• Published 1st Aug 2012
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Twilight and Friends in Garrys Mod - Stormin Away

Twilight and her 5 best friends get a chance to play in a physics sandbox, Lulz ensues.

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Chapter 4: Of D'aaws and Noclipping

Rainbow Dash landed on the balcony of the top floor and what laid before her very eyes was as bunch of birds perked up on branches hanging from the roof on small ropes. Some pigeons flew around in a pre-programmed loop as Fluttershy stood in a corner, talking to a line of bald monks wearing blue coats. Their hands looked as if they were holding a weapon, but no weapon was there. Around the room there were hanging sticks with different birds on display, naturally pecking at their feet,

"Fluttershy... is this what you've been doing for the past few hours?" Rainbow called to the cream colored pegasus who was still in the corner, who then caught the attention of Rainbow Dash,

"Oh, hi Rainbow Dash, I've been taming these birds ever since I got here, they all seem accostumed to me, like any other animal in Equestria would" Fluttershy explained as a seagull landed on her hoof, risen just to chin level,

"Wait... how did those humans end up here?" Rainbow Dash inquired,

"Oh, I just found those with all the other animals, they keep on saying stuff about 'brother' and 'church' and stuff like that, I was just wondering if you could help me tame them... if that's okay with you" the cream pegasus added on as the seagull resumed aimlessly flying around the big room,

"You know, they're programmed to be that way so you can't really change them" Rainbow Dash responded,

"Okay then..." Fluttershy said quietly, hinding behind her mane a little,

"Come on, Twilight said she has something to show you on the ground" Rainbow Dash said while almost bounding to take off, until some ambient gunshots were heard, scaring Fluttershy to hiding behind her mane, Rainbow quickly looked back, "You okay flutters?" Rainbow Dash asked to the trembling pegasus,

"Those... those noises... they scare me... I don't want to... get hurt..." Fluttershy nervously replied, trailing off at the end

"It's okay Fluttershy, you won't be hurt, nopony here'll ever hurt you" Rainbow said to comfort her cream colored friend, also pulling a fib out of her tail, "Come on, you're gonna be just-" a rocket explosion and more gunfire echoed in the distance, "-fine" Rainbow Dash annoyingly said watching Fluttershy cower behind her mane. Her patience started rapidly decreasing, jumping straight to trying to push Fluttershy out onto the balcony. As the gunfire and explosions continued. Fluttershy was terrified as Rainbow got right under her, held all four hooves, and began to fly tandom toward the main area.

As Rainbow Dash quickly flew closer, the gunfire and explosions got louder, and the engine of some sort of car was heard zooming around the area as continuous gunshots and explosions added to the noise. Once Rainbow Dash had landed on the roof of the brick building, Fluttershy scrambled and cowarded right at the drywall wall, covering her eyes with her hooves, ears flattened, balled up and trembling like a filly,

"Come on Fluttershy, I wanna have some fun here!" Rainbow Dash annoyingly thought to herself hearing the action behind her. Implatiently, she went to her terrified friend and tried to comfort her, "Do you not wanna stay here?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Fluttershy shakily shook her head,

"Do you want me to fly you back?"

Fluttershy nodded. Impatiently Rainbow got Fluttershy in the same tandom position they were in before and quickly got Flutters back to her animals. Once the cream pegasus was safe, Rainbow Dash flew up to the roof of the building. From what she had observed, Applejack was zooming around in an armed beat up jeep while Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie tried to destroy her. While flying Fluttershy back to the skyscraper, Rainbow Dash formulated a plan,

"A Sonic Rainboom should blow their flanks right off the face of the planet!" Rainbow Dash thought to herself. Pumped she quicly trotted off the building and began powerfully flapping her wings towards the area. As her wings started flapping faster than the blades of a helicopter, suprisingly no resistance was felt, but Rainbow kept on accelerating,

"Man, I must be going mach 3!" Rainbow thought to herself as she continued to grow closer and closer to Applejack's jeep, which had moved right in her aim. Preparing for a shear of pain to occur from a collision, Rainbow just flew right through the jeep, and right through the wall on the other side of the closed off area. Slowing down, Rainbow Dash was now in a black void. Looking behind her, she could see the area she had just exited seconds ago, looking very far away. In puzzlement, Rainbow attempted to fly back.

