• Published 1st Aug 2012
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Twilight and Friends in Garrys Mod - Stormin Away

Twilight and her 5 best friends get a chance to play in a physics sandbox, Lulz ensues.

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Chapter 1: The Great Dumpster Chase

Twilight Sparkle instantly appeared on a gray concrete platform. Before her lie a huge green field, and to her left lie a hill of grass with two skyscraper buildings perched upon it. Seemingly connected to the hill was a brick building with an entrance large enough to fit the largest of chariots. To her right lie a huge lake with a concrete platform jutting over a part of it.Soon, her friends began to appear, including Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie. All six ponies held a hefty looking tool that looked like giant cylinder with 3 spikes that were bent at one end, pointing towards a center point of the item. The front of it looked like it was powered by a blue light source,

"My dear, this is one of the most ugliest I've seen in my entire life!" Rarity said to the group of friends while pointing the wierd looking cannon upwards, "Were the designers of this thing completely oblivious to the looks of it?" Rarity added on, then Rainbow came over and poked Rarity,

"Come on Rarity, you don't have to be all Mrs. Critic about everything" Rainbow Dash said to the Pearl white unicorn,

"I know, but why should I have to lug such an ugly piece of equipment around with me all the time?" Rarity questioned,

"Look, Twilight spent 10,000 bits getting us in here, so don't be nitpicking it" Rainbow Dash replied angrily, "Now come on Pinkie, let's go have some fun" Rainbow said to Pinkie with a hint of evil, then zoomed away with the strange cannon on her back. Pinkie soon bounced behind. Twilight Sparkle soon headed over to the giant lake and tried to figure out how to use this strange machine. On her left hoof lie a square looking computer that showed a picture of a chair. Twilight set the cannon down on the ground next to her, then tapped the chair on the screen with the tip of her hoof. With a small sound, the chair materialized in front of Twilight. Out of curiosity, she went over to this chair and poked it few times. Surely enough, it was a legitamate wooden chair. Twilight tried to move this near her strange cannon, but it seemed too heavy to even budge from moving by hoof. Puzzled, Twilight went back to the cannon and picked it up. This thing had two levers: One poking out the left side, and could be spun around, and the other could be moved toward any direction, similar to a joystick.

On the grass hill with the skyscrapers stood a blue Pegasus and a pink earth pony chasing each other like little fillies, only Rainbow Dash held an upside down dumpster with her cannon above Pinkie as she ran away from her chasing friend. Both were lauging like crazy as Rainbow ran quickly with the cannon in her mouth as it held the dumpster by a simple beam of light. As Pinkie tried to get away, she ended up almost colliding with Rarity who was heading towards what looked like a dark hallway entrance in the drywall wall that surrounded the entire area. When Pinkie had her near-miss with Rarity and collided with the wall, Rainbow Dash just threw the dumpster against the ground, encasing Pinkie in it, and creating a loud THUD on the ground. Using her wings, she somehow flew through the walls of this Dumpster and peered half of her body into the dumpster,

"Gotcha Pinkie!" Rainbow said to the pink earth pony who was still lieing the ground. She giggled a little bit as Pinkie woke up and noticed the prison she was encased in, then saw her cyan friend with a gleeful smile,

"Good one Rainbow!" Pinkie said cheerfully to Rainbow, then the two shared a long laugh until someone pulled at Rainbow's tail, sticking out of the other end,

"Rainbow Dash! Get out here right now!" Rarity yelled after pulling at Rainbow's tail, hoping she would hear her,

"Ugh, if it isn't miss fun-ruiner, I'll take care of her" Rainbow said irritated,

"But can you get me out of here first?" Pinkie requested,

"Sure thing, Rainbow said then began to fly backwards to get the front end of her body out of the dumpster, used the cannon to lift the dumpster up a few feet, let Pinkie trot out, and forced it back on the ground with another THUD, "Rainbow Dash, you know you could have KILLED someone with that thing now, right?" Rarity began to lecture, "And you shouldn't be chasing around your friends, you're a young mare now, Dash, and you should really be..." Rarity continued as Rainbow just made the head motion of making her look like she was saying "blah blah blah..." until Pinkie butted in,

"MY TURN!" Pinkie cheerfully said as she picked up the dumpster and chased Rainbow away from Rarity with it. Rainbow just trotted away as fast as she could until she stopped next to one of the skyscrapers and stuck her tounge out at Pinkie as she chased her with the dumpster,

