Pin-Pin-Pin Kie-Kie-Kie-Kie Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee!" Twilight yelled in a very laggy fashion to the pink pony,

"Oh-oh-oh-oh hi-hi-hi-hi ee-ee-ee-ee Twi-twi-twi-twi Ligh-ligh-ligh-light! Hows-hows-hows-hows i-i-i-i t-t-t-t go-go-go-go ing-ing-ing-ing!" Pinkie tried to yell back while choppily waving her hoof,

"Ge-ge-ge-ge-ge t-t-t-t ri-ri-ri-ri d-d-d-d of-of-of-of these-these-these-these tow-tow-tow-tow ers-ers-ers-ers! I-i-i-i can-can-can-can bare-bare-bare-bare ly-ly-ly-ly rea-rea-rea-rea d-d-d-d!" Twilight responded as her voice grew choppier,

"Oh-oh-oh-oh kay-kay-kay-kay!" Pinkie shouted back then pushed a button on her wrist then all the towers went away in the blink of an eye, and both Twilight and Pinkie Pie could move fluently again. However, as soon as Twilight had flipped to a new page in the binder and began writing her train of thought, a familiar grey pegasus came flying in once again,

"Message for ya!" Derpy stated with a smile on her face, trying to retain her anger from the constant interuptions Twilight said back,

"Oh, you're back this quickly?" Twilight requested. Derpy vigorously nodded again,

"Okay, now we should-" Twilight was about to say, but was then cut off by an outside voice,

"HEY TWILIGHT! DERPY!" The voice called in. Both of the mares went to the window, and there was a trio of ponies consisting of Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Lyra. Rainbow Dash had her SMG at hoof, and two cars surrounded the trio, "You wanna race us!?" Rainbow Dash yelled to the two ponies,

"I-I'm not sure, you are the fastest pegasus in all of Equestria" Twilight said, hoping they would see it as rejecting the offer,

"Come on Twilight, you gotta get out of the books for once!" Rainbow responded loudly,

"Look Rainbow, me and Derp-" Twilight yelled back, getting cut off by Rainbow Dash once more,

"Come on Twilight, just get your flank down here and we'll explain everything!" Rainbow Dash impatiently said. Twilight and Derpy reluctantly walked over to a lone white door on the wall and pushed a button, causing the two to teleport down to ground level. The two mares walked out onto the road where the three ponies and two cars lay before them,

"Okay Rainbow, what's so important you need me down here for?" Twilight asked a little reluctantly,

"Okay, okay, you remember when me and Applejack were going at it back at the other place?" Rainbow Dash quickly explained,

"Yeeah?" Twilight unsurely replied,

"Well I thought it would be something like that only with all 8 of us! I was just thinking about it and it just seems SO AWESOME!" Rainbow excitedly stated while making her signature face, "Now all you really have to do is pick what car you wanna race and then we should be good to go!" Rainbow added on excitedly as Twilight went to her wrist spawning console and started scrolling through the many options of cars there were, "Oh and Twilight?" Rainbow asked once more,

"Yes Rainbow" Twilight replied, slightly annoyed,

"I'm gonna be racing in this bad boy, I don't think it'll fail me a day in my life!" Rainbow Dash said while leaning over the red racer as Twilight continued searching. She eventually settled with a Mazda RX-7, despite having no knowledge of how it handled and accelerated and all that stuff. The vehicle materialized in front of Twilight's face as she proceeded to enter it, resting her flank on the relatively soft seating. Just then, Rainbow appeared at the open door, "I'll be right back, I'm gonna go get Fluttershy and Rarity" Rainbow quickly informed then zoomed off to go find said ponies.

As soon as Twilight shut the car door, the engine started up. With absolutely no experience in driving a car whatsoever, Twilight had to fidget around a little finding out what makes a car go and what makes it stop. After a few minutes in figuring out manual transmission operation and growing comfortable with it, Twilight actually began to take a few laps around the mini grass area, and although being a little off with shift timing, she was comfortable with driving the RX-7.

After a good 10 minutes of growing comfortable with everypony's vehicles (Fluttershy and Rarity kindly opted out) it was about start time for the unofficial race that Rainbow Dash was hosting. All 6 cars were lined up on the grid of the back road leading out into the city, with Rainbow Dash of leading of course,

"OKAY WHEN THE COCKPIT DOOR SHUTS, THEN THE RACE STARTS, OKAY!" Rainbow Dash yelled from the inside of the GT-One to the rest of the racers. Various calls of agreement sounded and Rainbow raised her hoof up to the door handle, growing more and more aggressive. At exactly the right second, Rainbow thrusted her hoof back towards her body, taking the door handle with her.