On the battle grounds, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie all stared jaw-dropped in confusion by what they had just witnessed. Rainbow Dash, who was going 3 times faster than the speed needed for a Sonic Rainboom, sped right through Applejack's jeep and right through the wall, not showing any evidence of her existance. A few seconds later, the cyan pegasus zoomed back into the area through the same wall she exited through and stopped right in front of the gaping mares,

"Rainbow, how did you..." Applejack tried to inquire amongst her confusion,

"I don't know how it happened either, but what's been going down?" Rainbow asked,

"Oh Ah've been just screwing around in this clunker while Twahlight and Pinkie tried to shoot it down" Applejack responded,

"Sounds like I could get this in a heartbeat" Rainbow competitively stated,

"But first you'll have to outrun MAH GUN!" Appljack said as a mounted gun on the front took aim at Rainbow Dash and started firing. Rainbow bolted away towards a wall, and ended up stuck in it as gunshots were heard on the outside,

"Okay this is getting annoying" Rainbow said to herself as she flew out back into the world as the fight continued. Twilight and Pinkie ran away like little fillies when Rainbow Dash just trotted straight up to the back of Applejack's jeep and latched on to the back of it. During the vehicle's pursuit, the turret turned straight around to face Rainbow Dash who was holding on for dear life. Out of shock, Rainbow let go of her grasp and belly flopped onto the soft grass. Applejack made a round loop and bullets began to contact Rainbow, so she spread her wings and dove towards the small hill, obviously ending up stuck in the ground. She heard the jeep go right over her head, so Rainbow flew stealthily under the ground and poked her head out just enough to see Applejack chasing Twilight down the hill. The gunshots eventually made Twilight fall dead and Applejack made another wide turn to try and run over Rainbow Dash, who quickly duck back underground as the jeep motored right over head, grazing the very top of her mane. Rainbow stuck her head back out and watched as Applejack turned her head around. Rainbow stuck her tounge out and zipped back up on her hooves as Applejack was now in hot pursuit. Eventually being driven into a wall, Applejack was just about to crush Rainbow against the wall, but at the very last second, Rainbow spread her wings, popping out in the brick building on the other side.

Rainbow Dash caught her breath as the jeep continued to motor around outside. Eventually, a pearl white unicorn came from a small hallway on the other side of Rainbow, soon taking notice of the pegasus who was resting against the wall,

"Ugh, Rarity again" Rainbow Dash stated upon seeing Rarity,

"Oh, hello Rainbow Dash, have you found something a little more dignified to do besides murder your friends?" Rarity sarcastically asked, Rainbow rolling her eyes, "Except that noise that's been disrupting me for the past hour probably hasn't helped much" Rarity added on as the sound of a jeep engine and gunshots mashed together to create a loud ambience,

"Well, you see... oh buck" Rainbow Dash tried to explain, but caught a glimpse of the rusted jeep out of the corner of her eye, turning into the building. Rainbow immediately leaped for cover,

"Rainbow Dash! I thought you knew better than to use such vulgar words! And you shouldn't just- WAAAAAH!" Rarity scolded to the pegasus, but then quickly noticed the beat up jeep heading straight for her, causing her to blindly turn and run away, eventually ending up in a dark corridor too big for the car to fit into. Rarity ducked behind a corner as gunshots were heard on the wall at the end of the hall,

"Shucks" Applejack said to herself at her failed attempt to run over Rarity, so she threw the jeep into reverse and exied the brick building, still hunting her cyan friend. Rainbow Dash had hidden in a "secret" hallway from the back of what used to be Pinkie Pie's fort that connected to a nearby skyscraper,

"Heh heh, now two can play in THIS game" Rainbow Dash slyly said to herself as she scrolled through the spawn list, eventually coming upon a yellow muscle car. She laughed evily as she spawned it in the skyscraper and entered, ready to have some fun.