"Ugh, when will she learn..." Rarity said with annoyance then continued on her way. However, as Rainbow was just standing there, she bolted away at the last second, when Pinkie threw the dumpster on the ground around where Rainbow Dash originally was. Rainbow was now on the roof of the brick building and Pinkie was still in hot pursuit. However, just as she approached the edge, she spread her wings and made an expert glide down to the ground, but instead of landing solidly, she accidentally went below the ground into what looked like a black area,"Hm, that's wierd" Rainbow said to herself, the flew up just enough so her head poked out of the ground, then bolted right back onto the solid ground as Pinkie forced the dumpster where she saw Rainbow's head sticking out. Rainbow just turned her head around and stuck her tounge out as she ran onto a platform over the lake that Twilight was building, then fell into the water. Twilight just shrugged at what she had just saw, until,

"LOOK OUT TWILIGHT!" Pinkie screamed as she ran, holding the dumpster as she trotted off of Twilight's platform, and into the water. Twilight darted out the way once she noticed the dumpster Pinkie was carrying into the water with her. When Pinkie was in the water, she noticed Rainbow lieing on her back, seemingly suspended in the water, while sticking her tounge out at Pinkie. Pinkie of course threw the dumpster down where she notice Rainbow suspended, only to create another thud in the lake.

Rainbow zipped back up to the surface, shook some of the moisture off of her, then continued to move very quickly as soon as she noticed the dumpster rise out of the lake. As Pinkie continued her pursuit, Rainbow ran up a small flight of stairs onto a roof of another building that the other ponies hadn't known was there. As Pinkie slowly closed in, Rainbow realized that this would be her "end" as she stood on the edge of the building seeing as if she tried to glide, she could end up stuck under the world. A few seconds later, Rainbow Dash was enveloped in the darkness of the dumpster,

"Gotcha!" A cheery voice said from behind one of the walls,

"Yeah, you got me good!" Rainbow replied as she giggled slightly,

"Hey girls, what's going on here?" The familiar voice of Twilight Sparkle asked from behind the wall,

"Oh we were just chasing each other around with this dumpster!" Pinkie gleefully responded. Rainbow just flew out of the dumpster through the wall and landed right next to Pinkie,

"And what was that platform you had over the lake?" Rainbow inquired,

"Oh I'm just trying to learn how to use this cannon" Twilight said while motioning toward Pinkie's cannon, which was lying on the ground, "Don't know what I'm trying to make" Twilight added on,

"Well you can join us if you want" Rainbow Dash stated,

"Yeah! Dumpster tag's always fun with 3 ponies!" Pinkie added on cheerfully,

"No thanks, I'm good myself" Twilight responded,

"It's super duper fun!" Pinkie excitedly stated,

"I'm sure it is fun, but I'm good" Twilight replied, then turned around and headed back down the small flight of stairs and back to the small platform she was working on,

"Alright Pinkie, guess who's IT!" Rainbow Dash interjected as she picked the dumpster back up and resumed chasing Pinkie Pie down the flight of stairs, and towards the brick building. However, while Rainbow was running, she somehow turned the dumpster on its side as she ran, so when Pinkie was cornered, and Rainbow Dash threw the dumpster down on the ground, she accidentally crushed her friend. As soon as Rainbow realized this, she immediately trotted over to her seemingly dead best friend,

"...Pinkie?" Rainbow Dash said to the corpse, then poked it on the face a few times, "Pinkie?" Rainbow Dash asked with a small croak of sadness. Just then, the corpse was gone in a split second, "PINKIE!?" Rainbow screamed to the spot where the corpse was, coming to the realization on what just happened. Just as Dash was about to break down,

"Hi Rainbow Dash!" Pinkie cheerfully said with a smile on her face, when Rainbow turned to see her friend Pinkie Pie, fully intact, standing right in front of her,

"Wait... How did you..." Rainbow stuttered trying to put the puzzle pieces together, then finally came to a realization, "Ooooh, so that's why he gave us these weapons with our cannons..." Rainbow said to herself as she drew the SMG that came with the assortment of tools and weapons that was given to them before being teleported to this area. Suddenly, both Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash gave each other an evil look, "It. Is. On." Rainbow said evily to her friend.